Nigerian researcher unveils treatment for COVID-19, guarantees cure

Posted by News Express | 25 April 2020 | 5,639 times

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•Researcher Boluwaji Adeniyi

A Nigerian Organic Chemistry Researcher, Mr. Boluwaji Adeniyi, has unveiled a herbal procedure which he claims is potent enough to cure COVID-19 and not just treating the symptoms. He has also released a step-by-step approach to the treatment, as well as details of how to prepare the medicine.

Adeniyi, who is currently pursuing his Post-Doctorate Degree (PhD) at Benue State University Makurdi, expressed confidence that any person infected with COVID-19 will surely recover after taking his herbal procedure if the prescription is strictly followed.

He pointed out that there is no disease in this world, no matter how virulent the causative organism is, that cannot be cured by plants, including the Coronavirus.

The researcher, who is a member of the Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN), said in a statement issued on Saturday, April 25, 2020 that though some powerful leaders of the world have lost hope in the fight against the pandemic due to failing ideas and technology, the solution lies in folklore medicine.

He lamented that the number of deaths resulting from COVID-19 with a geometrical increase everyday is dreadful and that Coronavirus is capable of wiping out the human race.

“I am more than convinced that the herbs presented below is potent enough to cure (not just treating the symptoms) COVID-19 if only the prescription can be strictly followed as highlighted,” he said.

Adeniyi, who is also a member of National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners (NANTMP), listed the ingredients/materials he advised could be used to treat COVID-19 as follows:

  • Bark, Leaves and Root of Neem tree (Azadirachta indica also locally called Dogoyaro)
  • 10 pieces fresh Tetrapleura tetraptera (also called AIDAN in Yoruba)
  • 10 handful of Heliotropium indicum roots (also called egbo agogo igun in Yoruba)
  • 10 handful of Khaya grandifoliola Bark (also called eepo Oganwo in Yoruba)
  • A handful of Opuntia dillenii (also called oro agogo in Yoruba)
  • Two handfuls of Bird pepper or Capsicum frutescens (also called Ata Ijosin in Yoruba)
  • A handful of Turmeric (also called Atale in Yoruba)
  • A handful of Garlic or Allium sativum (also called alubosa aayu in Yoruba)
  • 5 litre of original honey (also called Oyin Igan in Yoruba)
  • Some bottles of Schnapps


  • Cut the hard parts of the plant materials into small pieces
  • Arrange them into a new cooking pot
  • Add 5 litres of original honey and Schnapps that will be enough to bring it to boil
  • Place the pot on fire and boil for 45 minutes
  • Allow it to cool


After it has been warmed on fire, drink in this order:

  • Children: 5 ml morning and night
  • Adults: 10 ml morning and night.

Adeniyi noted that these plants extract should be taken 45 minutes before breakfast and 45 minutes before bed time for two weeks.

“To the glory of God who created plants for the use of mankind, any patient who has tested positive to covid-19 will surely recover completely after administering this extract religiously for a period of two weeks (maximum).

“Try and know that God is really good. Freely God gave me, freely I give to the whole world,” he said.

Source: News Express

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