Will this be Buhari’s last overseas trip as President? Asks Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Posted by News Express | 5 August 2018 | 1,745 times

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•Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

President Buhari is off to London for what is described as a working vacation; and power has been transferred to his Vice President. Two things stand out on this announcement: power has been transferred. And the president is on a working vacation. Do we have two presidents? A working and vacationing president Buhari and an Acting President Osibanjo? We shall know shortly.

My thinking is that Mr. Buhari is not coming back as the president. His party has lost the confidence of Nigerians and all the fingers are pointed to his direction and being a patriot, Mr. Buhari has seen that it is best to give up rather than taking his beloved APC and Nigeria down with him. The loss of confidence did not come from the usual suspects like SE and SS zones but throughout the country. NW and NC seem to lead the way. It was not just the Federal Government functionaries but at the state levels. They are not just Christians but are very staunch and devoted Muslims. The defectors represent what can be honestly called “One Nigerianists.” It is only the SW that is solidly standing behind PMB. You might give a nod to NE which because of Boko Haram is almost an occupied territory.

Some good can come from PMB abdication from his throne. One of the main beneficiaries would be APC. The party will have enough time to select a new face for the presidential election. A person that the entire party can rally behind. Since APC does not have a zoning criterion for presidential elections like PDP has VP Osibanjo can be well positioned to win the nomination on his own powers. It is almost certain that such a victory would enable APC to pursue the same PMB’s agenda as if PMB is still in charge.

This will please the solid SW and PMB core supporters.

There are some powerful elder statesmen who want PMB out of sight. These elder statesmen would go back underground with PMB out of the picture. Nigeria will be the greatest winner.

If PMB decides to come back and fight, he would be facing insurmountable odds. Lined up against him will be the forces of OBJ, IBB, murderer T. Danjuma, GEJ, etc. Some will see these as spent forces but even when out of office these former leaders still have considerable forces in the Nigerian fabric and have plenty of cash to spread around and royalties to call.

A good soldier knows when to retreat and when to dig in. To be able to fight another day.

The London trip will help PMB’s handlers in London to inform him that he no longer commands the British and American interests and support and provide him a good excuse to abandon ship. He could use the expression that his doctors have advised him to call it quits. No sensible person will ignore his doctor’s advice.

It is a win-win situation: APC wins, PMB wins, and Nigeria wins.

What a patriot. The streets of Nigeria will be renamed President Muhammadu Buhari Avenues.

•Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba writes from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Source: News Express

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