Balarabe Musa threatens to lead protest if election is shifted again

Posted by News Express | 22 February 2015 | 2,850 times

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Former civilian governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, has threatened to lead a massive protest should March general election is shifted again.

Speaking with journalists yesterday, shortly after a meeting of the national executive committee of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), Musa, who is the national chairman of the  deregistered PRP, said election could hold with or without the insurgency taking charge of small portion of the country.

He warned the Federal Government not take Nigerians for a ride, saying that no Nigerian is a slave neither does the country belong to only a group of Nigerians.

 Musa said: “If election is shifted again, majority of Nigerians will oppose it, they will demonstrate against it, Nigerians will come out massively to oppose because another shift will not be in their interest. Another shift will mean that government wants to remain in power.

“If, therefore, a six-week delay is the sacrifice which Nigerians had to make to ensure that every registered voter was given an opportunity to exercise (or not to exercise) his constitutional right to vote, so be it. But Nigerians cannot tolerate anymore shifting of election date.

“We will not tolerate another shift because we are not any body’s slave, we are free people, and this country is free, this country belongs to all of us, it does not belong to a clique.

“Continuation of Boko Haram activities is not an excuse to shift election again because Boko Haram is occupying less than 14 percent of Nigeria, we can tolerate this, we should conduct election inspite of the insurgency, the moment we can have free, fair and transparent election, leading to eligible government in the country, even Boko Haram will respect such government, and they will go to a negotiating table.

“It is unfortunate that to contest a presidential election in this country, one needs N50 billion to use for campaign, so I believe that both Jonathan and Buhari must have respectively raised the money. They are contesting, so they must have the money.

“None of them should deceive himself that he cannot get the money, after all both of them control government, and political campaign in the country is done with government money for those who are in power.

“Both of them are in power both at the State and Federal levels, PDP have the federal government and 21 States, and APC has 14 States, so they are in government.”

•Sourced from Sunday Mirror. Photo shows Balarabe Musa.

Source: News Express

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