State of the Nation: You’ve not met our expectations; Nigerians tell Buhari

Posted by News Express | 28 December 2019 | 1,292 times

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•President Muhammadu Buhari

  President Muhammadu Buhari, last Wednesday while receiving residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) led by the Minister, Malam Muhammad Bello, during the traditional Christmas Day homage, at the State House, Abuja declared 2019 as a very successful year for the nation, and thanked Nigerians for believing in him and supporting his administration.


He said in the last four years, the Federal Government had recorded sustainable progress in mobilising resources to rebuild infrastructure across the country. Nigerians across the states of the federation have however bared their minds on how the present administration has fared in the outgoing year especially in its three points agenda of economy, security and fight against corruption. They disagreed with the president on his assessment that 2019 was a successful year for Nigeria.

It was tales of woes for most of the citizens who spoke as they argued that things have never been this bad for them. They scored the administration low on its agenda and demanded an improvement in their standard of living. They want more job opportunities, improvement in power supply, rehabilitation of deplorable roads and a host of other demands



 Ralph Madugu: ”The key sectors of the economy have not recorded any much growth. For instance in the banking sector, there has been loss of jobs; one of the old generation banks will be closing 23 of its branches across the country. The implication is that more people will be pushed into the labour market.

“Increase of Value Added Tax from 5 to 7percent has led to increase in goods and services and this has added to the hardship of most Nigerians. The problem of inadequate power supply negatively affected the production/manufacturing sector. It has negatively affected small scale businesses. Increasing unemployment still remains a major challenge that the FG has not performed to the expectations of Nigerians.

There has not been any significant improvement in the standard of living of the average citizen. Instead we have high cost of living, poverty is defined on the faces of Nigerians on the streets. The issue of kidnapping for ransom remains a serious problem as Nigerians no longer feel safe even in their homes as kidnappers are having a field day on a daily basis, armed robbery within neighbourhoods and on our highways; even with the introduction of the Operation Puff Adder by the Nigeria Police, the issue of insurgency in Northeast remains a hard nut to crack as the insurgents are still wrecking havoc in that region.

Despite the anti-corruption fight posture of the FG, there are still cases of corruption in public service; the anti-corruption fight should not be one-sided. I am looking to the year 2020 with great expectations especially in the area of the nation’s economy. I look forward to a year where the FG will walk the talk by ensuring that job opportunities are created to absorb the many jobless Nigerians.

The FG should beam a searchlight on the power sector to ensure adequate power supply. Secondly, the FG should design implementable economic policies that will improve the living conditions of the common man. FG should do more by rehabilitating our deplorable roads that have turned into death traps. In the aspect of security, FG should do more to tackle the problem of insurgency in the Northeast; focus more on the welfare of security agents especially those serving in the Northeast. The police should do more in tackling the menace of kidnapping on our high ways.



 Mr Banji Ayenakin”My assessment of the FGN performance in the areas of economy, security and fight against corruption is that the FGN has performed poorly and abysmally low in all these areas. All economic development indices show that Nigeria is deteriorating economically; sporadic cases of kidnapping all over the country, herdsmen invasions of various parts of the country, reported cases of armed robberies and ethnic militias clashes; to mention just a few lend credence to the fact that all is not well with Nigeria’s security.

Selective arrest and prosecution of corrupt persons has dealt serious blow to the purported fight against corruption and it is an indication that the govt is enmeshed in nepotism. Honestly, I am afraid; without being pessimistic; I don’t expect significant improvement from the FG.

The recycling of old and incompetent persons in government as well as lack of definitive development plans for Nigeria; do not position the FG for proactive and paradigm shift. However, I see God come to the rescue in the middle of the year with a supernatural stroke of divine intervention to resuscitate the country from abject poverty and economic quagmire. Zadok Akintoye, Director Media and Publicity, PDP ”The action by the DSS in constantly flouting court orders and insisting that a man who is simply protesting the perceived injustices in his country is a threat to national security, is indicative of a despotic leadership, disconnected from the reality of its people and reminiscence of the old Gestapo era where people are victimized by government for no reason. I am even more concerned that a government that exists by the mandate of the people is not willing to submit to the same law that created it. Every Nigerian must of a necessity be concerned that these acts of violation of lawful orders of a court are happening in a democracy.

Pastor Seyi Osanyibi: ”I observed that like the midianites in the days of Gideon, they tried to impoverish Israel, that is what Buhari’s government is doing to the southern states. The north has the largest number of dams in Nigeria with good irrigation systems, yet why the Ruga? Economically, Nigeria is messed up. Things will be tougher. There will be serious unrest next year. We made some good money from oil this year but we were still borrowing. That means that we are spending more than we are earning. So in terms of his performance, Buhari did poorly. He didn’t cut down on government excesses.

On security, we have never felt more insecured in this country like it is now. Traveling within Nigeria is so unsafe, no one feels safe again in this country. On corruption, Buhari has turned out to be the greatest scam of all time. He appears not to understand the meaning of corruption and so has no strategy to fight it.


Rt Hon Jumoke Akindele first female Speaker Ondo House of Assembly “Nigeria is in near shambles. Nigeria’s economy seems to me to have nosedived repeatedly based on so many factors.

The govt has shown a lack of commitment to any consistent economic structure or policy. It has been more reactionary than proactive. So much premium is placed on their propaganda that they fail to see the impact their economic policies or lack of them is having on the masses they claim to govern.

The unemployment rate has gone so high that even the Minister of Labour and Productivity himself at a forum recently seemed to wonder why their so called social intervention programs do not seem to work. Inflation stands in Nigeria at 11.85% with the purchasing power of the masses reduced to nothing.

The World Bank last year ranks Nigeria as one of the poverty capitals of the world and nothing has changed to dent that inglorious record in 2019! We run in deficits in various indices of living like Housing, Education, Energy, Health care, even Water. That sadly is the narrative of Nigeria and Nigerians, a country and a people so blessed, so endowed yet so poor! The Nigerian leadership cannot with every objectivity be given a pass mark here.

On Corruption, I will state without any fear of contradiction that the famed war against corruption only probably existed in the mind of the President from the very beginning though one doubts if even he still believes that it is a fight that needs to be fought. Persons who have active cases to answer form part of his cabinet and his devil may care attitude to the objections of Nigerians to the unsavoury development can only suggest so. It is on record that this administration has not charged, prosecuted and obtained a conviction in any corruption case since inception. All the ones in which convictions have been obtained were instituted by the previous administrations.

They made a show of arresting Babachir just before the elections, what became of that? Various international bodies have maintained that corruption is worse in Nigeria under the Buhari administration. On the whole, I see the Government has failed in these critical areas and must endeavour to perform better in the coming year. Call me a pessimist but I don’t know if govt has the will to address the anomalous situation of 2019 in 2020.


Col Dansaaki Agbede(rtd): Former National President of the Yoruba Council of Elders,) “I must score the Federal Government above average despite all shortcomings in the political arena. The notion that unless you introduce violence, you can’t achieve what you want has to be addressed.

“FG is doing reasonably well especially in the closure of borders which has yielded positive benefits but some people don’t know. Now we can go to filling stations to refill our vehicles without stress. “We can’t achieve a lot without making some sacrifices. Not all Nigerians understand this but some of us who had been in government know that leadership is not an easy task. The cost of governance affects our economy massively and we can’t go on like this, this area has to be addressed. We should know that amassing of huge wealth would not do us any help. What do you do with billions and trillions of naira when some people cannot eat three square meals a day.”          


Professor Labode Popoola, Vice Chancellor, Osun State University. Government performance is low because people have not allowed the government to work. There is too much criticism, too many distractions. As we head into the new year, we should allow for the necessary precursor needed for development to thrive. We are not helping this country by the distractions that are going on. In the new year, we should get more involved in developmental criticism and jettison distraction I think we should allow our self time to develop.

Ifayemi Elebuibon, Traditionalist: The present administration has failed to meet the people’s expectations, particularly with regard to its change mantra on which it ascended the Presidency. Majority of Nigerians are exhausted waiting for their hope to materialise. In all ramifications, economy, security, fight against corruption and other sectors, the government has failed Nigerians.

As we go into the new year, I am of the view that government would have to focus on youth development because a nation that abandoned its younger generation mortgaged its future. It is disheartening to see our youth, who ought to be the nation’s most pride wasting away, while a portion continue to thrive and build foreign nations. Government must harness our resources to give the younger generation a role to play in building a virile country.

Kehinde Ayantunji, Osun NUJ Chairman As far as I am concerned, whatever achievement of the federal government has made, has been overshadowed by its flagrant disregard for the rule of law. This is democracy and its major spice is subjecting one to the principle of respect for the constitution of the land irrespective of one’s position or which institution is affected.


Niyi Rotimi, Social Worker: ”On the economy, the federal government did not show enough consideration in upward review of the price of cooking gas from N200 to N400 per kg, VAT from 5 percent to 7.5 percent, the planned implementation of 2020 financial Bill waiting to be signed by the President and many more.

Though it’s the duty of all of us to pay Tax, yes, there is need to communicate with the people. On corruption, the government cannot win the fight against corruption all alone, all of us must join in the fight. People in the high places do not see themselves as Nigerians which is the reason the corruption continually fights back.

PMB can only try the little he could do even if we allow him third term in office. In all the three areas, Nigerians did not fare better.

Wale Adewumi, Journalist:  The current administration has not fared better in these three areas. It is obvious our economy is on daily descent, poverty is on the rise, common men cannot afford two square meals daily while the security is getting worse as bandits have taken over the country from the north to the south. Our soldiers are being slaughtered by Boko Haram and the sad aspect of the entire hellish scenario is the blatant denials by the government that it is shouting it’s fighting corruption which is clearly one sided.

My expectations for 2020 is that our President should stand up to his responsibility and not thinking he is doing us a favour after wooing us to vote him into power second time.


Mr Tosin Adesanya, Farmer: The President Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government, by my evaluation has not be discerning, dedicated and decisive enough in the way and manner the Nigerian nation is being governed in the area of economy, security and fight against corruption.

A discerning, dedicated, and decisive government would have made concerted efforts to improve the economy, first by putting in place a clearly, cleverly defined and deliberate time tested policies with workable or practicable deadline.

I believe economic viability is measured by an increase in gross domestic product (GDP), determined by combined value of all goods and services produced within a country. Although this cannot be attributed to only one factor as many forces are significant to growth. The economy of the nation is at its lowest web, and will continue without ingredients such as constant power supply, good roads and even security. As things are in Nigeria, all are still lacking.

Mr Akanbi Omoleye, Civil Servant: ”For me, I will score the President Muhammadu Buhari led government low on security and economy but a little high mark on corruption. Lives are still not safe in this country, people die like chickens everyday in this country and government appeared unconcerned and unperturbed. Boko Haram insurgents are still holding sway in the North East. We were told, the terrorists have been degraded and technically defeated but the reality on ground is in the opposite. Kidnappers and armed bandits are on the rampage across the country. State of infrastructure is in total decay and disarray.

My expectations in the new year is that the President should sit down and do a soul searching if he had actually fulfilled his campaign promises. Let him give us governance.

Rachael Omolayo, Trader: ”President Buhari and his party, the All Progressive Party, from all indications appeared unprepared, they were struggling for political powers for the sake of it and nothing more. Our economy is near comatose, all indices that indicate development and growth are down.

Unemployment, abysmal production level, corruption, unbridled brigandage and banditry appeared to be the only dividends democracy of this administration. Look around you, situations are getting worse everyday, things are getting bad and retrogressive. All the gains of the previous administration had been lost to petty politics and ego”.

Agunbiade Joel, Broadcaster: ”The only indices I can use to measure the performance of any administration is employment. Because when you give people job, you are giving them life and the implications are increase in purchasing power, increase in production, including manufacturing and other services and the overall implications of these are economic growth and development.

These are lacking and the present government does not appear to have the capacity to offer Nigerians good governance. President Buhari and members of his cabinet should buckle up, we are getting tired, despair and despondent”.



Makurdi Dominic Zever: ”We had expected that that this government will improve on the economic policies of the last administration during which we had food to eat and the Nigerian economy was buoyant but the situation now is such that people cannot feed their families. It is disheartening that this present government came and crumbled all that the last administration achieved for reasons we simply cannot understand.

Nigerians are worse off now and it is all due to the policies of a government that failed to key into the global economic trend. In the area of security the government has also failed to meet our expectations, look at the security situation in the country. It is as if we do not have a government in place in this country. Kidnappings, killings, banditry and herdsmen crisis everywhere. Do you know that nobody is comfortable traveling by road in this country anymore? The fact is that we still cannot understand how we got to this point.

As for the fight against corruption, as far as I am concerned it is a good move but it is selective and that is what negates all the intents and purposes which rubbishes all that the government thinks it is out to achieve. As far as I am concerned the government has only been witch-hunting its perceived enemies and until we see corrupt persons in the All Progressives Congress, APC, facing trial we will not believe the intentions of the government because those that have been convicted so far started facing trial during the PDP days when they were in that party.

As for my expectations for 2020, I want the government to dedicate more efforts in creating employment opportunities for the teeming youths of this country because the rate of unemployment in the country is becoming a source of concern to everyone in the country,” he added.

Rosario Usa: “The Nigerian economy is down under the present administration because they came in 2015 and felt that the last administration was bad and anything that had to do with it was bad. It is unfortunate that we are where we are. The economy of this country is in shambles and it was created by this government. They came and increased the pump price of fuel and the prices of good and services skyrocketed and till date it has not come down.

To make the matter worse, they recently shut our borders and inflation suddenly hit the roof and we began to wonder if this government came to inflict hardship on us or better our lives.

And for me the fight against corruption is a welcome development in this country considering what corruption has done to our country but I am not happy that political office holders in the APC who we know are corrupt are exempted from facing corruption charges. It is until they are made to face corruption charges that we will believe that this government is actually fighting corruption.

 ”In the area of fight against corruption I think it should be all encompassing because several Nigerians think it is not. My expectation in 2020 is to see our country moving forward on all fronts and being propelled by the respect for tenets of rule of law, due process and respect for the fundamental human rights of all citizens and on that basis we will soar like the eagle.


Mr. John Nwobodo: Former Chairman of Inter Party Advisory Council, IPAC: ”There has been stability in the local market and insurgency has been curtailed. The anti- corruption agencies have been doing well in convicting suspects. The conviction of Oji Uzor Kalu showed that that government is not looking at faces.

However the discontinuation of the corruption case of the former governor of Akwa Ibom state should be looked into. But put on the scale, the government has done well. Nevertheless, the federal government should improve on the application of rule of law in the new year.”

Comrade Kindness Jonah, Coordinator, Civil liberty Organization, CLO, Eastern headquarter: . The federal government has not done anything to boost economy.

Before Buhari took over from Jonathan, Nigerian economy exchange rate to dollar was N230 per but today what we are have is N495 per dollar. With this we can see that Nigerian economy has almost died. You may now ask, what informed this scenario? Look at the structure of borrowing both internal and external.

When former President Obasanjo handed over to Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, he made sure that Nigeria exited debt trap. He paid up Nigeria’s external debt and when Jonathan was handing over to Buhari, he kept the external debt at less than 30 billion dollars. Today we owe 85 billion dollars and he has plans to borrow another 30 billion dollars. People are dropping out of school as a result of poverty in Enugu state.


Jalingo Justin Tyopuusu: ”The regime of President Muhammadu Buhari has performed abysmally poor in the three key areas of economy, fight against corrupt and security which brought the administration to power.

Our economy is at its worst ever in history. Inflation is on the rise and our growth very low. The recent fitch rating of our economy is a pointer to this. Our economy outlook in 2020 is worrisome, despite border closure.

The fight against corruption is selective and those so far sent to jail were arraigned by Jonathan’s government. Nobody in APC is facing any serious corruption charge at the moment.

Kidnapping, herders attacks and Boko Haram are crippling our resources in the name of fighting insecurity. The administration’s disregard to court orders and the rule of law is a threat to our democracy.

The administration should respect and uphold the rights of the people to express themselves freely and respect the tenets of democracy and the rule of law in the new year.

Gabriel Yough: ”President Muhammadu’s administration has not achieved much in economy, security and the fight against corruption which were the key promises it made to Nigerians. The economy of the nation is not in good shape largely due to massive insecurity across the country ranging from kidnappings, armed herdsmen crisis with farmers, armed robbery among others.

No nation can achieve economic success with the level of insecurity being witnessed in the country at the moment. The fight against corruption is also jeopardized by the lack of respect for the rule of law by this administration.


Dr Edet Paul, University lecturer: “I will not say government has performed badly or better this year, in my own assessment it is an average performance. In the aspect of fighting corruption government has done perfectly well.

With this government Nigerians know that no one is above the law, no matter how highly placed. What I mean is that government has been able to recover some looted funds from public treasury and contained the misappropriation of funds and with the issue of IPPIS that government is using to curb corrupt practices”

Inemesit Nalbor, Businessman: ”In 2020 I expect the Federal government to do something about deplorable roads in this part of the country. Our people have suffered a lot because of the deplorable federal roads. Some businesses like filling stations located along Ikot Ekpene -Aba road and shops have all packed up because vehicles no longer ply the road. Many of our people in transport business that used to ply the route have also changed line of business. It is worrisome situation”.


 Mr Harun Magashi, Legal practitioner: ”The Nigerian government had displayed disregard to law and order by not obeying court orders As a result, it has created a negative notion in the public who see it as disrespecting both judiciary and violating the tenets of democracy as a democratically elected government. In 2020 we expect the executive arm of government to allow the judiciary to function as a way of putting its image together in the international community.

Abdulgafar Oladimeji, Journalist: ”You can still see the level of poverty that is still evident everywhere. When you are talking about improved economy, what has happened to healthcare? This is part of the economy. Does the ordinary man on the street has access to quality and qualitative healthcare? No! Then you now talk about education, will you say today say we are getting the best of education at the grassroots level where the majority of the people reside, where majority of the expected majority are domiciled?

So looking at 2020, I think generally there is need for the government to really define its policies towards how to create wealth. Adopt the China strategy where people at the grassroots are really mobilised to become wealth creators rather than relying on stipends from government.

Secondly, there is also the need in 2020 for government to focus on education. Look at the 2020 budget you will still find out that the bulk of 2020 budget on health and education is still going on recurrent expenditure. So that is to tell you that capital projects will suffer. Capital projects might not really mean erecting block structures. We are talking of a situation where the primary health service providers will be equipped to really give quality healthcare to Nigeria. On the issue of corruption, I think the government is not fighting corruption.

Adeola Ajakaye, Journalist: On the issue of corruption I think the government should move away from the perceived notion that the war is selective. I think the government should be picking on people within their own party who have reasons to face corruption charges so that they can be arraigned. By this the people will take them more seriously. They will have the support of the people and if they are willing, they will leave behind a legacy.


 Ibrahim Khathoun, Teacher: ”If you look around, there isn’t much to celebrate. Our roads and hospitals are still in bad shape, market prices are high. But looking on the bright side, I think the new year will be better because good bills will be easier to pass now that the Presidency and legislature are in good terms.

I predict a year of bumper harvest for Nigerians, especially those at the lower rung of the ladder.

Ann Shaibu, Petty trader: ”Cost of food and other goods are over the roof. I hardly record patronage of 8 customers these days. And the border closure is not making it any easier. But we are all hoping that the budget that was recently signed by Buhari will be channelled in a way that will benefit the poor in the country.

I also think that the oil discovery in Bauchi will help to create jobs for our youths when it is in full operation.



Yusuf Mr Ismail Mohammed, Public Affairs analyst: Government has performed well in some areas and has failed woefully in other areas as it has failed to protect lives and property of the people.

While we’ve seen drastic reduction in attacks by the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents in the North East and elsewhere in the country, kidnapping, communal clashes, herders/ farmers clash have taken the centre stage across the nooks and crannies of the country.


Bello Yahaya, a student: To the best of my knowledge, this APC government under president Mohammadu Buhari has failed Nigerians. At first they were busy fighting corruption, when there is poor power supply, they are fighting corruption, yet most of the people in government have different corruption charges.

This is not what Nigerians voted for, in the first tenure it was change, and fuel pump price rose from N87 to N143, and then everything was affected, school fees, cost of food, books medicals everything became high. And now we are in the next level.

Senator Danladi Sankara: So far so good this administration has restored peace in this country. The incessant cases of insurgency have been curtailed nationwide. The economy is picking up, we have many investors coming to our country to invest. Now with the closure of our borders made in Nigeria rice is everywhere. I don’t know we produce varieties of rice in this country. And corruption, it is no longer business as usual. That’s why our government is being criticized. There is no free government money to throw away. And gradually Nigerians are beginning to do things right.

So in 2020, Nigerians should expect better things under this administration. It’s going to be a year of attainment. With new N30000 minimum wage, life will be a lot better for us.


Mr ThankGod Uruah, Youth leader: ”In 2020 we would want the Federal Government to speedily complete the East West road which has lingered for so long. The road links many Niger Delta states the region that produces what the nation survives on. It will be bad that the only major road project in the area cannot be standardized for once. The nation is suffering seriously and we know that without security there would not be developments and jobs.

On healthcare, the governments should make it a duty to renovate and equip our primary health centre because that should be the first point of healthcare delivery. At least that should be done in each ward in every local government.

Pastor Nicholas Evaristus, Leader of Egbema Voice of Freedom: ”In the coming years not just 2020, Nigerian nation must first stop the attitude of shifting goal posts. When we set agenda we shift to later year, we have come of age as a nation and we must face life and be responsible as a nation.

In 2020 the only thing that will show we are now responsible is that we should be able to provide security, health and infrastructure, like completion of the East-West road, building of more hospitals and equipping them and improving the security architecture of the nation. Let the lives of Nigerians and property count in 2020.


Abia Onyike , APC Chieftain: ”The federal government has done its best in sustaining the fight against corruption but it should be holistic and based on the rule of law. We expect that the fight will continue in 2020. For me, the Federal government should do more despite what it has accomplished in the area of security. If the federal government is playing her cards very well, the issue of Boko Haram would have been a thing of the past including the herdsmen and farmers crisis.

Mr Brutus Edafe: ”The inflation ratio is rising. Different types of taxation and charges are coming up. Our currency has not yet been able to gain prominence in the stock market.

Still the federal government is busy borrowing and increasing our debt profile. The federal government failed in this regard. They should do better in 2020.”


Eric Omare, Ijaw youth leader: ”Since the year 2020 is not an election year and the government is just one year into its four year tenure, I expect the government to concentrate on the business of service delivery and address the security challenges in different parts of the country.

In my view, addressing the security challenge would entail addressing the current harsh economic situation in the country because part of the reason for the increased insecurity is due to the economic hardship in the country. I also expect the government to address critical infrastructures in the country especially the road networks in different parts of the country. In the south south and south east, the roads have practically collapsed and there is need for deliberate effort on the part of the federal government to address these challenges to avoid unbelievable pains on the part of the populace during the next raining season.

Finally, health care especially at the primary level is a big challenge and the situation is acute in the remote areas especially the riverine areas of the Niger Delta region.

On a daily basis, tens of people are dying due to lack of basic medical care. Mr Nathan Nwakamma, a civil servant: “The security agencies should have closer ties and share more intelligence putting an end to inter service rivalry.

They should also build up public confidence to ensure the support and assistance with actionable information. At the infrastructure level I expect completion of ongoing rail projects to enhance affordable transport for goods and services.

On health sector, I expect industrial harmony and less frequent strikes to make the public health sector reliable and choice health care option for the citizens.”

Comrade Alagoa Morris, renowned Niger Delta environmentalist: ”there is no doubt that our expectations are myriad and very high. And, it is understandable when juxtaposed with the needs gap. All sectors of the economy require attention and unless the sectors are taken in a holistic approach; there will still be hues and cries by stakeholders.

Elaye Youdeowei: “My expectations are very simple, match words with action. Ensure that the funds budgeted are used for the exact purposes and also put checks in place to check any leakages.

On security, I expect a step up in the whole architecture including changing the Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Staff to proper professionals who will achieve results. Allowances must get to those who have gallantly protected the nation and also modern equipment must be sourced to kit them.

There must be more collaboration with international agencies in order to achieve all of these and also a deployment of modern technology in order to achieve positive results.


Dr Akpo Mudiaga-Odje, human rights activist and constitutional lawyer: ”We are still very very much challenged with the economy. There is a groundswell of opinion that things are hard and time is bad. Our economy is in a very bad shape and one does not need the clairvoyance of a Nostradamus to see that. We really need a comprehensive overhaul of the economy and how to stop waste and leakages.

“The recurrent expenditure needs to be drastically reduced and capital expenditure increased. The border closure for now is commendable, until our neighbours check influx of goods especially substandard goods passing through their end into Nigeria. As for security, we are presently under external and internal siege. The recurring decimal of armed banditry and kidnapping have taken the centre stage. We ask government to concentrate on intelligence gathering and re-organization of our security apparatus to meet these security challenges.

They need proper funding and more sophisticated security gadgets and communication equipment . The fight against corruption is commendable and we ask that it be fought with obedience to the rule of law and should not be selective. Whosoever is found to have unjustly enriched him or herself should be prosecuted. No one should be left off the hook because of party affiliation or ethnic affinity.

In 2020, we expect a turnaround of our economy. We expect a more disciplined and decisive fiscal policy and guidelines. We expect the incapacitation of external terrorism from Boko Haram . We expect a drastic reduction of kidnappings on our highways. We expect the President to look into the Niger Delta questions of resource control and environmental degradation

Chief Sunny Onuesoke, Former Delta State governorship aspirant: ”I do not think as for the present day Nigeria we can say our economy is in good shape. How could the government not be able to sustain our production of PMS locally after five years of castigating former President Goodluck Jonathan’s government of wasting our money on subsidy for six years and they could not reverse the trend for five years now?

The GDP is running down daily, unemployment is driving every Nigerian crazy daily, factories are closing down, electricity is below four hours daily etc. I’m currently forseeing a total collapse of the economy by the end of 2020.

As for security the government made an improvement after the elections. But that is not good enough because it was like the national insecurity was like a pre-election calculation by the federal government to intimidate the opponent which is PDP. But from analysis so far after the federal elections you could see that there is a slow index report and down ward slide on crime nation wide. In regard to the federal government corruption fight to me is still one sided in view of partial focus on opposition members’ arrest and detention.The government anti corruption drive is purely one sided but not sincere.

Chief Goddy Ighoavwota, labour: “Federal Government economic policies could be said to be a partial success. The closure of the borders has increased the sale of Nigerian commodities. The banking industry has also made some reforms. As for security the Federal government seems to be at loss with what to do. Terrorism in the North East is on the increase. Boko Haram terrorists have not released their captives. Fulani Herdsmen have continued their spate of killings and dreadful robberies. Cultists activities viz-a-viz killings, fighting and disturbance of public peace have really made life unbearable for citizens. My expectations are very high. Even distribution of security posts around the country. Avoidance of Chinese loans. Refurbishing our refineries for optimal production. Network of good roads and other infrastructures. The government should learn to obey the rule of law, court orders and citizens to exercise their freedom of speech”.


 Bishop Kenneth Obi, Chairman, Citizens of Righteousness and Social Justice, CRJ: ”Nigerian leaders have remained corrupt because the people have refused to take the right action.

If Nigeria had people who are conscious enough and daring, organized corruption would have ceased. Corruption is like an atomic bomb. It is capable of destroying everything that has contact with it as well as wreak. trans-generational havoc if not stopped. Little wonder why the roads are in disrepair: the public schools have become warehouses, the general hospitals are no-go-areas for anyone who wants to live long and why the entire system appears to have collapsed.

While there is extreme poverty, hunger and hardship in the country, President Buhari has allegedl

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