$9.3m scandal that won’t go away: Nigerians knock CAN President Oritsejafor over cash-in-jet shame

Posted by Mayowa Okekale, Ibadan | 26 October 2014 | 4,574 times

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Criticisms have continued to trail the impounding, last month in South África, of a private jet owned by President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, which was loaded with $9.3 million which, according to government officials, was in the process of procuring arms and a fighter helicopter for the Nigerian military and security agencies.

News Express sought the opinion of some Nigerians on the issue.

Segun Michael

Nigeria is nothing but a country without form. Why did Pastor Oritsejafor purchase that private jet when he knows that he would not be able to manage it? He is a rogue, and God will reveal all his secrets.

Emmanuel Akintunde

Whatever the case may be, it is absolutely wrong. It was really very clear that the money was not going to be used to purchase any arms and ammunition. President Jonathan, in knowledge of Mr Oritsejafor, just wanted to smuggle the money for personal use only. I find it difficult to believe that Nigeria will be good or better in this generation under this current administration. Things are really getting terrible by the day.

Abiodun Rabiu

To say that this development was wrong is an understatement. To me, it is more than terrible. We (Nigerians) just have to wake up from our slumber and not remain to be fooled. When and how did a so-called CAN President become the Chief of Army Staff (COAS)? And his private jet is the only one needed to be used to purchase arms and ammunition from South Africa?

Oluwatosin Oluwadamilola

This is absurd. It is highly uncalled for. It is totally wrong. Looking at it, the Federal Government had not issued out an open response to the allegation. And that shows that there is a hidden agreement between the CAN President and Federal Government. Of a truth, I am very sure that the arms and ammunition is for the next year election. And my question is: How come we need to procure ammunition worth of $9.3m? I don’t know where this country is heading to. Which way, Nigeria?

Bayo Oyedeji

The interception of the jet and cash has exposed our suspicion that the Presidency and some powerful people have been fuelling, aiding, abetting and supporting Boko Haram. To me, the President should honourably resign. Pastor Oritsejafor should, in this scam allegation, be arrested. And if the National Assembly fails to commence impeachment proceedings against the President and his deputy, the next government should put all the heads of security agencies and those at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on trial. That is justice.

Okhakhu Obomhe David

The Presidency has over 18 jets in its presidential fleet. How come they have to resort to hiring a private jet that belongs to the leader of a Christian body? And again, why should it take CAN President over 48 hours to simply deny his involvement? How come military weapon contractors were not even involved? Haba! CAN President! This is what happens when we soil our lips with the king’s meat. We can no longer be fooled.

Chris Uche

It’s very wrong because Nigeria has its own jets to perform this exercise, and not borrowing CAN President’s private jet. It’s very wrong for him (Oritsejafor) to be hobnobbing with powers that be, and his actions thus far has inadvertently dragged the body of Christians (CAN ) into needless partisanship, which is at cross purposes with the goals of the association. If I may say, it is about time he is either suspended or impeached, according to the provisions of the body’s constitution. He is such a big embarrassment.

Ojedokun Olumide

Are there still true men of God? Does true religion still exist? These are the pertinent questions we need to ask ourselves and do research work on. When has the CAN President become the Minister of Defence? This is money laundering in disguise. There is something hidden that we are yet to know about that scenario.

Olaleye Oluseyi Martins

If the money is meant for the security of Christians against the barbaric Northern Islamic fundamentalists, then, we can say it was a good decision. After all, no nation can be more “Christian” than the nation Israel, who uses much of it in defence of its citizens.

Source: News Express

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