The many deceptions of Olumba Olumba and my message to his followers

Posted by Pastor Lovina Amangala Iburene | 27 January 2013 | 11,849 times

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Before going into the topic, I will like to clarify everyone about what my ministry, the Lord’s ministry, “The Truth Ministry” stands for. The Truth Ministry came out of the name Jesus Christ who is the truth, the way and the life. ST. JOHN 14:6 God named the ministry by himself and warned us to be steadfast that’s what we are, we go for the truth, we stand by it no matter the consequences. We have no compromise with the devil. God has created us to depopulate hell and populate heaven. God has placed a demand on I and my husband to preach the gospel and stand by the truth. He has created us for this purpose, that’s why we are unstoppable.

We are crucified with Christ and are also resurrected with him. We can’t negotiate with Satan. The devil makes people so comfortable with lies in families, communities, marriages, in government establishments, among our leaders, even in mosques and in churches, most people are comfortable with lies, forgetting that it destroys. No liar has a part in the kingdom of God. Why will people be comfortable with what destroys? SATAN is looking for as many as possible to join him in the lake of fire, so why not say no to Satan and come back to Jesus Christ?

Talking about been misquoted it happened years back when the Lord told me to go and tell the world that the man I called God is not God but an evil agent. One of the editorial board members of Nigeria Tide newspaper in Port Harcourt, a lady, who till date is still a member of Olumba ran into me in Yenagoa a year before I decided quitting BCS on discovering that I wrote a book entitled, “thank you my father” calling Olumba God, she brought a story about how Olumba and Kumuyi had a photograph together and promised bringing a copy to me but due to our busy schedules we did not meet till I left brotherhood which when I narrated to the editor of society people he asked, if other ministers of God had one thing or the other with Olumba, then I went ahead telling him what the lady said, he even sent a reporter to the lady and been angry that I have left and exposed Olumba, she kept mum. Which would have been alright if it was reported so. Maybe she lied and later repented, or whatever. My pain was that the details were ignored and it was reported that I saw Kumuyi visiting Olumba. We should as reporters always state the truth no matter what it takes than taking to exaggeration. Kumuyi is still one of the pastors I have deep respect for despite anything.

In February 2012 Saturday Vanguard Newspaper published my story entitled, “how 144,000 virgins fan our spiritual leader why he sleeps” and in it the writer included in error that I said I brought my mother into brotherhood of the cross and star I was alarmed. My mother who wept till she passed away a year later because I and my younger sister went into BCS. All efforts to make them published otherwise failed. BCS too came breathing down their neck, I then took a better decision to write the story about my WASTED YEARS IN OLUMBA OLUMBA OBUS EVIL BROTHERHOOD to the press. It is on internet. It is practically everywhere. The truth was too much for the BCS members to contain and hell was let loose especially when an online newspaper News Express ( published my story. Many of their members called me names (as they did since year 2001 when I came sharing my experience with the world, Roland first of all denied that I was a member). In fact he went on to say I was paid to destroy BCS mage. Then secondly Mr. Joe Brown, the owner of Kirikiri BCS Bethel (Emily Millionaire Boss) said he knew me as a missionary who came begging him money (a partial truth, in the sense that his bethel welcomed me to Lagos, they took care of me for the short time I stayed but I did not beg him for money, then the same interview with society people magazine, he and other members went on with a different tale that maybe I was one of those mad people that came and was cured in brotherhood. I blamed the editor over that write up. You have to investigate your stories before publishing. Where and when did it take place? You should ask. I wept and let it pass but a member of theirs wrote in ignorance, that I should have been grateful for their healing and deliverance and I started wondering what I was healed and delivered from?

The man also went ahead elevating me, praise God, by lying that I am the owner of News Express (online paper), Thank God the editor corrected them. It is on the internet for all to see. All these people abusing are not active members, including Roland. It is after Olumbas death that Roland suddenly went negatively active since he is highly money conscious. Sometimes I wonder what Roland preaches but of a truth many Pentecostal pastors too have jumped into the field, without being called that’s why you see a lot of cases of theft, rape, rituals, bloodshed cases etc. Many lie to milk their members and celebrate their carnal selves. This group of people have no part in God’s kingdom not to mention most of our evil leaders that use these ungodly pastors as prayer contractors, let me borrow the language from my dear brother Pastor Tunde Bakare. It just a question of time, the shaft shall be separated from the wheat.

Now to the BCS. Since they hate the truth let them continue to stick to lies but after death when they come before the throne of God in judgment they will understand that I was telling them the truth but it will be too late. When I exposed Olumba he was still alive. Yet he kept mun. I acted foolishly in time past as you are doing now since you are still under his spell but I pray the spell gets broken. I loved him too but when I realised he was a demon. I ran away into the safe arms of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Olumbas deceptions are unimaginable, he said he came as God not to die anymore and since he sent his son our lord Jesus Christ and they killed him, he is here. He suddenly died after losing his sight for almost 5 years, he committed sacrilege by going further to declare Roland as the very Christ on 14th April 2001; This Roland who threatened to strangle his father if he did not crown him as leader/Christ, to humiliate his elder sister Helen. Olumba died and was buried secretly. WORSE THAN A DOG. The result of when a man keeps tempting God, I hope our political leaders and other evil merchants will also learn a lesson here about when a man is fighting God. Keep on stealing, diverting funds, shedding blood of the innocent ones, rivals etc. A day is coming your cup will be full. “Heb 9:27” After death comes judgment.

In my case I am joyously expecting my reunion with Christ in his second glorious coming which all of you would have joined me to have but you rather choose to be reunited in hell with a lying and evil leader Olumba and his greedy son Roland. Well, it is up to you!

How come the man Olumba Olumba Obu who told me and you that he has come not to die again finally died, and Roland did not stop there but he and his group gang planned and stuck to a lie to deceive the world, that whenever people visit from a far, they should said he’s sleeping and all of you agreed to say he is sleeping and to those nearby who are not seeing the man at all, you are to say he has ascended into heaven and you expect me to remain silent? This is beyond insanity. Arrant nonsense, you people are not reasonable at all, all of you including Roland. It pains my heart that you people are not seeing what I am seeing.

My values are different from yours. My heart’s desire has always been to reach the world for Christ and it is on record. Even Satan knows. My Ministry is for eternity. It is going to cut across generations. I start wondering why you think I am frustrated. As little as we appear, we are felt globally by the grace of God so, I am having good success.

Other secret societies apart from yours are also heading for disaster. Their time is short anything founded on lies cannot stand the test of time, that’s why Olumba failed & fell.

To the brotherhood, please tell more lies so that the world will continue laughing at you. The bible says “Woe to him that puts his trust in man, “Jeremiah 17:5”. You have attracted woes already”. And you are doubling your woes that not only did you put your trust in man but a man that claimed equality with God and did not stop there but that he is God. Why do you people want to continue being miserable when happiness is available to you? Why await a hopeless deathbed and frightful judgment of God? If only you can trust in Jesus as your savior, you will be able to rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory (1 Pet 1:8).


Our security is in Christ and that’s why every weapon formed against us is shattered in his name Amen. We are for signs and wonders, nothing less.

Rejecting Christ brings eternal death: Receiving Christ brings eternal life. He who believes in the son has everlasting life and he who does not believe the son shall see the wrath of God (John 3:36, 1 (11-12)).

I and my husband, Pastor Enoch Awasa Iburene wish everyone to come back to God for the time is short.

Your eternal destiny depends on your decision.

Pastor Lovina Amangala Iburene is of The Truth Ministry/True Lovers of Christ World Charity Ministry Lagos.

Source: News Express

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