Atiku catches up with Buhari in number of states won but dealt heavy blow by Kano, Katsina

Posted by News Express | 26 February 2019 | 3,145 times

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•Buhari and Atiku

Main opposition candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), on Tuesday night caught up with incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in number of states won in last Saturday’s presidential ballot.

As at the time of filing this report, both gladiators were tied at 14 states each, but with Atiku trailing far behind with over 3 million votes following Buhari’s over 2-million-vote margin of win in Kano and his home state Katsina. As at the time the collation of votes taking place at the International Conference Centre Abuja, went on break at 7:05 p.m. Buhari had won 14 states and posted 12,061,230      votes as against 8,592,340 votes by Atiku.

A late rally saw Atiku bringing the number of states won up to 12, in addition to the Federal capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, which enjoys the status of a state. Akwa Ibom, whose results were to be presented on resumption of collation, also went to Atiku, thus extending his victory to 14 states. PDP has disputed the vote figures, saying that they were manipulated by the ruling APC.

States so far won by Buhari: Ekiti; Osun; Kwara; Nasarawa; Kogi; Gombe; Niger; Jigawa; Kaduna; Bauchi; Lagos; Ogun; Kano; Katsina

States so far won by Atiku: FCT Abuja; Ondo; Abia; Ebonyi; Enugu; Anambra; Oyo; Adamawa; Edo; Benue; Imo; Plateau; Akwa Ibom


EKITI STATEBuhari wins with 219,231 votes as against 154,032 votes scored by Atiku.

OSUN STATE: Buhari wins with 347,634 votes as against 337,377 votes by Atiku.

FCT ABUJA: Atiku wins with 259,997 votes to beat Buhari, who got 152,224 votes.

KWARA STATE: Buhari wins with 308,984 votes as against 138,184 votes by Atiku.

NASARAWA STATE: Buhari narrowly wins with 289,903 votes as against 283,847 votes by Atiku.

KOGI STATE: Buhari wins with 285,894 votes as against 218,207 votes by Atiku.

GOMBE STATE: Buhari wins with 402,961 votes as against 138,484 votes by Atiku.

ONDO STATE: Atiku wins, garnering 275,901 votes to beat Buhari, who gets 241,769 votes.

ABIA STATE: Atiku wins, clearing 219,698 votes to beat Buhari, who gets 85,058 votes.

EBONYI STATE: Atiku wins with 258,573 votes as against 90,726 votes by Buhari 

ENUGU STATE: Atiku wins with 355,553 votes as against 54,423 votes by Buhari.

NIGER STATE: Buhari wins with 612,371 votes as against 218,052 votes by Atiku.

JIGAWA STATE: Buhari wins with 794,738 votes as against 289,895votes by Atiku

KADUNA STATE: Buhari wins with 993,445 votes as against 649,612 votes by Atiku

ANAMBRA STATE: Atiku wins with 524,738 votes as against 33,298 votes by Buhari.

OYO STATE: Atiku wins with 366,690 votes as against 365,229 votes by Buhari.

ADAMAWA STATE: Atiku wins with 410,266 votes as against 378,078 votes by Buhari.

BAUCHI STATE: Buhari wins with 798,428 votes as against 209,313 votes by Atiku.

LAGOS STATE: Buhari wins with 580,925 votes as against 448,015 votes by Atiku

OGUN STATE: Buhari wins with 281,762 votes as against 194,655 votes by Atiku

EDO STATE: Atiku wins with 275,691 votes as against 267,842 votes by Buhari.

BENUE STATE: Atiku wins with 356,817 votes as against 347,668 votes by Buhari

IMO STATE: Atiku wins with 334,923 votes as against 140,463 votes by Buhari.

PLATEAU STATE: Atiku wins with 548,665 votes as against 468,555 votes by Buhari.

KANO STATE: Buhari wins with 1,464,768 votes as against 391,593 votes by Atiku

KATSINA STATE: Buhari wins with 1,232,133 votes as against 308,056 votes by Atiku

Source: News Express

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