Helep! I don carry Mammy Water! (2)

Posted by News Express | 10 September 2019 | 2,211 times

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As di sisi use one hand hold steering and kukuma use di order hand hold my kini, my body jus mellow.

I use corner eye look di sisi. Di sisi sef use corner eye look me. I see say e jus dey smile. Na dat time I sabi say no be say na mistake. Di sisi do am korokoro.

Di next ting be say, di sisi match break fiiaam and park for road side. E off engine, wind up and go down. E turn come my own side and open di door for me.

E tell me, “My dear Oga MAT, come down darling. Let’s go to the beach and have a good swim.”

As I hear dat one, e come be like say I faint.

So dis sisi sabi me well well? Who send am come? Person wey come our garage wey dey near under Ikeja bridge, pay me 100k make I teach am how to drive, now na how we go swim togeder for Bar Beach e dey tell me! Tori Olorun!

I tell am say since my mama born me for my village for Ogbomosho, I never one day enter inside river, not to talk of ocean. I say if I enter dat water, I go jus sink like stone.

Dis sisi come tell me say make I no worry, say na im home be dat. Se, I hear am well so?

E come be like say di sisi sabi weti I tink, e tell me say “Yes, you heard me well sweetheart. Dat is my home.”  E smile as e dey talk am.

I ask am, “Who be you and wetin you want from me?”

Di sisi say, “My name is Maureen. I already have you as my darling. Come on, let’s go and swim.”

Maureen – Marine - Marine Spirit.  Olorun Oba o! I come talk am for my mind say I don carry Mammy Water today!  

All my body come dey shake like Shakespear.

Na im I come kneel down for dat roadside dey beg am. I put hand for my shokoto trouser, bring out di 100k wey e pay me before we lef garage. As I hold di money forward to give am, my hand and di money dey shake.

Maureen, abi marine spirit, say no need to give am back di money. E say di money na my own. E say e go dey give me plenty tings if I love am as e love me.

E hold my hand cross road and begin face di Bar Beach water. Na so my torch light chinko phone jus begin ring … Na my wife Bose call.

Bose ask me wia I dey, I tell am say na Bar Beach. Bose say God don show am everyting for vision. E say make I truway anyting wey dat sisi wey I dey with give me and tell am say, “Get thee behind me satan!”

As I jus talk dat talk, na im Maureen shout one kind shout like cat, drop my guonguoro key and disappear inside di Bar Beach.

Abeg make una helep me tank Eledumare for my beloved wife Bose. Olorun modupe lowo yin o.

Make we jam again on Friday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

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