Ileya fowl don full my house

Posted by News Express | 4 June 2019 | 1,957 times

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Na now I understand wen di GO of my wife, Bose, church dey talk say di priest must eat from di temple.

Yes nah, if priest no eat from di temple, se na for shrine e go come eat?

Di same way, ashewo wey dey for both in or outside hotel must eat from ashewo work. Olopa and soja must eat from dia uniform – weda or wedan't na illegal.

Taxi driver nko? E must eat from im taxi. Dat mean say I, Oga MAT, must eat from my guonguoro, lagbara Olorun.

Since wey Ileya don dey near, up till yesterday, passenger just dey carry me for drop like water. No time to rest, and I like am so. My work na like ashewo work - di more passenger you carry in a day, di better.

Yesterday own na im sweet me pass. Before I even baf finish for di  bafroom for dat Baba Braimoh face-me-I-face-you house wey I dey live with my family for Abule Egba, one Alhaji wey im house dey for di next street call me for phone say make I begin dey come im house dat early morning.

Wen I reach dia, di Alhaji say make I carry im maiguard go buy fowl for im friend poultry wey dey for Alagbado.

Before you close and open your eye sef, me and Umaru don reach Alagbado.

I ask Umaru how many fowl we wan buy, di maigaurd say im no know, say Alhaji don already arrange with im friend wey get di poultry. E say our own na just to carry di fowl wey dem give us.

As we just tell di poultry owner say Alhaji send us make we come carry fowl, di man happy well well to see us.

E carry me and Umaru enter one side of di poultry, e say make we pack all di fowl wey dey dia, say Alhaji don already pay for everyting.

Shoooo! All dis fowl for inside my guonguoro? Na so me and Umaru begin pack di fowl dem inside my guonguoro boot. Alhaji friend even tell one of im boy make e join hand helep us pack di fowl.

We pack fowl for my guonguoro sote fowl full di boot and passenger seat - front and back. I ask Umaru wia e wan siddon, e say make I no worry, e go manage.

And true true, na manage Umaru manage till we go reach im oga house for Abule Egba. Na so di maiguard lap plenty fowl dem for im seat like say na baby dem e carry.

Wen we offload di fowl finish, Alhaji first pay me for di charter, den come dash me one basket of fowl. Tori Olorun!

As I say make I go drop my fowl dem for my house before I begin go our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge, anoder person stop me. Na one madam like dat. Na Alhaja. E say make I carry am go fowl market wey dey for Pen Cinema.

I tell Alhaja say I wan rush go drop someting for di next street. Alhaja say make I just carry am dey go before order people buy di fowl finish. E say I go carry am for charter go and come back for im house for dat same our Abule Egba.

Na wetin I go do? No be passenger I dey find? Di more, di better. No forget!

Dis Alhaja wan buy all di fowl wey dey for Pen Cinema. E be am like say make e carry di hole fowl market go im house. Di fowl wey di madam buy no fit contain for my guonguoro, sote e charter anoder taxi join my own.

Di Alhaja say make I no vex, say all im people wey dey for Lagos wan come im house for Ileya, na im make e buy enough fowl wey e go take cook Ileya food for im people. I say vex ke? I tell am say na my work I dey do.

Wen me and di order taxi driver offload di fowl dem finish,  Alhaja pay me, den give me one basket of fowl. E give di order taxi driver di same ting. Olorun Oba o!

I first rush go offload my two basket of fowl for house. My wife and two woman pikin - Bisi and Funke – ask me wetin I wan take all dat kind plenty fowl do. Dem ask me weda I wan follow Baba Braimoh dem do Ileya.

Wen I tell my family say all dat fowl na dash, dem no believe. As we count am, na 40 fowl dey inside di two basket. And all di fowl na orobo.

I dey tink weda after dis Ileya, I go open poultry sef, take add to dis my taxi driver work.

Olorun modupe lowo yin o!

Make we jam again on Friday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.


Source: News Express

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