Bose wan do oyibo work

Posted by News Express | 17 November 2018 | 3,249 times

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I don talk am tele tele say dis our world don dabaru patapata. Before wen I be small boy for my village for Ogbomosho before I come Lagos 1965 come learn mecho work, I see say my mama respect my papa well well, and na im make my papa love my mama no be small.

If my mama serve my papa food, e go kneel down, and na so my mama go dey rub my papa back till e eat di food finish.

Now nko? Na anoda ting we dey see. Wife no get time for husband, mama no get time for pikin again. Wen pikin born,  before e reach one year sef, dem go carry am go put for school.Tell me, wetin dat kind small pikin wan learn for school?

Every morning, before pikin dem wake up, papa and mama don rush go work. Dem lef dia pikin dem for housegirl. No wonder our Oga patapata tell im wife di order day say im wife place na for kitchen and zi oza room. And I gree with am intoto.

See yesterday, my wife Bose wake me up for mid night, e say e wan discus someting with me. I ask am wetin be dat wey no fit wait till day break. E say for wia, me wey be say before day break sef I don carry my guonguoro waka.  I tell am say di taxi driver work wey I dey do na to take find money make di family dey chop nah.

As I just talk so, na im Bose come talk say na di topic of our talk be dat, say im wan do someting wey go bring money to take dey support me dey feed di family. I ask am weda e wan begin sell market, e say no, say e wan do oyibo work. Oyibo work? I ask am wey e go see certificate to take do oyibo work. Bose say make I siddon for dia dey talk certificate, e say who for dis contry dey use certificate dey work again? E say im no need any certificate to take work. E say if im wan certificate sef, e go siddon for house, call dem and dem go deliver di certificate kia kia.

Bose say as me and am dey talk so dat mid night, im don get work already. Ewo!  E tell me say e wan start work for casino wey dey for one night club like dat for Ikoyi. E say dem say na mini skirt and body hug e go dey wear,  and e go dey do only night shift. Olorun Oba o!

I tell Bose say so of all di work wey dey for dis Lagos, na only night club work e wan do, I say dat one na ashewo work. Come see as Bose vex!  No name wey my wife no call me dat mid night. E say why I go talk say im work na ashewo work, say na dat my taxi driver work na im be ashewo work.

Na so Bose come tell me say weda or wedan’t I like am, na di work wey im don decide to do be dat, and nobody fit stop am. E say im don tire to dey answer full time housewife wen all im mate dem dey work. And all dose oyibo for di casino go even dey dash am dollar sef. Mo gbe!

See my wife o. Bose wey no dey even fit look my face before wen e dey talk to me. Bose wey our two pikin dem - Bisi and Funke – dey always talk say na di best mama for dis world. Bose wey never argue with me before and na so e dey respect me as im one and only darling husband!

No, dis is not my wife, someting dey wrong somewia! I must find out who come turn my wife head like dis. I swear!

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

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