More shocking facts emerge on war against Igbos in Nigeria Police

Posted by News Express | 4 February 2014 | 8,792 times

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More facts have emerged on the war against Igbos officers in the Nigeria Police. In Part Two of its explosive petition on the matter, the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) marshaled out facts and figures to paint a vivid picture of the marginalization of police officers of Igbo extraction by the present leadership under Mohammed D. Abubakar.

The petition, the first part of which was published yesterday by News Wxpress, was sent to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Senate President David Mark, House of Representatives Speaker Aminu Tambuwal, and Executive Chairman, Federal Character Commission, Prof. Shuaibu Oba AbdulRaheem to seek their urgent intervention into the matter.

The petition is copied to the Inspector General of Police himself; Chairman, Police Service Commission, Sir Mike Okiro; and Chairman of Southeast Governors’ Forum, Governor of Anambra State.

Jointly signed by Intersociety’s Board Chairman Umeagbalasi and Head, Publicity Desk, Justus Ijeoma, the petition is entitled Unmasking “Dogari/Dansanda” Policy In The Nigeria Police Force &  A Case Against Sectional Domination In Promotions & Postings Of  Key Officers In The Force. Below is Part Two of the petition dated February 3, 2014 and sent from Intersociety’s head office in Onitsha, Anambra State:

‘As promised in the first part of this all-important letter, this is its continuation. It contains the names of all serving AIGs and CPs in the Nigeria Police Force, their geopolitical origins and other useful information. The CPs’ names in this part two covered those of Southeast, Northwest and North-central zones.

‘Serving AIGs: The worst of it all is the case of the 21 serving AIGs in the NPF and their geopolitical representation. Out of the 21 serving AIGs including one specialist, none of them comes from the Southeast geopolitical zone; an important Nigeria’s federating partner populated by one of the three largest ethnic groups in Nigeria (Igbo). This has made this important federating partner an endangered species in the country including being prone to ethno-religious violence and next door enemy to other federating partners. Out of the 21 serving AIGs under reference, Northwest geopolitical zone is, again, given eleven, North-central five, South-south two, Southwest two, Northeast one and Southeast zero.

‘The eleven serving AIGs from the Northwest zone and their birth, enlistment, promotion and retirement dates are: 1. Suleiman A. Abba ( Jigawa State), birth: 22/03/59, enlistment: 31/12/84, promotion: 22/02/2012, retirement:22/03/2019, 2. Mamman Ibrahim Tsafe (Zamfara State), birth: 19/02/57, enlistment: 31/12/84, promotion: 22/02/2012, retirement: 19/02/2017. 3. Saliu Argungu Hashimu (Kebbi State), birth: 10/07/57, enlistment: 11/12/84, promotion: 22/02/2012, retirement: 10/07/2017. 4. Bala A. Hassan (Kano State), birth: 25/08/59, enlistment: 08/12/82, promotion: 01/08/2012, retirement: 08/12/2017. 5. Mohammed Jingiri Abubakar (Kano State), birth: 20/08/58, enlistment: 01/01/84, promotion: 01/08/2012, retirement: 20/08/2018. 6. Tambari Y. Mohammed (Sokoto State), birth: 01/10/56, enlistment: 31/12/84, promotion: 01/08/2012, retirement: 01/10/2016. 7. Sule Mamman (Katsina State), birth: 10/08/55, enlistment: 08/12/82, promotion: 30/01/2013, retirement: 10/08/2015. 8. Ballah Magaji Nasarawa (Kebbi State), birth: 26/07/61, enlistment: 31/12/84, promotion: 24/09/2013, retirement: 31/12/2019. 9. Sabo Ringim Ibrahim (Jigawa State), birth: 02/04/57, enlistment: 31/12/84, promotion: 24/09/2013, retirement: 02/04/2017. 10.  Fana Abdullahi Salisu (Kebbi State), birth: 01/06/56, enlistment: 30/07/79, promotion: 16/01/2014, retirement: 30/07/2014 and 11. Musa Abdulsalam Daura (Katsina State), birth: 02/10/57, enlistment: 31/12/84, promotion: 16/01/2014, retirement: 02/10/2017.

‘The five AIGs from the North-central geopolitical zone are: 1. Dan’Azumi Job Doma (Niger State), birth: 22/10/59, enlistment: 01/01/84, promotion: 22/02/2012, retirement: 01/01/2019. 2. Christopher Terhem Dega (Benue State), birth: 11/03/55, enlistment: 01/12/81, promotion: 01/08/2012, retirement: 11/03/2015. 3. Mark Adamu Idakwo (Kogi State), birth: 23/04/55, enlistment: 15/07/80, promotion: 30/01/2013, retirement: 23/04/2015. 4. Adisa Baba Bolanta (Kwara State), birth: 14/07/56, enlistment: 01/12/81, promotion: 30/01/2013, retirement: 14/07/2016 and 5. Mohammed J. Gana (Niger State), birth: 31/12/57, enlistment: 01/01/84, promotion: 24/09/2013, retirement: 31/12/2017.

‘The two AIGs representing South-south zone are 1. Edgar Tam. Nanakumo (Bayelsa State), birth: 31/08/57, enlistment: 01/12/81, promotion: 24/09/2013, retirement: 01/12/2016 and 2. Solomon A. Arase (Edo State), birth: 21/06/56, enlistment: 01/12/81, promotion: 22/02/2012, retirement: 20/06/2016. The two AIGs from Southwest zone are 1. Samuel Ilesanmi Aguda of Police Communications Airwing (specialist) (Ekiti State), birth: 28/09/54, enlistment: 15/03/82, promotion: 23/02/2012, retirement: 28/09/2014 and 2. David O. Omojola (Ekiti State), birth: 10/01/55, enlistment: 01/12/81, promotion: 22/02/2012, retirement: 10/01/2015. The only AIG from Northeast zone is Kakwe Christopher Katso (Taraba State), birth: 29/09/59, enlistment: 31/12/84, promotion: 16/01/2014, retirement: 29/09/2019. Another shocking discovery from the list of the 21 serving AIGs in the present NPF, apart from the inexcusable and despicable exclusion of the Southeast zone from the list is that no woman is among the 21 AIGs. This is despite the fact that women first enrolled into the NPF as far back as 1955. Further fact is that one of the oldest serving police officers/CPs in the present NPF is a woman. She is Mrs. Chintua Amajor-Onu (Abia State, Southeast). She was enlisted on 01/12/81 and has been a CP since 20/12/2010.

‘Serving CPs: The geopolitical lopsidedness is also manifested in the 88 serving Commissioners of Police in the NPF including four specialists. In the list, the Southeast geopolitical zone has the least number of serving CPs with eight. Out of the said 88 CPs, the Northwest geopolitical zone, the zone of the present IGP, Mr. Mohammed D. Abubakar; has twenty-one (21) CPs, followed by North-central with 18 CPs, Southwest 17 CPs, Northeast 13 CPs, South-south 11 CPs and Southeast with only 8 CPs. Another shocking aspect of the foregoing is that all the eight Southeast CPs have between this year (2014) and 2016 to retire either by clocking mandatory retirement age of 60 years or mandatory retirement service age of 35 years.

While three of them: Godfrey E. Okeke (16/09/2014), Ikechukwu Aduba (09/07/2014) and Sylvester A. Umeh (10/11/2014) will retire this year (2014), three: Felix Osita Uyanna (15/01/2015), Ikemefuna R. Okoye (15/06/2015) and Hilary Opara (17/07/2015) will go in 2015 and the other two (Mrs. Chintua Amajor-Onu and Dr. Mrs. Grace Chita Okudo) will retire in 2016. This is because of deliberate long delays in promoting them alongside their counterparts from other parts of the country. They are victims of “promotion dormancy policy” in the NPF inflicted on the police officers of Southeast geopolitical zone. The duo of CPs Hilary Opara and Felix Osita Uyanna had their last promotions as CPs on 18/12/2006 and 16/10/2007 respectively, a period of almost eight and seven years respectively.

‘CPs From Southeast Zone: The eight(8) serving Commissioners of Police from Southeast and their birth, enlistment, promotion and retirement dates are as follows: 1. Hilary Opara (Imo State), birth: 31/07/55, enlistment: 17/07/80, promotion: 18/12/2006, retirement: 17/07/2015. 2. Felix Osita Uyanna (Anambra State), birth: 01/05/55, enlistment: 18/07/80, promotion: 06/10/2007, retirement: 05/01/2015. 3. Godfrey E. Okeke (Anambra State), birth: 16/09/54, enlistment: 01/12/81, promotion: 20/12/2010, retirement: 16/09/2014. 4. Chintua Amajor-Onu (Mrs.) (Abia State), birth: 12/07/56, enlistment: 01/12/81, promotion: 20/12/2010, retirement: 12/07/2016. 5. Ikechukwu Aduba (Anambra State), birth: 09/07/54, enlistment: 01/12/81, promotion: 20/12/2010, retirement: 09/07/2014. 6. Sylvester A. Umeh (Enugu State), birth: 10/11/54, enlistment: 01/12/81, promotion: 20/12/2010, retirement: 10/11/2014. 7. Ikemefuna R. Okoye (Anambra State), birth: 15/06/55, enlistment: 01/12/81, promotion: 20/12/2010, retirement: 15/06/2015. 8. Mrs. Grace Chita Okudo (medical doctor) (Ebonyi State), birth: 09/02/56, enlistment: 13/06/83, promotion: 20/12/2012, retirement: 09/02/2016.

‘CPs From Northwest Zone: The twenty-one (21) CPs and their birth, enlistment, promotion and retirement dates are as follows: 1. Ibrahim M. Maishanu (Sokoto State), birth: 11/10/59, enlistment: 01/01/84, promotion: 01/01/2009, retirement: 01/01/2019. 2. Lawal Tanko (Kaduna State), birth: 14/03/57, enlistment: 01/01/84, promotion: 20/12/2010, retirement: 14/03/2017. 3. Buhari Tanko (Kano State), birth: 03/02/56, enlistment: 01/01/84, promotion: 20/12/2010, retirement: 03/02/2016. 4. Mohammed A. Indabawa (Kano State), birth: 12/04/56, enlistment: 30/07/79, promotion: 20/12/2010, retirement: 30/07/2014. 5. Mohammed Ibrahim Sumaila (Kano State), birth: 30/11/55, enlistment: 30/07/79, promotion: 01/08/2012, retirement: 30/07/2014. 6. Mohammed Ladan (Kano State), birth: 05/05/54, enlistment: 30/07/79, promotion: 01/08/2012, retirement: 30/07/2014. 7. Umar Gwadabe (Kano State), birth: 20/02/56, enlistment: 30/07/79, promotion: 01/08/2012, retirement: 30/07/2014. 8. Sanusi A. Rufai (Katsina State), birth: 27/08/57, enlistment: 01/08/80, promotion: 01/08/2012, retirement: 01/08/2015. 9. Musa Katsina Mohammed (Katsina State), birth: 1959, enlistment: 01/02/86, promotion: 01/08/2012, retirement: 01/02/2019.

‘Others are 10. Usman Tili Abubakar (Kebbi State), birth: 15/10/59, enlistment: 01/02/86, promotion: 01/08/2012, retirement: 15/10/2019. 11. Ahmed Ibrahim (Kano State), birth: 06/05/57, enlistment: 01/08/80, promotion: 30/01/2013, retirement: 01/08/2015. 12. Maigari Abbati Dikko (Katsina State), birth: 16/03/61, enlistment: 01/02/86, promotion: 03/04/2013, retirement: 01/02/2021. 13. Umaru U. Shehu (Kebbi State), birth: 18/06/58, enlistment: 01/02/86, promotion: 03/04/2013, retirement: 18/06/2018. 14. Saidu Madawaki ( Kebbi State), birth: 05/05/58, enlistment: 30/07/79, promotion: 03/04/2013, retirement: 30/07/2014. 15. Ibrahim Adamu (Zamfara State), birth: 20/11/58, enlistment: 01/02/86, promotion: 24/09/2013, retirement: 20/11/2018. 16. Abdul Dahiru Danwawu (Kano State), birth: 20/10/60, enlistment: 01/02/86, promotion: 24/09/2013, retirement: 26/10/2020. 17. Salisu Fagge Abdullahi (Kano State), birth: 01/07/58, enlistment: 01/02/86, promotion: 24/09/2013, retirement: 01/02/2018. 18. Lawal Shehu (Katsina State), birth: 24/12/60, enlistment: 15/03/88, promotion: 24/09/2013, retirement: 24/12/2020. 19. Nyats Nyehsu Jatau (Kaduna State), birth: 15/12/56, enlistment: 01/08/80, promotion: 04/10/2013, retirement: 01/08/2015. 20. Mohammed K. Mohammed (Katsina State), birth: 02/06/57, enlistment: 01/08/81, promotion: 21/01/2014, retirement: 01/08/2016. 21.  Hurdi D. Abubakar Mohammed (Jigawa State), birth: 05/02/62, enlistment: 15/03/88, promotion: 21/01/2014, retirement: 05/02/2022.

‘CPs From North-central Zone: The eighteen (18) CPs from the North-central zone are 1. Umaru Abubakar Manko (Niger State), 2. Joel Kayode Theophilus (Kogi State), 3. Wilfred Eje Obute (Benue State), 4. James Olorundare Aronito (Kogi State), 5. Ibrahim K. Idris (Niger State), 6. Shuaibu L. Gambo (Niger State), 7. John A.B. Opadokun (Kwara State), 8. Waheed Olayinka Salau (Kwara State), 9. Dorothy A. Gimba (Plateau State), 10. Salihu Garba (Niger State), 11. Kudu Nma (Niger State), 12. Usman Yakubu (Niger State), 13. Abdulmajid Ali (Niger State), 14. Abubakar Adamu Mohammed (Nasarawa State), 15. Abdul Salami Iyaji (Kogi State), 16. Yakubu O. Jibrin (Nasarawa State), 17. Abimbola Macaulay (Kwara State), 18. Usman Isa Baba (Nasarawa State).

‘Sirs, please see part three of this important letter for our conclusion and demands. It is our hope that the letter in its completeness will be expeditiously looked into and issues of extreme importance raised therein addressed frontally.’

•Photo shows IGP MD Abubakar.

Source: News Express

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