Abi na dream?

Posted by News Express | 23 November 2018 | 7,735 times

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I no go ever forget Tuesday lai lai. Since wen I lef my village for Ogbomosho 1965, come learn mecho work for Lagos, den upgrade to become taxi driver, di kind ting wey my mouth see on Tuesday, my eye no fit talk am. If na lie I talk, make I baf naked for baf room. I swear!

As I drive my guonguoro comot for house for Abule Egba dat morning, say make I begin go our taxi park for near under bridge for Ikeja, I no reach Pen Cinema wen my phone ring. I no know as I go take answer di call becos Olopa o, Maja Maja o, Yellow Fever o, LASMA o, Road Safety o, all of dem full for road dat morning. I no know wetin lost wey all of dem dey find.

Na im I cut di call, but I no reach Otubu bus stop, di phone begin ring again, I come talk am for my mind say today na today. I take style look di phone, come see say na Oga Grandmaster Sunny Okim dey call me. Shiooor! Who born dog wey I no go answer my Oga call? Grandmaster wey dey carry my tory enter for inside News Express every week make una dey read and enjoy?

Quick quick, na im I match break fiiaamm, clear  small,  den park for road side and answer di call.

Grandmaster ask me for phone wia I dey,  I tell am say I dey for road dey go garage. E say make I begin go Omole Estate for Ojodu Berger side, go carry one big oga come Sheraton Hotel wey News Express newspaper dey do one big party like dat. And e say wen I reach, I go come inside di party and wait for dat oga so dat I go carry go back after di party.

I come tank my God well well becos I sabi say na charter be dat for di hole day.

Na im I begin fire dey go for Omole Estate dat morning. I carry di man and im wife, begin go Sheraton. My broda, wen we reach for Sheraton, my eye come dey do yori yori. Di kind ting and people dem wey I see for dat place, I never see am since my mama born me.

Me, I been tink say na ordinary owambe party o, but dis one pass party well well. Dis one na event I know say dem dey call am becos big man and woman dem for dis naija full dia.

Di people wey I dey see for radio and hear dia voice for television, I see dem for Sheraton dat day - I see commissioner wey dey work for Alausa with Oga Ambode, I see dat African Oyibo wey dey always blow flute for television wey dem dey call Tee Mac, I see Oga Publisher Isaac Umunna and im wife, I even see Awolowo grand pikin wey im name be Pastor Olufunke Awolowo. Na so I dey look dem ti-ti-ti like say I drink lookozade. Chaaaiii!!!

All dose bobo and sisi dem wey dey do cinema wey we dey see for television full for dia. Di people wey dey play band for di event na small small boy dem wey dia age no pass 17 sef, but come see as dem dey play better old school music, and na so everybody dey jolly jolly.

 Di only ting be say man pikin no come understand all di big big grammar wey all dose big man dem dey blow. But na one sisi like dat wey siddon near me I come ask, e come tell me say di event na to take celebrate 6 years wey News Express don dey. I come say no wonder!

Di one wey sweet me pass na di orisirisi food and drink wey full everywia. After di event, na so everybody line up to take food chop. I see food, my body come dey shake like Shakespeare so-te I no fit control myself again.

No type of food and meat wey no dey for dat place. And dis one be say na you go use your hand take am as you like.

Wen e reach my turn,  I carry plate,  pack white rice, move to di next pot,  pack jollof rice,  move to di next and pack chicken,  meat, stew, egg, I nearly pack semo, amala and egusi soup join am. Come see as my plate full and trowey. I use corner eye see say some people dey laugh me, but wetin concern agbero with overload?

I go siddon near dose cinema people, dey wack my food, I no mind anybody. Di hole ting come be me like say I dey dream.  Na now I understand wen Bible talk am say “old men shall dream dream.” Can you imagine? Me, ordinary taxi driver, for inside Sheraton, siddon with big man dem and chop Sheraton food. Abi na dream? My broda, na dat day I sabi say life sweet no be small.Tori Olorun!!!

Wen I  wack my food finish, Grandmaster say make I go drop di man and im wife wey I carry come. You know how much e pay me for di charter? I no go tell una make I no get visitor wey I no want for midnight.

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very very much indeed.

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