See as Sinator dance naked for market place

Posted by News Express | 19 March 2019 | 3,309 times

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Noting go ever make me lef dis my taxi driver work, go join politricks. Noting!

Di small money wey I dey see everyday from my guonguoro, e reach me and my family take chop, pay Baba Braimoh house rent, buy clothe for my wife Bose and my two woman pikin dem.

Bisi and Funke sef want enter university dis year – all na from dis my guonguoro. And na from dis money I still dey take small, go enjoy “My Usual” for Madam Shine buka. Tell me, wetin again I dey look for?

Na so I carry one man like dat on Friday. Di man say make I carry am go Apapa Road wey dey for Ebutte Meta.

E say make I follow Maryland to Yaba, pass thru Muritala Muhammed Way to Oyingbo, den enter Apapa Road for Ebutte Meta. E tell me say na meeting im dey go and I go wait for am till anytime e finish di meeting.

I tell am say dat one no be drop o, na charter. Di man say im know. E say make I no worry, make I just calculate di hour e use me, and e go pay me. I check time, na 8 o’clock a.m. in di morning. Na so we begin dey go.

Troughout di time we dey go for road, dis my passenger receive over 100 call for im phone. As people just dey call am, na so di man go answer, “Yes, this is Honourable. How may I help you?”

Anoder person go call am, Honorable go say, “I am not in the office right now. I’m on my way to attend a very crucial meeting.”

Anoder person call am, Honourable say, “I’m not in my office. I decided to go out with a cab for security reasons. Meet my P.A., he will take you to my Secretary. Tell her to give you N250,000 for lunch.”

Olorun Oba o! So na dis kind big man I dey carry for my guonguoro since? 

Wen we reach one big house like dat for Apapa road, Honourable say may I drop am for di gate. E come down and say make I drive forward small and park. E say make I give am my phone number, I give am.

E put hand for pocket, bring out N10,000 give me, say make I just hold dat one as advance, in case I want eat.

My eye flash inside di compound wia Honourable want enter. Shoooo!!! Come see orisirisi big car and big man dem wey full for inside.

Na so Honourable enter di compound and I drive go forward small and park for side of di road. Na around 9:30 o’clock a. m in di morning be dis o.

One hour pass, two hour, three hour – no sign. I come dey hear some kind noise, as I say make I come down go see wetin dey happen, na im Honourable call me. E say make I no worry, dem go soon finish di meeting. I say no troublem.

Small time I come dey hear anoder noise, dem dey shout “Tief, tief, tief!! Ole!!!” Di next ting, I come dey hear gun shot everywia – Puuurrr!  Puuuurrr!! Puuuurrrh!!! Di hole area scatter.

See as people just dey run, dey take cover. Me I just wind up all di window and lie down flat for inside my guonguoro. Di next ting be say I hear person bang hard on my driver door. I come talk am for my mind say my own don finish today. Olorun Oba o!

I take style carry my head up small, I see say na Olopa dem. Dem cock gun, point for my head say make I open my guonguoro door quick, quick.

I open am. Dem ask me wetin I dey do for dat place. I tell dem say I dey wait for my passenger wey I carry come, say e dey for dat big house wey dem dey shoot gun so. Di Olopa dem rush enter di compound.

Small time I see as di Olopa bring out four hefty bobo like dat in handcuff. Dem dey stark naked.

Na dat time  my passenger,  di Honourable, follow come out. E come meet me, I open door for am. E enter.

As we dey go back to Ikeja, na im Honourable dey tell somebody for phone say, “Don’t mind the rogue. He calls himself senator. He thought he's smart. We have handed him and his cohorts over to the police.

“Just because he is a senator of the Federal Republic, he thought he and his three boys could use up the party’s money meant for the elections and caused my party to lose in many areas of the state. Imagine a whole me asking him simple question how he spent the N300m given to him, and his boys started shooting gun. Of course, I had to show them I was not elected state chairman of the party for noting.”

Blood just dry for my body. I manage control mysef go drop Honourable for im office for Ikeja, e balance me N30,000. I fall down for ground patapata tank am.

As I begin dey go our garage wey dey for near Ikeja under bridge,  I come dey talk am for my mind say, so na like dat politricks be? A hole Sinator? Olorun maje!

Make we jam again on Friday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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