Group slams US for alleged crime against humanity in Venezuela

Posted by News Express | 25 April 2019 | 540 times

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The Venezuela Solidarity Campaign Group in Nigeria has berated the United States of America for her crime against humanity launched against Venezuela, noting that this must be brought to a halt.  

A statement issued recently in Abuja by the group’s Campaign Coordinator, Oladimeji Macaulay Babatunde, and Secretary, Akande Daniel, said: “We, the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign Groups in Nigeria, social movements, activists and citizens of Nigeria condemn in strong terms the longtime US sanctions and the six presidential decrees that penalize and punish Venezuela’s economic activities, focusing on financial and oil aspects and establishing a de facto blockage against the Venezuelan economy. 

“All these are being legalised by the US as a legal policy to direct its inhuman intervention against Venezuela sovereignty and internal affairs, which deepens its persecution of the Venezuelan Government and economy.

“The application of unilateral coercive measures against a sovereign state constitutes a flagrant violation of international law. The similar inhumane practice of US was used in World War 1, through ‘Trading with the Enemy Act’ of 1917 that penalised and restricted any commercial activity with any countries that were in military conflict or not seem to be a puppet to her government.

“This attack against Venezuela is similar to the same interference used with special intensity against Chile, Nicaragua, Cuba, Iran, and Iraq which led to the death of millions and still counting, recently against Syria, and Libya among others,” the statement noted.

“All of these US measures are directed to punish finances and trade of sovereign nations seek to establish an economic siege with the aim of generating a social collapse in the targeted county, create a scene for the removal from power of any government that are subjected, puppet and docile to US and replacing them with their puppet which could be answerable to the US and works its interest.

“The US has continued to sponsor lies that her international intervention/response in Venezuela is based on her interventionist doctrine (e.g. ‘responsibility to protect’) to any county with ‘humanitarian crisis’.

“This is not only lie, it is a deliberate action; the US has affirmed in many statements that it is about denying it economic recourse, disrupting its financial activities and impeding the free unfolding of its commercial activities, including access to food, medicine, and basic goods, until it sparks chaos of a humanitarian nature in Venezuela.

“The blockage, freezing and withholding of Venezuelan funds, gold and other assets, blocking of the sending and seizure of shipments of food by Governments hostile to Venezuela, refusal by transnational pharmaceutical companies to ship medicine acquired by Venezuela has led to a fall in Venezuela’s domestic economic activity and international trade and also led to a lack of food and medicine for the good people of Venezuela. All of these are the satanic acts perpetrated by the US-Trump and all his capitalist cronies against the people of Venezuela,” the statement declared

“It is on this note that we the Venezuela solidarity campaign group in Nigeria call on all the world activists and the pro-labour organisations to support our campaign to end the US attacks on Venezuela,” the group said.


Source: News Express

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