PORNOGRAPHY, a male indulgence

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Young men and pornography have an affinity that cuts across all major religious denominations.

Pornographic images and videos are sought and viewed, without a thought to faith and belief.

Pornography, the youth anthem sans borders, is a call to action heeded by millions of young Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

Other belief systems – Hinduism and Buddhism, for example – are not left out of the club.

From India to Nigeria and the United States of America to the Philippines, young males speak one language, the language of pornography.

Men, who ordinarily self-identify as devout Roman Catholic, Sunni, Anglican, Shia, et cetera, put aside religious sentiments, once a pornographic star mounts the pulpit of sexual pleasure.

In chatrooms, dating sites, and other social media platforms, young men demand nude pictures from any woman with whom they engage in a private conversation.

Any woman, who out of politeness adds them to her contact list, receives an unsolicited photograph of their penis, often with the added fervour of an ejaculating penis.

Using keywords, such as, sex, and Muslim woman sex, young men cruise the Internet, actively searching for images of female nudity.

Just as rejection, pornography is a prevalent coming of age ritual for boys and men.


To some, pornography is a good way to while away time; to others, pornography is an addiction.

Male Prone One: 28 Years Old.

I started watching porn, when I was nine years old. I used to sneak out of the house to visit a friend.

His father had many porn videos.

We came across them by accident.

What we used to do was take turns to pick any video to watch.

One day, we plugged one DVD into the player and sat back for the movie to begin.

We thought it was an American film, because all the others we had seen were American.

The film started playing and it showed naked people, men and women.

My friend and I glanced at each other, confused.

I thought the DVD had a fault and ejected the DVD tray.

My friend and I looked over the DVD, wondering what was wrong.

We even read aloud the title of the movie.

I do not remember the title, but it sounded normal.

We inserted it back on the DVD player tray and clicked the play key.

It was the same people, with no clothes, that we saw.

We viewed it and, by the time it ended, my organ had already responded, accordingly.

Throughout the porn movie, my friend and I giggled at each other, partly in embarrassment, but also out of pleasure.

We liked what we were watching.

From then on, we enjoyed porn and borrowed porn DVDs from those who had them.

These days, I download them or stream from porn sites.

I, also, download photos of nude girls.

It does not matter, where they are or their colour.

All I want is for them to be naked.

Male Prone Two: 25 Years Old.


Can I remember when I started?


I think I saw my first porn at eleven.


There was a crowd of boys stooping over something.


I went closer to find out what was happening.


I still could not see anything; the crowd was too large.


I asked a boy what they were watching.



I crouched and crawled through the crowd.


There was a boy, squatting and displaying a phone.


I peeked and it was a porn movie.


I asked him to send it to my phone; he did.


I watched it, over and over, even during class.


I just muted the audio, so the teacher did not hear the moans and groans, and come to investigate.


Any time my schoolmates got a film, they sent it to me; we exchanged porn clips.


I look through porn magazines; I have tons of them.


The Internet helps; it is confidential, as well.


I put my browser on private browsing, when I visit the sites and wipe my browsing history, cache, and cookies, when I am done.


No one else needs to know what I am doing.


That is when I am on the laptop; my girlfriend has the password, for that.


My smartphone, though, is safer.


The limited memory space is the only obstacle.


I delete files, after viewing them to my satisfaction.


I do not see myself staying away from porn.


Why do I have to sacrifice what I enjoy?


No, I am not addicted to porn.


Everything does not have to be a health disaster.


Male Prone Three: 27 Years Old.


When did I start viewing porn?


I wanted to find out about sex, sex education.


I was seventeen and a virgin.


My friends taunted me, for that.


They did not know I was a virgin; I never admitted it to them.


They teased me, asking whether I had not been with a girl.


Discussing sex with my parents was not going to happen.


It would be really awkward and embarrassing.


I searched sex on the Internet.


I could not believe my eyes, when I saw the images of the search result.


I liked what I saw.


They were very beautiful women and, dating websites, offering more pretty girls, popped adverts at me.


I did not get much education; I got more sex than I bargained.


There were tons of pornographic films, of all sizes.


That day, I filled my eyes with so much nudity and sex, my eyes were numb.


It was a regular thing for me, after that.


When I did do it with a girl, it was fantastic and memorable.

Sometimes, we play a porn clip to enhance the mood.


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