Chineke merem ebere!

Posted by News Express | 26 May 2020 | 1,459 times

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I speak in tongues today becos e get as e be. And I tank our union member Emeka becos na for im mouth I dey always hear Chineke merem ebere!

If Emeka wan eat, e go say Chineke merem ebere. If you do Emeka someting wey pain am, e go say Chineke merem ebere. If Emeka win Baba Ijebu, e go say Chineke merem ebere.

 If Emeka make mistake mess, e go say Chineke merem ebere. And if e see any Lagos sisi wey don package both front and back waka pass our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge, Emeka go shout Chineke merem ebere!

I don dey ask Emeka tipe tipe make e tell me wetin dis talk mean, e no gree.

But na one day I set trap for Emeka. I carry am go Madam Shine Buka wey dey near Airport Hotel. I tell Emeka make e drink and chop anyting e like. Emeka come use oju kokoro drink and chop pepper soup yanfu yanfu.

First, e order for Shine Shine Bobo. Wen e finish two bottle, as e see me drink My Usual, e order for di same ting. Emeka first chop chicken pepper soup, as e finish two plate and see me chop orisirisi pepper soup, e shout Chineke merem ebere! I say make dem give am orisirisi too.

Na wen drink don enter Emeka eye, na im I take style ask am wetin be di meaning of Chineke merem ebere. Na dat time Emeka quick quick tell me say e mean “God have mercy on me” I come talk am for my mind say, so  na dis ting dis bobo dey talk every time?

Last Sunday wey be Sallah afraid catch me, no be small.

 I say make I put my guonguoro for like four hour, den go back go relax for house with my family. But wen I enter road, e come be like say all di passenger dey wait for me make I jus come out.

E come be di time wey our Muslim broda and sister dem dey go for prayer ground as dem finish fasting. If you see as dem rush me, ehn!

De first family wey stop me reach like 20 people. Dem say make I try carry all of dem at di same time. I tell dem say na only three I fit carry for dis Coro time – one for front, two for back.

Dem say dem go lap, I say no. Dem say ok, make I drop dem set by set. I gree. As di first set of 3 wan enter, I give dem my soap water make dem take wash dia hand, after dat I say make dem wear dia facemask. Na only one of dem get am, I come bring out facemask give dose wey no get.

Na so I go drop dem for prayer ground for Moshalashi Alhaja.

I run go back go carry di second set di same way I carry di first. I go again go carry di next set.

Na wen I carry di last set go, I no come see road again, everywia don full plus including di prayer ground gan gan.

Dem reach like 10,000 people wey jam togeder like sand for Bar Beach, and plenty no use facemask. For dis Coro time?

I no know wen I shout, Chineke merem ebere!

I use style drop dem, collect my money, revise my guonguoro and go back for my house.

Make we jam again on Friday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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