HURIWA alerts Igbo worldwide, United Nations on threats against South East Nigeria by terrorist herdsmen

Posted by News Express | 5 June 2020 | 812 times

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The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has appealed to the Igbo-speaking people all over the world and the hierarchy of the United Nations to wade into the imminent threat to the lives of the inhabitants of the South East of Nigeria by armed Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists disguising as Almajirai.

According to the rights group, such dangerous elements flooding into South East are aided by armed security forces who have compromised the ban on inter-state travels imposed “superficially” by President Muhammadu Buhari in a bid to stave off the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

HURIWA however commended the billionaire business mogul, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, for immediately dissociating himself and his company of collusion and involvement in flooding the South East with terrorists who disguised as displaced Almajirai from Northern Nigeria and hidden in between bags of foodstuffs and livestock being transported across Southern Nigeria from.

HURIWA stated that it is imperative that the global community of Igbo-speaking people are made aware of these threats hanging around the necks of their parents and siblings living in the South East of Nigeria and the need for those of them who hold other nation's passports to call the attention of world leaders and the hierarchy of the United Nations to step up interventions and strategic pressures on the Federal Government to take all verifiable, credible and concrete measures to stop the invasion of South East by terrorists masquerading as Almajirai.

HURIWA confirmed that disguised terrorists are on the secret massive smuggling of themselves into South East with the connivance of the Nigerian security forces who are bribed to let these disguised terrorists to flood the region.

The rights group said it was unfortunate that the political leaders of the South East are belittling the massive threats facing the good people of the region adding that the National Assembly ought to investigate the dangerous trends of smuggling of young men from the North to the Southern parts of Nigeria even with the ban on inter-state travels still in place.

HURIWA said this call for global awakening of the imminent threats to the lives of the people of South East is coming against the backdrop of the well-thought out alarm raised by the Catholic priest and Archbishop of Owerri, Most Rev. Anthony John Valentine  Obinna, who has raised the alarm over a plot by armed herdsmen from Northern Nigeria to wipe out the Igbo.

HURIWA stated that many other credible groups have similarly issued well generated and analyzed reports about these threats to South East and therefore it is time that concrete steps are activated globally to stop these thickening plots from ever coming to fruition, noting that the stakeholders must fashion out mechanisms for self defense because clearly the Nigerian Police Force and the other security forces are overwhelmed.

HURIWA expressed consternation that the South East governors are not committed to the security of the region “but are busy hobnobbing with the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, under whose leadership of the Nigerian Police Force has over the years failed to stop the consistent attacks by armed terrorists, armed Fulani herdsmen and bandits of many states in the North West and North Central with hundreds of persons killed and communities destroyed.

“The present crop of South East governors is heavily compromised. They are unable to put measures in place to stop these invasions of terrorists into the region. These governors failed to set up their regional security network but are caught in the confusing webs of meaningless  negotiations with the Inspector General of Police who is opposed to the setting up of a regional security and vigilante groups to stop the attacks of this region. “This is why we are calling on Igbo people worldwide to intervene and bring this issue to the front burners of global discourse.”





Source: News Express

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