Between Cardi B and Nigerian pop stars

Posted by Usman Issa Olabanji | 29 December 2019 | 2,132 times

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•Cardi B

Grammy award-winning rapper, Cardi B, who recently performed in Nigeria, has warmed the hearts of many Nigerians for being so real and speaking positively about Nigeria.

Initially, I have never for once been mesmerised with the gists about her visitation and of course, I know the kind of orientation we have as Nigerians. We easily give attention to things all in the name of following trends.

For the past four days, the headlines have been revolving around Sowore, Cardi B, Orji Kalu and lots more. Infact, President Buhari should be more grateful to the likes of Sowore and others for diverting Nigerians’ attention and relieving the pressure on him.

For the fact that I have tried to manipulate my interest not to follow trends about Cardi B’s travelogue to our dramatic Nation, the headline that proclaimed her visitation to Lekki motherless home got my rapt attention.

Apart from adopting Nigerian names, apart from showing interest to meet and mingle with people at the grassroots, Cardi B went to a Lagos supermarket, waited on the queue and bought provision worth millions of Naira which she later donated to an orphanage in Lekki.

Having read about this generous gesture, crop of questions barged into my inner mind as regards to Nigerian celeberities. One of the questions was about asking myself the last time any of our celebrities pays a generous visit to the orphanage.

If a foreigner that has not spent more than four days can go to this level and contribute positively to the lives of people at the grassroots, I wonder where our celebrities put their sense of reasoning.

Few days ago, I came across myriad headlines on how one of the most hyped celebrities embarrassed a fan who asked for money to pay his school fees on social media. This same artist released a video to stigmatize one of the Big Brother Naija housemates for having a body odour. Instead of this artist to encourage the disqualified house mate and the student that honourably asked for help, he got the situation exacerbated by hauling vituperations and releasing derogatory video.

What a pity! Another artist in the same caucus has been a crusader of masturbation, weed and self-acclaimed leader/role model to mentally derailed people. Funny enough, many, out of the followers of these celebrities would never see anything wrong in the level of moral depravities established by their hyped artists.

They would rather blame government for every woes betiding the nation. Even if government is doing little or no efforts to elevate the poor masses from abject penury, does that call for the attention of this madness under the guise of disco?

Does that mean, Nigerian celebrities should not be giving back to the society positively and morally? Now, I have fathomed that, something has come over us as a Nation and it goes beyond poor governance, it includes poor socialisation, poor orientation and poor instrumental ideology.

It is marvelous that in less than four days, Cardi B has impacted positively into the lives of many motherless children. For how long will it take our pop stars to achieve this feat? Jokes apart, it would take us time to get it right; not even when Nigerians begin to see themselves as Malians...Nonsense!


•Usman Issa, an opinion writer, graduated from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State. He can be reached via ;Whatsap: 08169197486

Twitter: @BusyBraincom1

Source: News Express

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