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His Excellency (Chief) Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo is one man life has given her favours and blessings. This distinguished fellow went to the best school money can afford and had all the best opportunities that life could provide. Though life was smiling down on him as a golden child, however, Chief Nwodo imbibed the worthy virtues of honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, and servitude. He is always a notable elder statesman who puts his people’s interest over and above his own. Thanks to the achievements of this our most devoted leader, this new breed of generation has regarded him as their icon and mentor. No doubt, every mango tree must have people who go after its fruits. Many believe that Chief Dr. Nwodo is destroyed politically and socially, but they forget so soon that His Excellency was the sole brain behind the success of Mr. President’s victory at the presidential election three years back.

The man Chief Dr. Nwodo is not just a forest, but also a lion. He has built careers for many and got jobs for thousands, sponsored a lot of projects and advocated for the benefit and progress of his people. This fellow is one among millions that would not stand by the aisle, fold his hands and watch you fail.

Many times, I have asked this question, If Dr. Nwodo was from the north or west, would he be forgotten so soon after the many bullets he took for the sake of PDP? It is of no doubt that the Enugu State governorship election is very close by. Many are asking questions such as, what would be the fate of Chief Dr. Nwodo since, based on the political permutation by the experts and stakeholders, it is disturbing to reveal the apparent fact that His Excellency, Governor of Enugu State, Barrister Sullivan Chime, and his administration have not fingered him as the “favoured” one. Will the incoming governor seek his blessing and elderly advice? Would the PDP or Mr. President repay this giant fellow for his many sacrifices? We strongly hope so.

Just like a colossus, Chief Dr. Nwodo is one man at peace with all people: Well-wishers and haters alike, and all those who seek his downfall. The good people of Nsukka have over the years been deprived of reputable representation in the senatorial district. It has always suffered from the hands of candidates whose agenda is perverted and parochial. These candidates more often go to the National Assembly with the sole aim of enriching themselves and their families. It has also been suggested by some people, although on false premises, that no one from Igbo Etiti should contest for any position in the forthcoming senatorial election. However, it is my objective view that none else can represent the interest of the Nsukka people at the federal level, other than Chief Dr. Nwodo. He is indeed a people-oriented man, a man passionate about the realisation of his people’s needs and aspirations. He is an accomplished fellow with outstanding records of good governance and accountability.

Chief Dr. Nwodo has been rightly hailed as a man who will give his life for his people. He has drawn to his constituency various developmental projects which have had a direct and positive impact on his people. These have included creation of employment, empowerment of people in the communities and revamping of schools in his constituency. Who can do it better if not a man with a positive and willing heart, to help and transform his zone?

Dr. Nwodo has seen it all. He was the first executive governor of old Enugu State. He was the first and second National Secretary of PDP, and afterwards went on to be the National Chairman of the party. He is also a worthy recipient of the prestigious Ikenga Award for Excellence on leadership, Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON) and many other outstanding recognitions he has gained over his illustrious political career. Truly, Chief Dr. Nwodo’s leadership style is unparalleled and can hardly be compared with another.

Chief Dr. Okwy Nwodo is a leader that has a listening ear and welcomes his fellow statesmen’s views and opinions. He is a leader with undivided focus and ambitious plans for the good and wellbeing of his people. His mentors are also political leaders in different areas of endeavours, and he has resolved to follow their footprints as well. It is clear that what is happening is that some groups have resolved to be the enemies of this giant leader, and are using all drastic measures to destroy his personality through the circulation of wrong information and spurious claims that lack any weight of credibility. But we are determined to prevent a microscopic view of some bad eggs who abuse our sense of rationality. Can we ever fully repay Chief Okwy Nwodo for the sacrifices he has made for his people over the years? I sincerely doubt that. I sincerely wish that Nsukka people and Enugu-North zone would make the right choice by making Chief Dr. Okwy Nwodo their sole candidate for the senatorial seat. That is one way of demonstrating appreciation for his struggles in behalf of his people, thus motivating him to do even more for them.

Dr. Okwy Nwodo as senator representing his people will be to the greater glory of Nsukka people. There is a sure certainty that the senatorial zone will experience a new creation in terms of construction of good and accessible roads, building of modern and well equipped health centres. Scholarships will also be awarded to youths in the zone to increase the level of education. Clean and drinkable water will be available and accessed by his people. Other milestone developmental projects would be drawn to the zone by our amiable senator. I strongly believe that we are at the verge of a new dawn in the history of Nsukka. It only behooves on us to make it right.

The Nsukka people should use this ample and one-in-a-million opportunity to take their destiny into their own hands. We should vehemently ignore any candidate whose interest is to foster his own greed and avarice with this political office whose benefit should be for all the people. A candidate worse than his predecessor is never the ideal candidate for the Nsukka people.

Therefore, this is a clarion call by Nsukka Youths for Good Governance to all the electorate and Enugu-North senatorial zone to choose their candidate with good rationality and deep insight, and not be blinded by stipends and cheap gifts thrown at them now in a bid to deceive them into selling their birthright.

Dr. Okwy Nwodo is ever the man for the people. Please let us all join hands and get it right this time. We should repose great faith in his leadership qualities and sterling abilities to take Nsukka zone to the next level of senatorial administration par excellence.

Dr. Ben Ugwu, Mni, FCIA, is Co-ordinator Nsukka Youth for Good Governance. Photo shows Senatorial hopeful, Dr. Okwy Nwodo.

Source: News Express

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