Nigeria in intensive care unit! By Echefuna R. G. Onyebeadi

Posted by News Express | 11 June 2018 | 3,112 times

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Nigeria is arguably very sick if not terminally ill, presently in coma and literally abandoned to her fate at the intensive care unit of the National Psychical Hospital (NPH) otherwise known as Aso Rock Villa, Abuja (ARVA). 

The survival of Nigeria in her present state beyond 2019 is posited to depend largely on the extent to which her current major ailment already diagnosed to have been caused by a very deadly virus identified as Unitary Federal Government System (UFGS) is allowed to be treated with enough dosage of the most potent UFGS anti-virus (UAV) remedy variously referred to as ReFederation, True Federalism, Restructuring, Resource Control, Devolution of Power and such like very quickly. 

However, the hope of Nigeria's revival and survival from her current hopeless state is increasingly getting slim and worse by the day. The reason being that the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the NPH who was recently diagnosed by a distinguished Nobel Laureate to be in a trance is not willing to coordinate the administration of the identified very potent UAV remedy. 

The CMD of the NPH was recently quoted to prefer an ineffective palliative he called the "process" as against the scientifically tested, proven and highly potent UAV. 

It will be recalled that the said very deadly UFGS virus is an infection injected into the veins of Nigeria by the military and sustained even in higher dimensions never before fathomed by a skewed military rulership of Northern Nigeria extraction over a long period of their military interregnum. This same UFGS virus was smuggled into the operating undemocratic 1999 Constitution handed over by the military to continue to afflict Nigeria to the benefit of a very minute few. 

Every effort by the Countrywide and International Medical Experts to make the medical team at the National Psychical Hospital, ARVA, to see reason for the proper medication of Nigeria has always and persistently fallen on deaf ears. 

The main reason for the indifference of the NPH team is generally perceived to be anchored on what they stand to benefit individually from Nigeria in the intensive care unit instead of the collective good of the majority. 

Suddenly, attention is being shifted away from the present state of the very terrible condition of Nigeria in the intensive care unit to whether the current CMD at ARVA and his docile team should continue in office even in his present trance beyond 2019 or not. 

More intriguing is the fact that the two major vehicles in use to go to ARVA are presently headed to the home town and/or the catchment area of the heavily traumatized CMD of the NPH in search of a proverbial replacement or successor. 

Meanwhile, the general consensus of the populace is not about who or where the next CMD should come from but, who has the wherewithal and can quickly administer the much needed UAV anti virus for Nigeria to survive as a united single entity beyond 2019. 

In the midst of the confusion, it was rumoured at a time that the CMD at ARVA on whose shoulders the survival of the ailing Nigeria rest presently, has passed away in a far away London hospital and that a look alike from Sudan was quickly sourced for a "make believe"! What can be more confusing, demeaning, insulting and embarrassing than this? Oh, Whither Nigeria! 

Going down the memory lane, it is recalled that the Country Nigeria waged a war against the Igbo Nation of the defunct Eastern Region of Nigeria in their own NATIVE LAND for daring to seek to opt out of Nigeria following the mass murder of their people particularly in Northern Nigeria. 

The Igbos had retreated to their native land following the genocide and massive massacre of Igbos and other Southerners mainly in the Northern part of Nigeria. That war lasted only three years (1967 - 1970) after the mass murder of millions of Igbos in what was called a civil war. 

Nigeria never borrowed a kobo to prosecute the said civil war. Thanks to the ingenuity of the revered late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo for his well thought out and well executed strategy of "hunger as instrument of war"! 

Consequently, the wealth and properties of the Igbos outside their enclave after the said civil war was equated to £20 (twenty pounds) only and as "abandoned properties"! by the Nigeria State. 

To date, the Igbos are yet to be "forgiven" and fully reintegrated into the main stream of Nigeria even in intensive care since the said civil war was worn and lost 48 years ago. 

By contrast, a recalcitrant and ill informed group from a section of Northern Nigeria known as "Boko Haram (BH)" took up arms against the Nigeria State. They bombed the United Nations House, Abuja, bombed the Force Headquarters of Nigerian Police, bombed Army Barracks, bombed Markets, bombed Motor Parks, bombed Churches, bombed Mosques, bombed soft spots where innocent people gather and in fact bombed everywhere! 

They (BH) killed and maimed Nigerians in large numbers, kidnapped school children, kidnapped University Lecturers, took over some parts of Nigeria as their own caliphate and rendered several millions of Nigerians homeless. 

The Boko Haram unending war against Nigeria which had since become a big time business and political tool in the hands of a few elites, is still on after about 10 years and still counting with several millions of Naira going down the drain! 

Nigeria has spent several billions of Naira and borrowed several millions of dollars so far supposedly in prosecuting the BH war against Nigeria which end is not in sight yet as against the zero borrowing to prosecute the 3 years of Nigeria's war against the Igbos thus further impoverishing innocent Nigerians and generations unborn! 

Now, what is the magical solution of the heavily traumatized CMD at ARVA to counter the mass murderers of Nigerians and trespassers of Nigeria's territorial sovereignty and integrity known as Boko Haram? - Negotiate with them; pay them several millions of dollars in ransoms; create IDP camps for a sole purpose to further feather the nests and pockets of a few individuals; create a Commission for the affected States that is funded 100% from the income generated from Southern Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the Governments of the affected North Eastern Nigeria States that created the Boko Haram problem in the first instance stands akimbo contributing NOTHING while still collecting their own share from the federation account every month but, the main Southern Nigeria sources of funds financing the inequitable UFGS virus continued to suffer absurd and utter neglect from the Unitary Federal Government!...

All these are happening even when the condition of Nigeria is going from worse to worst in the intensive care unit of NPH without a blink from the CMD and his nepotistic team largely considered grossly incompetent!

As if the BH terrorism foisted on Nigeria by a section of Northern Nigeria is not enough, another terrorist group known as the "fulani herdsmen (FH)" has been massively deployed to the hinder lands of Nigerian communities to finish what BH started to quicken the demise of Nigeria in the intensive care unit of the NPH. 

The Fulani herdsmen have continued unhindered to rape, maim, kill, destroy indigenous farms and forcefully occupied the ancestral homes of Nigerians across the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria as if there are no Police and Armed Forces in Nigeria! While no war has been formally declared for or against the Fulani herdsmen, it is a common knowledge that there is no where in the entire world today where human life is of no value as in Nigeria as a result of the assault from the Fulani herdsmen.

There is human blood flowing freely everywhere on the altar of the so called Fulani herdsmen. Human beings are being slaughtered daily like chicken and human corpses are littering the streets but the CMD at ARVA does not appear perturbed one beat! 

Again, what is the magical solution of the CMD in trance and his jaundiced team at ARVA to the Fulani herdsmen murderous invasion of other peoples ancestral lands and homes? – the victims should learn to accommodate and live with their tormentors and killers!... 

The Bakasi debacle which sordid tales are too lengthy to recount here, where the indigenous native land, heritage and wealth of a whole people were ceded to another country without their knowledge and consent by the Nigerian Government even without any or adequate compensation is probably another highly excruciating remote affliction on the seemingly terminally ill Nigeria currently in the intensive care unit of the NPH. 

By the "Nigerian Standard" the forcefully displaced armless Bakasi people do not deserve or qualify for a federally-funded resettlement, IDPs, Federal Commission and such like...

It is a well known fact that Bakasi people never carried arms against the Nigeria State till as I write presently and had no quarrel whatsoever with the Nigeria State before their ancestral home was ceded to another country against their wish and then abandoned! What a true insight into the animal farm philosophy! 

By "Nigerian Standard", even Lagos State that housed the Federal Capital Territory hitherto and is the Commercial Capital of Nigeria; which contributes over 70% in taxes among others to the federation account despite severe pressure on her infrastructure by people from all over Nigeria and across the world, does not qualify for a special status and Federal Government attention under the very deadly virus known as UFGS! 

So, the real issue now is not which section should produce the next CMD at ARVA but what should be done and doing the needful very fast to keep Nigeria alive and out of the intensive care unit as one united entity. 

To this end therefore, talking of any election in 2019 without first settling the issue of Refederation/True Federalism/Restructuring/Resource Control/Devolution of Power and so on among others, is most likely, a sure way to quickly severe the delicate little life line left for the Country and hasten the demise of Nigeria in the intensive care unit of the NPH. 

May it never be said in future that, once upon a time, there was a Country known as Nigeria. 

Let it not be said that Nigeria was once a very promising Country at Independence but was wrongly and poorly managed by a very few selfish elites that milked it dry to an avoidable death by their greed and insatiable appetite to Lord it over others even undeservedly post 2019. 

Echefuna ’Rotimi G. Onyebeadi is a Professor of Engineering Economics and Strategic Management Expert with multiple doctorate degrees and a total of 11 degrees in diverse areas that cut across various aspects of Engineering, Business Administration, Technology, Economics, Finance, Corporate Governance and Strategic Management among others. He is a Chartered Engineer; Chartered Administrator and a Member/Fellow of several International Professional Bodies. He is currently the Country Director of Krosplus Multnational having served hitherto at United Nations, World Health Organization, Nigerian Industrial Development Bank (now BoI) among others. He is a Fellow of United Nations and a major stakeholder in many Civil Society Organizations, including the "New Nigeria Movement".

Source: News Express

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