See me, see wahala dis new year

Posted by News Express | 7 January 2020 | 1,158 times

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Any weapon fashion against you dis new year no go see road. Say Amin!

Me, I sabi say dis my taxi driver work na so, so risk full am, but I know say any bad person wey tanda for my way dis new year, na trailer go show am pepper. Helep me say Amin!

See me see troublem o. Even dough I been dey work small, small during di Keresimasi and New Year holiday, na yesterday I resume in full.

I use dat odun period take service my guonguoro well well. I service di engine, change gear box, exhaust and back windscreen wey crack. I comot all di four old tyre and fix brand new second hand (Tokunbo) tyre. I been wan re-spray but I say make I wait till I carry am go make dem panel beat all di body first. E fit be say na for Easter I go do dat one.

Na im make, as I put my guonguoro for road again yesterday, di ting wan come dey fly like aeroplane.

Dat yesterday, as I fix my guonguoro finish, I say make I rest small. I sabi say go-slow go dey every wia as e be say na di first day wey work and school don start after di long holiday.

Na around 3 o’clock pm in di afternoon I take comot for house for Abule Egba, say make I jus go show face for our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge.

One bobo like dat stop me for Mangoro bus stop, e say make I carry am for drop go VGC. I tell am my price, e gree. I open back door for am, e enter.

Since wey di bobo enter my guonguoro, na so so call e dey make. From Mangoro to VGC, di bobo call like 50 people, and 20 people call am. Tori Olorun!

All di ting wey di bobo dey discus for phone na Deal! Deal!! Deal!!! And come hear di kind money wey e dey mention.  Na million, million, million. And all na in dollars o. Olorun Oba o!

Wen we reach VGC, di gate people begin scan my guonguoro upandan. At last, dem give me tag.

As I drive di bobo enter inside di VGC, na im di bobo lef phone and talk to me for di first time.

E tell me say, wen we reach one house like dat, I no go drive enter di compound. E say I go drop am make e come down, den I go drive go turn for front and come back. E say before I turn come, e go don go collect someting for im business partner and come meet me.

Di place wey e say make I drop am, five big house dey dia. I match break, di bobo open back door and come down, me sef drive go turn for front.

By di time I turn come back, I no come know which house di bobo enter. Dat time night don dey come. Na im I park one corner, dey wait for am. 7 o’clock, 7.30, 8, 8.30.

As I say make I come down go check which house di bobo enter, na im anoda bobo wey big like Mighty Igor come meet me. Afraid wan catch me but I use bold face.

E ask me why I park my motor for dat place. I tell am say I dey wait for my passenger wey I bring come since 6.45 o’clock pm in di evening. E say make I use phone call my passenger nah, I tell am say I no get im number.

Di Mighty Igor come tell me say dem no dey allow taxi inside VGC till dis time, and na for street I come park. E say make I go di house wey my passenger enter go meet am. I tell am say I no even know di house wey e enter, as I no meet am wen I go turn for front come back.

Di Mighty Igor say make I drive go back go tell di gate people wetin happen.

Di gate people no even allow me talk finish, dem tell me say if I like mysef, make I jus begin dey go my house kia kia. I ask dem why, dem say if I wait anoder 10 minutes for dia, I go sabi di “why”.

Na one elderly man for dia look me and shake im head. E be like say e see di marks (Araoke) wey dey my face.

 E take Yoruba ask me wia I come from. I tell am say I be Ogbomosho man. Na im di man begin speak my village language  for me. E tell me say make I jus begin dey go meet my family now, if no be so, dis my head go turn to pepper soup dis night. E say im jus dey tell me becos I be im broda.

Nobody tell me make I put my guonguoro for gear one and begin match trottle.

Make we jam again on Friday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.


Source: News Express

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