Intersociety recommends Father Mbaka for study and cleansing leave at the Vatican •Also advocates convocation of Third Vatican Council

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• Rev Father Mbaka

Frontline rights group, the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) on Wednesday called for the immediate “exportation” of Rev Father Ejike Mbaka to the Vatican for “pastoral, classroom study and sanctification leave”.

The call, contained in a statement signed by Intersociety’s Board Chair Emeka Umeagbalasi and Head, Campaign & Publicity, Chidinma Udegbunam, came on the heels of Adoration programme of last weekend in Emene, Enugu, South-East Nigeria, during which he publicly tried to extort money from Mr. Peter Obi, former Governor of Anambra State and Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the 2019 elections.

Intersociety also called for the convocation of the Third Vatican Council in the statement entitled, “Mbaka Episode & Other Immoralities in The House Of God: Time To Convoke Third Vatican Council”.

According to the group, “For purpose of saving the image of the Mother Church and the people of good conscience, Father Mbaka is in dire of “pastoral, study and sanctification classroom leave”. He is also in dire need of fresh ideas including post priesthood bachelor’s degree or post graduate studies and qualifications. He must be transformed from “trader-priest” to “priest of scholarship and eminently spiritual background” and not allowed to return to Nigeria until he completes a doctorate degree in any chosen or assigned discipline.

“Father Mbaka had in the course of his pastoral or pulpit sermons, probated and reprobated with reckless abandon; relying on unverifiable, unscientific, unsubstantiated and uninvestigated information from his followers; most of whom “persons living with limited education”. A clear case in point was the “Ohakim episode” in Imo State, which later turned out to be false, leading to belated open apology to the injured. There is also the “Jonathan episode” of 2015 and now “exposed Atiku episode programmed for 31st December 2018”.”

In advocating the convocation of the Third Vatican Council, Intersociety noted: “The recent “Mbaka episode” in Enugu was not an isolated incident, but a clear case of intensification and escalation of litany of immoralities running riot on the congregation of nowadays Christian priests and pastors who have turned the House of God into “gambling and cash and carry arenas”. These “mercantilist games played in the House of God” bear similar outlook with games played by politicians, called “the psychology of politics” or political trading and gambling.”

Continuing, Intersociety said: “It is on record that one of the greatest challenges facing the Mother Church or Catholic Church particularly in Africa and Nigeria is introduction of “priestly ministries” or “adoration ministries”. Patterns and trends associated with “Catholic priestly ministry” particularly in present Nigeria clearly indicate that it is nothing short of “trading and gambling using the name of God”.

“For every “priestly ministry” set up, it is 95% for prosperity or materialism and 5% or less for salvation or righteousness. Banking on teeming “miracle seekers”  in their tens or hundreds of thousands per ministry as well as the country’s myriad of socio-economic challenges, such congregants are rapaciously brainwashed with bogus promises of solutions to their “problems”; using same to swindle or rip them.

“Politicians including candidates of political parties troop to such “adoration or crusade grounds” during electioneering  for purpose of meeting large crowd gathered; without pausing to ask or determine whether they have PVCs or not. “Muoka Crusade” is one of such arenas attracting hundreds of thousands or millions of people, yet many, if not most do not have voters’ cards or vote on Election Day.

“Therefore, it is specifically important to note that most of these “priestly ministries” or “adoration grounds” do not have electoral or voting value as most of those patronizing or attending such “adoration ministries or crusades” do not have permanent voters’ cards. Few that obtained theirs did same not for the purpose of voting during elections but to escape possible government sanction or to use them in transacting businesses. We have severally advised strongly against political candidates attending and campaigning on “adoration or crusade grounds”. 

“Records have also shown that once politicians are invited to donate their largely ill-gotten wealth and have same done, case closed. This is more so when the proprietors of such ministries hardly encourage or mobilise their followers to perform their civic duties on Election Day by conscientiously voting candidates of their choice and outside inducement.

“Where they rarely do, it is for material gains on the part of the proprietors of such “adoration ground” or “crusade ministries”. Donation and acceptance of ill-gotten wealth as the motive behind invitation of politicians to visit “adoration ministries/grounds” or “crusades” has also robbed such arrangements of parameters and opportunities for the best candidates to be “spiritually screened”, invited and drilled by Christian leaders over their “social contract” with the people if voted into office. 

“Totality of these and more explains our call for convocation of the Third Vatican Council so as to review, expand, upgrade and fortify the Catholic Dogma and ethical codes guiding the conducts of the Church clergy.”

While the First Vatican Council, which was the 20th ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church, took place 1869–70, the Second Vatican Council or Vatican II, was held from October 11, 1962 to December 8, 1965.

Source: News Express

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