Shock, disbelief, as final year poly student is electrocuted

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He never had a premonition of his death. As a popular artist on campus and a final year student of Mass Communication of Gateway Polytechnic, Saapade in Ogun State, Alimi Abiodun, popularly known as Fadabio or BIO, already had his mind set on his usual Friday gig at a hotel in Saapade. Unfortunately, that was to be his last show. He was electrocuted on last Thursday, while setting the stage for a performance.

Gateway Polytechnic has been thrown into mourning! Reason: The students lost a colleague, a promising hiphop artist and an HND2 student of Mass Communication, Alimi Abiodun, popularly known by his stage name as Fadabio or BIO.

How it happened

The circumstances leading to his death was rather tragic; he was electrocuted at nightfall on Thursday last week, while putting finishing touches to his usual weekend gig.

Abiodun’s death caused lectures at Gateway Polytechnic, Saapade to be suspended the following day, as some aggrieved students also attempted to destroy the school property on allegation that the school’s Health Centre could not do much when the deceased was brought there in a severe state.

There were various accounts leading to Abiodun’s death. One eyewitness said there was no power at the hotel the deceased usually performed; so the hotel management put on a generator to allow Abiodun set up the instruments ahead of the show the next day. It was while Abiodun was trying to connect the speakers that he suddenly experienced the electric shock.

Another account stated that the deceased was still battling for life after the shock, and was rushed to the General Hospital, Isara where the doctor on duty pronounced him dead on arrival.

However both the management of the school and one of Abiodun’s bosom friends Micheal Akindele, debunked the rumours, saying the deceased was only ferried to the General Hospital Isara, dead.

The deceased’s remains was eventually conveyed to Abeokuta, his home town where he has since been buried.

On Friday, some friends in their personal capacity, organised a candlelight procession for Abiodun, something the management also claimed not to be aware of.

Management absolves self

The school’s Dean of Student Affairs, Mr Oladapo Solaru, excused the school of Abiodun’s death, wondering why aggrieved students should channel their anger to the school.

He said:  “Though we’ve sent our condolences to his family, the school still did not have anything to do with his death. Therefore, the students did not have reasons for the riot. They were just being impatient thinking the school was involved in his death.

“The late BIO was a good and responsible student. According to what we heard about his death, he was trying to fix the speakers for his show the next day when he was electrocuted. He was helped by some people who slammed him with dry wood in order to separate him from the conductor. They poured water on him afterwards. Along the line, he gave up to ghost and his body was taken to the General Hospital at Isara for embalming.”

Solaru denied knowledge of any candlelight held in Abiodun’s honour, adding that the school intended holding a more befitting candlelight for him today.

However, Abiodun’s best friend and former roommate Michael Akindele, whose building has now been cordoned off because of the development, denied that his former friend was taken to the school’s Health Centre.

Akindele, populary known as Farado, said: “I used to be his roommate before he told me earlier this semester that he didn’t want to have a roommate any longer.  So I rented my own room opposite his in the same hostel. On the day the incident happened, he came to call my roommate and I because we happened to be course mates and used to attend lectures together.  However, I chose to stay back home so he left for school. By evening, he came home to change his cloth and left for the hotel.

“It was late at night that we received a call from an anonymous person that BIO had an accident, so we left for the place.  On getting there, we heard that he was electrocuted while trying to fix some loudspeakers for his performance next day. He was assisted through mouth to mouth respiration by a lady and was quickly rushed to the General hospital at Isara where  the doctor pronounced him dead.

‘’We knew nothing about the candle night some people did but as his course mates , we are planning to have ours by the end of this week’’.


If anything, Abiodun’s former colleagues would miss him for his cool mien and innocuous approach to life.

Director of campus intervention National Association of Campus Student (NACS), Ogun JCC, Comrade Oyesanya Oluwagbemiga, expressed emotion for Abiodun who, until his death, was the Social Director of National Association of Ogun State Student (NAOSS), Gateway chapter.

Said Oluwagbemiga: “The late BIO is one of our comrades and a member of NAOSS executive. He is my friend and also like a younger brother to me. He neither drank nor smoked.

“The last time I saw him was the same day the incident happened. We were together in school discussing our plans for the next day. He also went to collect his school fee receipt before we departed around 4:30pm. It was later in the night I heard about his death. I could not believe my ears so I started calling his number but nobody was picking up. It was later by 12 am that someone called me to confirm his death.”

Similarly, National President of All Polytechnic Students in Nigeria Comrade Olasunkanmi Adetoyeje Adeoye, also expressed similar disbelief

“BIO’s death was a shock to us all. The late BIO was someone that made everybody happy. He was a peaceful student who desired progress, development and unity of this institution.

“Whenever there was crisis on campus, it was the late BIO who would come to campus to mediate. It is so unfortunate losing someone like BIO at this moment.

“I did not see any reason why the student should be causing riot because the school has nothing to do with his death,” Adeoye further reacted on students rioting over Abiodun’s death.

“Immediately, the incident happened, they ought to have taken  him to the hospital not the school clinic late in the night when nobody would open the school gate for them. Besides, the least the school clinic could offer is first aid treament, meanwhile BIO issue had passed that stage.  However, I’m not surprised that students reacted because he (Abiodun) was a man that sought the peace and unity of this institution.”

Other sympathisers gave their tributes on the deceased facebook page.

Opatola Afolashade Comfort wrote: “Where do people go to when they die?

“Somewhere down below or in the sky? I can’t be sure but it seems they simply set up home inside our dreams.

“Let soldiers raise their guns and shoot into the sky to echo the message: ‘Abiodun is dead’’’.

Another poster Onayele Abiola stated thus:  “Gone from our sight but never from our hearts. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish you peace; I hope you feel surrounded by much love. May your soul rest in perfect peace. “

Another friend Popoola Abdullahi aka Fadabio, lamented that he never imagined he was seeing his friend for the last time a day before his death.

“I described with deep sorrow in my heart when I received the saddest news of your demise,” the poster stated.

“If I knew when you called me yesterday (Wednesday last week), that that would be our last call, I would probably have picked it. You told me about taking care of your Mum. I’m going to miss you bro. I love you but God loves you most. Continue to rest in the blossom of God, RIP.”  (The Nation)



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