My govt. got only N140bn in 4 years, yet I didn’t owe workers and pensioners — Ohakim

Posted by News Express | 22 November 2017 | 2,144 times

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•Former Governor Ohakim

Former Governor Ikedi Ohakim on Saturday disclosed that his New Face of Imo Administration only got N140bn for the period of four years he was in office, from 2007 to 2011. Ohakim lost his re-election bid to Governor Okorocha but Imo people have since said he is better than Governor Okorocha.

Responding to a comment by Mr. Nduka Ozor from Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State on his Facebook page, Dr Ohakim said: “I worked with N140 billion for the entire 4 years of my administration and yet I didn’t owe civil servants neither did I cut their salaries, unlike today when they receive 50% of their basic salaries and no other allowances. I carried out promotion in the civil service twice and till date there has been no promotion.

“I did not sack civil servants rather employed an additional 10,000 who received their salaries until I left office. Pensioners received their pensions and gratuities and all these we achieved with the little we got. And mind you, we didn’t apply for bailouts nor did we enjoy Paris fund returns and still left about N23 billion for my predecessor. If I had the N206 billion available to the present day administration in 2012 alone or the over N1 trillion it has gotten till date, Imo State would have become the tourism centre of our nation.

“I had a vision. I still have a vision, but if our people refuse to see it and are confused by insignificant things and empty halls that have no impact on the lives and economic growth of our state, how then can that be Ohakim’s fault?”

He added: “I may not have built too many empty halls in the name of infrastructure like we see today but the very few roads which we could build with what was available to my administration still stand very strong today as can be attested to by any honest citizen of the state. My administration was interested in the people and we did our very best with the little that was available to us to ensure that there was pipe borne water running in every kitchen in the state capital. We constructed water schemes in every local government in the state to tackle water problems of those living in rural areas. We upgraded our health centres, equipped them with water and power supply for cases of emergency, provided 27 fully equipped ambulances to handle emergencies in every local government in the state, amongst so much more we were able to achieved.”

Nduka Ozor was responding to Ohakim’s statement that he is not a saint and accepts his faults. He said: “Why are you scared of critics? You collected rotten woods and you must expect reptiles. You had opportunity to make a good name but you threw it away. Did you expect people to applaud you? Tell Imo people sorry and seek for their forgiveness. Then I will know you accept fault and take responsibilities.”

Responding, the former Governor said: “Nduka, I wonder if I should apologise to my people for ensuring that I paid their full salaries as at when due or should I apologise to our pensioners for paying their pensions and gratuities. Maybe I should apologise for ensuring their overtime, their leave allowance and other benefits were paid or maybe I should apologise that I gave jobs to 10,000 of our youths.

“Maybe I should apologise for being the target of the unholy lie which has turned God away from our people today. What exactly am I apologising to you for?”

Doubting that Ohakim was responding to him personally, Mr. Ozor said Ohakim was not listening, saying: “If you are the one replying this not through an SA, then you are probably now listening.

“You will apologise for whatever made Imo people reject an incumbent governor. You will apologise because the dividends of democracy was far from the people. Your government was not interested in development and infrastructures.

“I am not an apostle of Okorocha, no. For me he is not a better option. But some leaders don't care what legacy they live behind. It was so glaring that you were hard to sell to Imo people, hence they supported Rochas.”

Speaking about the Okorocha-led government, he said: “When Okorocha came to government, my friend warned me that Imo State is in for a bigger trouble. I watched as things unfold and I have realised that Rochas is a replica of wickedness. I hate to visit my state because of the sycophancy and deceit we have found Imo State.”

However, convinced with the sterling achievement of Dr Ohakim, Mr Ozor said: “Sir, if you did all these which to a reasonable extent I believe, why was it difficult to get you back to Douglas house. I remember I wrote to you through your email to help support the health system Imo state because I was doing it for other states (Lagos, Kano, Kastsina, Ogun, etc.) I don’t want to dwell in the past Imo State has been unfortunate with leaders. For me Rochas is loud mouthed but deceitful. He turned the state to his personal property.

“God help us and I encourage you as you take your time to enlighten some of us on what we do not know about you did. Remain blessed and good luck.”

Recall that the former Governor had in a post on his Facebook stirred controversy, saying that though he is not a saint he always admits his faults.

“I always ask those looking for one fault with Ikedi Ohakim or the other, owu gi ka mma? Has Ikedi Ohakim wronged you before? Maybe yes, maybe no. Have you wronged Ikedi Ohakim? Maybe yes, maybe no.

“I’m not a saint but neither are you. You have wronged someone before, probably a friend, or a stranger, or your spouse or a family member. Are you perfect? Ikedi Ohakim is not but one thing about Ikedi Ohakim is my readiness to admit where and if I’ve gone wrong and to take responsibility for my shortcomings and when necessary seek redemption.

“You that is pointing fingers left and right, you are not better than those you accuse of wrongdoing. You’re probably worse than the person you accuse judging by the fact that you fail to tell yourself the truth when you are wrong.

“When Ikedi Ohakim is wrong he admits his faults. When you are at fault, do you admit your error or do you continue ishi onwu in your wrongdoing?

“Most times when you talk about people, take a good look at the mirror, you were actually talking to yourself.”

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