Wahala dey! (2)

Posted by News Express | 24 September 2019 | 697 times

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As Sikiratu  enter and see Madam Shine for on top my leg, na im  Madam Shine begin hala for Sikiratu: “Wetin you dey do for here? I send you go buy tings for Ipodo market, you come tanda for here dey look anya anya like zombie!”

Sikiratu troway di bag wey e take go market for Madam Shine, and still tanda for dia dey look im madam wey siddon on top my leg. I look ground, ground no gree open make I enter.

Madam Shine ask Sikiratu, “You buy di pomo?” Sikiratu no talk.  “You buy cow leg?  What of the pepper?” Sikiratu jus stand for dia like Standard Bank, e no make pim.

Madam Shine jump up and give Sikiratu a dirty slap for face pooorrrhhhh! Sikiratu no waste time, e give im madam  double slap for face, pooorrrhhh! pooorrrhhh!!! See as di whole bar scater. Tori Olorun!

I see say Bukky and di order two salesgirl dem jus dey laugh dia madam and Sikiratu.  

Di next ting be say, Sikiratu carry im madam up, put am for head like Aboki carry load for Idumota, turn am round four times, and finally land am for ground tuuuaaarrrrhhh! Olorun Oba o!

Sikiratu jump and lie down flat for im mabam belle like say e wan give am TKO like Mighty Igor and Bulldog Brower dem.

Come hear as everybody for inside di bar plus including Bukky dem begin count, “One! Two!! Three!!!  Winner!!!

Madam Shine come dey breath for mouth, nose, eye, ear plus including anus. E begin shout, “Oga MAT so you and your friend siddon for dia dey look? Una wan make dis Ekiti girl kill me?”

Di kind eye wey Sikiratu take look me, I know say if I make mistake go near dem, Sikiratu go chop me raw.

I come talk am for my mind say serious wahala dey o.

I look Idowu, Idowu look me. No be anybody tell us make we vamus for dia kia kia, run dey go back for our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge.

Make we jam again on Friday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

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