Missing General: Plateau group lambasts activist, declares him enemy of Nigerian Army

Posted by News Express | 1 October 2018 | 2,771 times

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•Missing General Alkali (Rtd)

The controversy over Major General Idris Alkali (retd), who has been declared missing, took a dramatic turn in Sunday with Plateau Peace and Justice Forum (PPJF), describing Idris Ahmed of Citizens United for Peace and Security (CUPS), “an avowed enemy of the Nigerian Army.”

The organisation therefore called on indigenes of Plateau State at home and abroad, to be wary of those that are instigating them to violence.

The President of PPJF, Alexander Mamedu, in a statement faulted the Facebook post by Idris Ahmed, saying that it was totally wrong.

According to him, the other many contradictions in his Facebook posts have left people wondering about his mental state and character.

The statement reads: “In the course of this distressing search, we have noted the efforts of the Nigerian Army and the commitment of the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, who has not relented in the commitment to get to the bottom of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of General Alkali.

“Unfortunately, Nigeria like any other country of the world has its own share of sadists and nihilists who will prey on the sorrows of grieving families to get their daily kicks from tormenting others same way drug addicts crave their fix. It is in this regard that we note the numerous contradictions by one Idris Ahmed of CUPS sowing discord on his Facebook page in his attempt to instigate a crisis between the Nigerian Army and the people of Plateau State.

“Without any intent to prejudice what the ongoing investigations will find, we find it most inhuman, insensitive and irresponsible that Idris Ahmed has constituted himself into a supreme authority to declare Major General Idris Alkali (retired) dead to an extent that he was already expressing his condolence to the distraught family.

“We wonder where he learnt his own ethics from assuming he is impersonating to be a journalists because there is nowhere else that we have seen someone announcing the demise of a person that has been declared missing without due consultations and confirmation from the relevant authorities and consideration for the missing person’s family.

“It is most unfortunate that Idris Ahmed’s vampire disposition did not allow him to see the sheer bizarreness of his actions, which has every appearance of someone craving human flesh. How else can one describe the obsession that made him to claim that he prompted the investigation that led the Nigerian Army to finding the missing car?

“Not only is Idris Ahmed totally wrong, the other many contradictions in his Facebook posts have left us wondering about just how disturbed this character is. He regaled the world with distorted timeline of when General Alkali’s car was found and when his other personal effects were found.

“The only fortunate thing so far in this painful saga is that Idris Ahmed is gradually exposing himself. He had published about two weeks ago that the General’s remains and car were found in a dirty pond in Jos, yet he is again breaking news about the car and personal effects have been found a few hours ago, which leaves us to question whether there is another general that Ahmed connived with others to kill and dump in a dirty pond. We have always known him to be an avowed enemy of the Nigerian Army but we never anticipated that his hatred has destroyed his humanity on this scale.

“We have read where Idris Ahmed claimed that General Alkali resigned from the Army “because he could not tolerate the rampant corruption and the satanic cultism that was going on at the highest level of the military hierarchy” yet he reportedly have an interview with the missing person’s mother who clearly stated that he has served the Army for 35 years. He would have thus necessarily retire from the Army based on the duration of his service and could not have resigned for the reasons hallucinated by Ahmed.

“The alarm we are raising about this individual is not unfounded. We are beginning to see what we fear in the comments reacting to Idris Ahmed’s Facebook posts. The comments clearly showed that he is continuing with his objective of instigating the people against the Army and the Army against the people while things have further taken a bad turn with the Berom ethnic nationality in Plateau state becoming the target of hate speech.

“Idris Ahmed’s followers, Fatima A Santuraki and Awwal Yusuf have openly called for a pogrom against Beroms. This is highly unacceptable and we pray that no one takes it into their head to begin attacking innocent people based on Ahmed’s incitement.

“There is a limit to the positive outcomes we can wish for under the circumstances, but since Idris Ahmed has declared Major General Idris Alkali (retired) dead, we wish to appeal to him to allow the dead to rest in peace. He should also allow the Nigerian Army to do its job without instigating strife and unnecessary apprehensions in the land.

“The Army under Buratai has proven to be a friend of the Plateau people and must not allow the activities of criminal elements to sow any seed of discord between that institution and our people.

“The full investigation that has been commissioned should be allowed to run its course undistracted. We support the investigation and the Army’s quest to unravel the truth. The Army began its investigation long before Idris Ahmed’s contradictions and peddling of falsehood began so we will not set stock in his antics.

“We call on our brethren in Plateau state, home and abroad, to be wary of those that are instigating them to violence. This is a time to allow the relevant agencies do their work. Even when those behind the General’s disappearance would have been apprehended, we call for restraint to allow the law take its course and not resort to hostilities based on whatever their ethnicity turns out to be.”



Source: News Express

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