A reply to President Jonathan’s reply to Obasanjo’s letter

Posted by Muhammad Yusuf Dandume | 23 December 2013 | 6,004 times

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Concerns on security situation got worse in the North East under your Government Mr. President. All Military installations that got attacked in Kaduna, Jaji, Kano and Borno happened under your purview.

Setting up additional Universities does not necessarily equate to Good Education Mr. President. It isn’t enough to litter states with buildings and beat your chest that you’ve done something great without providing the necessary tools, funds etc.

(On denial of the allegation of training snipers) I’d still advise everyone to be careful though. There’s no smoke without fire. I hope Baba OBJ will tell us the 1,000 people like you’ve requested sha.

Yes corruption has always been there since the 60s, but you Mr. President, you have institutionalised it. You wine and dine with corrupt people, and have failed to prosecute anyone. You even told us you know corrupt people but won’t mention their names so they don’t attack you. I still cannot get over that statement from the C-in-C. I am sure most of us have seen how you’ve strengthened EFCC (all bark and no bite agency since Ribadu left) who recently cried out that they’re broke. Oga GEJ sir, we know why Sule Lamido’s sons were arrested at the time they got arrested, it smelt like a vendetta, and wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t have a brawl with their dad. I am very sure you know other sons and daughters that have been stealing as well, or don’t you? Show us how serious you are by going after the children of those standing by you. We’ve heard cases of Abia state Governor’s son..please don’t tell me you know nothing about him oh.

Did you say spurious allegation as per $49.8bn? Lolz. Spurious indeed! Yes, it was unaccounted for because it clearly didn’t go into the CBN’s account. It took some meetings after the letter leaked for the Minister of Finance to say $25bn has been accounted for so far, and more meetings/reconciliation will sort out the rest. Mr. President, the NNPC has been accused so many times by different bodies and individuals, including NASS, so please don’t expect us to take what you’ve written hook, line and sinker. When NIMASA aka Tompolo laid siege on a huge revenue generating NLNG even when there was a court order in place asking them to stay away, please what did you do or say Mr. President? Absolutely nothing! They got $160m from NLNG; please confirm to Nigerians that the money was actually paid to the Federal Government. Tompolo bought his Private Jet after that money was paid you know.

Mr. President, it’s glaring that you play the ethnic card, Abeg no talk otherwise. We both know you’re more Ijaw than South-South..being Nigeria far no be small. Have you forgotten your statement Oct 1st 2010 after the 1st bomb explosion in Abuja? Let me remind you if you have. “My people are not terrorists”...that’s what you said defending MEND remember? So whose people are terrorists na? If we look at what happened then, why shouldn’t we think you know what’s happening in the North-East? Late Azazi actually confirmed Boko Haram sponsors are in your Government remember? You also said you know them remember? With all said, it looks like you may know how this menace can be stopped, or don’t you? One minute you know the sponsors, the next minute you say they are ghost...make up your mind to do the right thing Mr. President.

As for what’s happening in PDP, honestly I don’t give a damn. Yes, you’re responsible if we use NGF plus Amaechi as an example naaa. What are you doing frolicking with Jang’s group who got less votes? What’s your wife doing playing Jesus to a man who should be in jail for daring to install himself as speaker in Rivers state with just 5 honourable members? Na una sabi for PDP, but you cannot runaway from taking responsibility for the crisis oh.

As for 2015, please contest if the courts say you can...but be sure you won’t come back. You’ve done enough harm Abeg. If I were you, I’ll save face and take a chill pill.

Extradite said Buruji to the US let us know your hands are clean. Didn’t you impose Seriake Dickson on Bayelsans? No? Who did then? Mama peace?

Leave statistics alone and give us the names of the Investors, and what they have invested. With all these big monies being mentioned all the time, please why are we still borrowing from every Tom, Dick and Harry? Why are you cleaning out our funds that’s meant to be saved for a rainy day sir?

Well done on achievements as per foreign relations, you’ve done well. We can only hope monies were not involved as per the hard work you referred to.

Since Brass and Olokola have issues, please give approval to NLNG Bonny for train 7 to start then. What are you delaying that for? Do you really need anyone to tell you that project should have started 2 years ago? NLNG needs train 7 to do more, but you have deliberately refused to give approval for the go ahead. They have the money, stop wasting their time Mr. President.

What negotiations do you refer to again? Wasn’t that long concluded? How long does it take. This is December, yet you say negotiations is still ongoing? 8 months? I advise you stop this vendetta on Rivers state because you have personal issues with the Governor. Why should you punish the Rivers people as well? It is very petty if you ask me oh. Allow the people who voted for you to get drinking water please.

This National Conference will cause more harm than good with the way you're going about it. You cannot tell me otherwise Mr. President.

Thanks for responding Mr. President. I hope that even as you have responded without taking responsibility or agreeing to any of the accusations, your conscience will still prick you to do the right thing.

God bless Nigeria and Nigerians

•Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Dandume, whose photo appears alongside this piece, writes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Source: News Express

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