B2B content marketing: Getting it right

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You have established a business-to-business (B2B) enterprise and you seek to embark on a vigorous marketing campaign.
You can do that offline or online.

Corporations which are within a reasonable physical distance can be contacted through advertisements on traditional mass media: television, radio, newspapers, billboards, et cetera.

Leaflets, business cards, fliers, and signboards help to direct potential investors to the business premises.

One-on-one advertisement campaigns, such as through telephone calls, while ideal ought to be utilised sparingly.

A business owner can send short message simple (SMS) messages to relevant official cellphone numbers.

Calls and text messages work best when the entrepreneur has an ample airtime bonus or a cheap tariff from the telecommunications provider.

Avoid calling or sending messages more than twice a year.
People hate unsolicited calls and messages to their cellphone number.

On no circumstance should you send a false claim to phone users.
A false claim is a fraud; an illegal and unethical business practice.
Should one make that fraudulent statement to someone, one deserves to be reported to the network provider, for one’s subscriber identification module (SIM) card to be disabled.

Anonymity ought not to be a licence for impunity and disregard for basic business ethics of honesty and transparency.

Where do I obtain telephone or cellphone numbers of businesses?, I hear you ask. There is the longstanding telephone directory, in hard copies. Soft copies of a business directory are available via network providers and free online directories.

Is there some value in paid or subscription-based Director is? Hardly can you have your money’s worth in such paid services. An easier and more accurate source of business telephone lines is the Internet.

Using keywords of your target industry, you can search Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms. I find Twitter the best in this aspect.

Door-to-door sales work within the limits of neighbouring companies.

How do you reach business owners far away from your location? You can achieve that on the World Wide Web, where entrepreneurs and investors mingle. The sections of the Internet with the strongest networking potential requires you to create a business profile to connect with other businesses. Join professional networking groups, in your vicinity and on social media.

Observe that on social media, your making divisive statements will attract a large followership.
Propaganda draws crowds.

Should you insist on a balanced, neutral, and objective perspective, you will acquire a classy prestige among the crowd.

Although they will not follow or reply to your posts, the audience will keep a close eye on your posts and accept them, because of your credibility.

Do not forget to maximise advantages of emailing.
Unsolicited email pitches need to be very short, straightforward, and contain your business website Uniform Resource Locator (URL) [colloquial: web address].

State the products and services you provide and unique attributes of importance to the business addressed. As with telephone numbers, business email addresses are on offline and online directories.

Rarely are compiled online lists of email addresses accurate.
Even if correct at the time of publication, email addresses can be disabled or message inbox full, by the time you need them.

I have observed the best sources of up-to-date email addresses are company websites and personal searches on the World Wide Web. The same search techniques applied for telephone numbers can be employed to find of email addresses of corporations.

Never send emails more often than is absolutely necessary. Never send an email to the personalised business address of the wrong staff.

Crucial it is to reduce the cost of advertisement campaigns. As a small and medium entrepreneur, you would not want to spend a large amount of capital advertising a product, only to make a loss or go bankrupt.

Stay in business.

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