I don start night school

Posted by News Express | 27 September 2019 | 939 times

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I no go ever forgot wetin Arike papa do me. Di man wan take African Insurance finish me for village say na me give Arike belle. See me see troublem o.

Me and Arike dey siddon togeder for one table for class wen we dey Standard 5 for di night school wey we dey go for my village for Ogbomosho.

 Some time my body go touch Arike body and some time Arike body go touch my own. Na im make wen Arike come carry belle, im  papa say na me do am.

And everybody for village sabi say Arike papa na babanla juju man. E dey call im own juju African Insurance dat time. Di man nearly finish me, dat’s why I run come Lagos.

 I first do apprentice for mecho work before I begin drive dis my guonguoro.

Na all dis ting dey for my mind as I dey tink of my life dat day…

Small time na im one man like dat enter garage, e say make I carry am for drop go Ikeja GRA. I tell am my price, e gree.

If you see di man, you go know one time say dis one na old teacher. E even wan talk oyibo pass English man.

As we dey go for road, wen ask me someting and I take pidgin answer am, e go tell me say, “Do not speak that gutter language, speak Queen’s English.”

Na im I tell am say na di one wey I sabi I dey speak so. I never see Queen one day for my life, how I go take sabi di kind language wey e dey speak? Wetin concern me, concern Queen. Wetin concern agbero with overload?

Di man come ask me why I dey do taxi driver work. Na im I begin tell am my life history from my village to Lagos, plus including my night school and Arike papa.

Di man come tell me say im be Dr Amos. I ask am which hospital e dey work.  E say no be hospital doctor im be, say im own na doctor for book. E mean say e don read all di book to di last.

I look im tiny head, I ask am, “You mean say all di book for dis world dey inside dis your small head?”

Dr Amos come smile. E tell me say me sef fit be doctor like am. I ask am how, for dis life or for anoder world?

Dr Amos say make I no worry. E say na lesson wey im wan go teach student dem for GRA. E say if I no dey for hurry, I fit join di class for GRA.

Na so we reach GRA, Dr Amos begin teach di student dem, and me sef join di class.

Since dat dey, na me dey go drop Dr Amos for GRA every evening, and I dey follow enter di class and I go carry Dr Amos go drop for house after lesson.

If you hear di kind grammar wey dey comot for my mouth now, you go bow. Na Queen’s English!

Yesterday as I go drop Dr Amos for house after lesson, e wan pay,  I tell am say make e no dey pay me again,  after all e no dey collect money for my hand for di lesson.

Dr Amos come tell me say if na so, e go make sure say me sef go become doctor soon. In fact, e no even wait, e bring out one paper like dat and write my name. E give me di paper and say na my own cerfiticate be dat, say na Doctor-In-View. Tori Olorun!

 Quick, quick I run go garage make I go show my union member dem my doctor cerfiticate.

 Na im our union chairman, Jimoh call me Oga MAT. I warn am well, well. I tell am make e no ever call me dat kind name again. I say my name now na Dr Oga MAT…

Di next ting I hear na as person tap me for shoulder. My wife Bose say, “Baba Bisi wake up! Dis your doctor talk wey you don dey talk since midnight, abi you don become native doctor?  Dis your malaria don come again. Abeg allow me sleep, morning never show face.”

Olorun Oba o!

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

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