Wahala dey!

Posted by News Express | 20 September 2019 | 1,093 times

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People dey talk say dem get lucky but na for sisi matter my own lucky dey. And na im make my wife Bose dey always talk am say dis my taxi driver work na ashewo work. Se na my fault?

Na only Olorun know wetin all dis small, small sisi dem for Lagos dey see for dis my agbalagba face.

Our union treasurer, Idowu dey always ask me who be di Baba wey dey give me black soap wey  I dey use wash my face every morning before I come garage. But I dey tell am say I no get any Baba and I no dey use any black soap.

See like yesterday wey rain fall for Lagos like no man business,  I no fit take dis my guonguoro enter road becos of flood water wey turn every wia to Lagos lagoon.

Wen di rain reduce small, I tell Idowu say make I use style waka reach dat side near Airport Hotel. Idowu quick, quick sabi wia I wan go. E say e must to come with me. E say im know say I wan go take My Usual for Madam Shine buka. And na true Idowu talk. I tell am say oya nah, but make e hold im money o.

As me and Idowu jus enter Madam Shine buka, Sikiratu run come hold me, e troway one hot kiss for me fiiaam. And I catch am.

Before we siddon sef, Sikiratu don land me one bottle of My Usual – “Black September” a.k.a “24 Volt” orderwise known as “Odekun” or “Who Send You Come?”

Sikiratu ask Idowu wetin e wan take, Idowu say na “Monkey tail”. Sikiratu tell anoder sales girl make e go mix monkey tail for Idowu.

Na so Sikiratu siddon for my leg, dey rob my face. Come see as all di customer dem wey full dia dey look me and Sikiratu.

Na dat time sweet Madam Shine to call Sikiratu say make e go buy garri, cow leg, pomo and pepper for Ipodo market.

I no know say Madam Shine dey plan coup for Sikiratu. Sikiratu don tight face patapata but e no fit tell im madam say e no dey go.

Sikiratu say make I no go before e come back, I tell am say I dey. As Sikiratu jus turn im back, na so Madam Shine come meet me for wia me and Idowu siddon.

Madam Shine say “Oga MAT, why be say any time you come, na Sikiratu you go jus face?”

I ask am say na who again I go face. I say everybody for Ikeja sabi me and Sikiratu. I no talk finish, na im  Madam Shine sef siddon for my leg and begin rob my face, di same way  Sikiratu been do.

E order im salesgirl, Bukky make e serve me and Idowu second round plus including hot pepper soup. Who go reject dat kind ting for dat cold weather?

Madam Shine sef begin shack “Shine Shine Bobo”. Before me and Idowu finish our own, Madam Shine don finish six. Tori Olorun!

Di next ting be say, Madam Shine say make e go piss. As e jus turn im back, na so Bukky come siddon for my leg, e begin rob my face like im madam been do. Bukky carry my cup and empty everyting wey dey inside, one time! As im madam come back, Bukky disappear.

Madam Shine come siddon for my leg and begin dey rob my face again as e dey shack dey go, na im Sikiratu jus enter…

(To be continued)

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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