9 out of 10 patients who went blind after receiving injection at National Eye Centre Kaduna regain sight

Posted by News Express | 22 June 2019 | 613 times

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•A doctor examining a patient’s eyes

There is relief and excitement at the National Eye Centre in Kaduna nine of the 10 patients who went blind after receiving an injection have regained their sight. While some have been discharged, others are still recuperating in the hospital.

LEADERSHIP Weekend had last Saturday broken the news of how the patients became blind the same day they were administered a drug suspected to be fake.

Some of the victims confirmed to our correspondent that they were gradually regaining their sight. It was, however, learnt that one of the patients was still blind.

Some of the patients who visited the hospital for follow up, said that though they were yet to recover fully, they are beginning to see compared to the total blindness when they received the injection.

One of them, whose eye went blind after receiving the injection, HajiyaHajaraHusaaini, said: “The hospital since the incident occurred has been treating us for free and as at today (Wednesday) I can see with the eye slightly. The hospital still treats us and the doctors have assured us that all will be well.

Another victim, RosadeenRakiyaAkagwu, 71, said that she had seen significant improvement.

She recalled that “two of my eyes were injected and I could not see again thereafter, but following the treatment we have been receiving, I can see but not clearly yet. I can walk on my own now. The doctors told us that our sight will improve gradually. After the incident, I went to another hospital to find out if I could see again and I was told that I will see and today I am happy. I can see even though not completely clear. For two weeks after the injection, I could not see but I thank God today.”

Another victim, a banker who also suffered blindness from the injected eye, said: “When I came, two of my eyes had issues but only one was injected and only that eye went blind. It became reddish and painful; I came back and was taken to the theatre. In fact, this is not the first time I was receiving the injection; it was my fifth time, having received it for four times without any issue. I am gradually seeing now, the blurriness has reduced significantly”.

Another of the victims said she can now identify colours of her dress, described the situation as an accident and commended the hospital management for their show and sense of responsibility.

She however insisted that a thorough investigation t be carried out. “We need to know what led to the blindness. Was as a result of the contamination of the injection? Was it from the supplier, hospital or manufacturer? We were told that the full recovery could take up to three months and we hope so. At the moment I am not seeing fully except to identify colours very close to me.”

For Zachariah Idzy, his situation is yet to receive any significant improvement but assurances from the hospital management is that he will equally see in due course. He said: “I have gone through a series of operations since the incident happened but I am still not seeing. About four doctors have carried out various tests on me, but my situation still remains the same. A female doctor told me the healing will be gradual and I hope so.”

His wife, who spoke amidst weeping, said that being the bread winner of the family, the incident had caused them untold hardship. “I borrowed money to come to the hospital to see my husband. My daughter has left all she is doing to remain here with the father while I take care of the home.”

The hospital’s chief medical director, Dr Mahmoud Alhassan, reiterated the commitment of the management to do all it takes within the medical possibilities to address their situation.

Alhassan said that the hospital had been up and doing on their cases, working round the clock which has resulted in tremendous successes being achieved. “At least you have confirmed from those you spoke with, they can see now and their situation will keep improving; it’s a gradual process, even one of them that still has issues will also see; they all have different underlying factors and we are working on them one at a time.

“The reactions were not intended; we swung into action immediately to mitigate further damage. It is work-in-progress because we are trained not to lose hope. Everything medically possible is being done, including findings on the root cause. We are also awaiting the results of the analysis from the NAFDAC. We understand their pains, we equally share in their pains but we thank God their hope is being rekindled because their situation has improved and still improving. Some of them took the injection not once, not twice, some have even taken it more than four times with no issues,” he said. (LEADERSHIP)

Source: News Express

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