WORLD EXCLUSIVE: How hostage aidworker celebrated Christmas in captivity with Islamist terrorists

Posted by News Express | 8 April 2020 | 2,010 times

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 •Exclusively released journal reveals how humanitarian hostage survived terrorist indoctrination

•Human Rights Lawyer gives details of investigation into abduction

She was done with her work as a humanitarian medic and en route Christmas with family when they were ambushed.

Although dressed in a hijab, per their training to try and blend in, when the ISWA Terrorists asked her religion, she answered “Christian.” Her colleague after her replied, “Christian”, too. A nine-letter word that sealed their fate.

“Also my shoes were a giveaway. Muslim women don’t wear those types of shoes so it would have been possible to tell I was Christian despite the hijab.”

The male passengers were similarly interrogated. Four of them were taken to the side of the rode and made to kneel down – then summarily executed! Her colleague’s fiancé too...

But Marvelous (name changed for her safety) was having an emotional day before now. Today was the anniversary of the death of her dad whom she lost as a child – thus the urgency to go be with family for Christmas – and then this!

The youngest terrorist of all, an armed urchin no more than 12 said to the petrified aid workers, “relax. We won’t kill you. You will be our slaves. Don’t cry.”

A Muslim co-traveler who successfully proved his religion and conversed in the dialect of the terrorists was handed back his ID and allowed to go.

Another Muslim male suspected of being an aid or government worker – both loathed by the terrorists – was held back.

The early days after their torturous forest trek through thorns and bushes blindfolded included indoctrination classes in Islam for the medics turned slaves.

In a journal exclusively released to the world for the first time, international human rights lawyer Emmanuel Ogebe reveals how hostage Marvelous kept the faith in the evil den of deadly lions.

But afterwards she still defiantly proclaimed in her secret journal “Jesus saves

I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me.”


It was a rare privilege for me to meet one of the victims I had advocated for. In human rights advocacy, you can advocate for decades without seeing significant breakthrough. This case was exceptional.

Marvelous is one of very few aid workers with her exact same profile who made it out alive.

Reading her journal you can tell the child-like innocence of a young lady who would rather be writing children’s books than anything else. It is ironic that she survived with a terror group whose name means “books are evil” by writing a book!

Another thing that touched me proudly is that it reminded me of Anne Frank’s diary. In my 10 years of exclusive work on the Nigerian genocide 2010-2020, I am struck more and more by the startling similarities to the holocaust.

At this Easter season, we are releasing details of this and another investigation as an encouragement to other victims and to a world in gloom right now.”

Emmanuel Ogebe, ESQ.

Special Counsel

Justice for Jos Project



Source: News Express

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