Abeg who get original spare part? (2)

Posted by News Express | 30 July 2019 | 1,557 times

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Na Road Safety bring di towing van come. Dem no just waste time, dem use dia chain tie for di nyansh of my guonguoro. Na to carry am go dia office be dat o.

I rush go meet di driver of di van. As di man see me, e shock. E say Oga MAT, na your taxi be dis? I tell am yes. E ask me wetin come happen nah. I tell am say na so I see am o, say na di overload wey I carry na im finish all my tyre.

Sule (na di man name be dat) say wia di load wey I carry wey come damage di two both of my tyre at di same time for on top of IBB bridge. Na im I use style point hand show am di madam. I tell Sule say na di overload be dat.

Sule Oga rush come, e ask wetin Sule dey discus with me since, instead make e tow my guonguoro go dia station. Sule tell im Oga say na Oga MAT taxi be dat o.

Di Road Safety Oga shout. E say what? Na dat time di Oga look my face. E say, “Oh,  Oga MAT, wetin make your taxi come peme for dis kind place?”

I  point hand show am madam. Di Road Safety Oga look di madam, den come say, “Eyaah. I quite understand. Pele Oga MAT.”

Na so dem come comot di chain for my guonguoro. Di Oga say make I find anoder motor go buy tyre for Oworo wey near pass.

Na so I remove di rim, carry di two both of dem for my head, run cross di bridge to di order side.

Tank God say one of our union member dem wey dey for Ogba garage wan drive pass dat very time, na im I stop am.

I buy two tyre for Oworonshoki, give vulca make e work am with the two rim.

Wen I return go wia my guonguoro dey for on top of IBB bridge, I fix one for di side wey remain and keep one as spare.

Di madam still wait for me.Wen  I finish, I enter driver seat. I tell di madam make e enter make we dey go. Madam open di door, as e put im nyansh for inside my guonguoro, I just hear pppuuaarrh!!! Di back tyre don burst be dat. Again? Tori Olorun!

(To be continued)

Make we jam again on Friday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

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