Coro: I dey suspect somebody for our garage

Posted by News Express | 12 June 2020 | 679 times

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Di way dis Coro matter take dey shele now, person no come understand again.

Now wey we don dey happy say ObaniKoro go soon pack im Coro go back wey e come from make everyting normal again, na im di ting come dey plenty yanfu yanfu.

Na so I dey open my mouth every morning wen dem announce new Coro for Naija for newspaper, radio and television. Sote now, di ting don dey go 20,000. Tori Olorun!

Dis time wey be rain season, na so Coro come plenty. Weda na rain increase di Coro, abi na Coro increase di rain, person no come sabi again.

Yesterday morning, as I jus comot for my house for Abule Egba, say make I begin go our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge, na im one passenger like dat stop me.

Di bobo say make I go drop am for Obasanjo Farm for Ota. I tell am my price, e gree. I say make e open door and enter. Na so we begin face Sango, den Ota.

Wen I return go garage, na so I jus dey hear kpohun, kpohun, kpohun. I come dey tink which person dey cough dis kind dry cough.

Small time na im Idowu, our union treasurer waka come meet me wen I dey try to park and come down for my guonguoro.

Idowu come dey hail me, “Oga MAT, Oga MAT!” Na im I ask am why im belle sweet like dis for dis early morning. I ask am why e dey hail me.

Idowu come talk say, one passenger carry am for drop go Ilasamaja dis morning. E say as dem reach Oshodi Oke, di passenger begin dey cough and sneeze upandan till dem reach Ilasamaja. And as di passenger go down, e come pay am $100. Idowu say na im make e dey hail me say we go land for Madam Shine buka dis evening go shine our eye small.

I ask Idowu which place for Ilasamaja di passenger drop. E say dat place resemble hospital.  E say na so im passenger dey cough, sneeze and stagger as e dey enter inside di place.

I no know wen I shout C-H-I-S-O-S!

Idowu ask me why I dey shout. I tell Idowu make e shift comot for my side. Na so I wear my facemask kia kia. I use sanitiser clean my hand and even drop small for di place wey Idowu use hand touch my guonguoro. I tell Idowu say e don carry Coro passenger today.

Idowu come ask me weda na everybody wey cough Coro catch. E say weda I don forget say na rain season be dis and people must to cough, sneeze and get fever. E say all dose people wey dem carry go Coro center na cold and malaria worry dem becos na rain season be dis.

Idowu no talk finish, na so e begin cough, sneeze and shake like Shakespeare. Small time e begin dey mess and e no come fit breath well again.

I talk am for my mind say shey dis one na rain cause am too?

I use my chinko torch light phone call Jimoh, Akpan, Emeka and di order of our union member dem say make dem rush come garage, say Idowu wan peme o.

Di next ting be say, ambulance blow nwia! nwia!! nwia!!! nwia!!!! enter our garage to carry Idowu.

Me, I no follow dem go wia dem carry Idowu go o. Instead, I take my facemask cover my nose well well, use my sanitiser rub for hand again and enter my guonguoro. I don close for di day be dat.

I dey suspect say Idowu don carry di ting. But no be for my mouth una hear am o.

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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