The Biafran Reggae, By Esther Chizaram Ngele

Posted by News Express | 19 September 2017 | 3,836 times

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•Esther Chizaram Ngele

Are we moved by the promise of a Canaan land or are we being hypnotised to live the dreams of the other. Are we high on hopes of becoming our own masters too quick, even before our settlement comes? Is this unity-speaking or division camouflaged and dragging us to our early grave? This dance of reggae gyrate our spirit for the things we hope to become, the way we long to be treated, and the rights that are due us, but certainly not a change of name. How can we tell the difference if our identities are stripped away for a crown of cloud? How can we be sure that in engraving your name as a hero we are not left with wishes? This reggae dance with beats to move the feet, not knowing the lyrics at the end chorus: ‘You never know what you have until you lose it’.

We are fantasizing of the promises which are like egg shell with no proper technique of implementation. We are asked to believe you are the new Messiah, even before you give us the message. Sermons against broken promises with yet another promise…. Of course, it’s reggae.

Again, who wrote this reggae? Is he the Moses for the “Biafra”, and are we to take his word for it? Even Moses in the Bible sought for proof before embarking on his deliverance mission. Why take the part when you can have the whole? Let’s be good and proper citizens, before aiming to become a country. The work of art is more beautiful not because the painter choose one colour, but because different shades of colours brought life to the painting. Nigeria can get better!

We may see ourselves as different, but to the painter we are a masterpiece together. Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa for over 50 years, though with trials and errors. We have those experiences due to our strength, better than a three-year fantasy of an unpleasant experience of 1967-1970. Let’s get high, let’s dance this reggae. But, let’s also remember it shall dawn on us, and we will need to go back to our homes.

Our past can never equal our future; every accident has a purpose and finding that purpose ensures we don’t repeat the accident.

Let’s blame it on inadequate administration from our amalgamation to independence and post independence. It is time this reggae ought to be remixed with proper collaboration, each and every part to write their own lyrics; but with consideration to the next person singing the next lines. We are the artist of this work and it is certainly not to be abandoned. Let’s have a round table talk with no fear of a master to bid us against our will and reconsider a rebuild: restructure and reaffirm that we are one, rather than head for another water baptism; for though the water is shallow, we might still get drowned.

We may be weak at the centre, but this part will hold if it comes together and then the centre can be re-established. Let’s drop the beats of this reggae and take a moment to ponder on what certainly we are dancing to. Songs can be sung by anyone at any time, but the song and its effect lives and strives years after the singer and the songwriter are long gone.

The Biafran reggae should speak our minds, our course for justice and our movement for equal opportunity in its true sense; bearing our children in mind to teach them what they must become. It should not be a farewell song or melody of name-calling.

•Esther Chizaram Ngele, a Law student of University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, can be reached via

Source: News Express

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