Catholic Archbishop of Onitsha Val Okeke heavily compromised over Adoration tragedy —Joe Igbokwe

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All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain, Engr. Joe Igbokwe, has come down heavily on the Catholic Archbishop of Onitsha, Val Okeke, desribing him as “heavily compromised” for daring to say that there was nothing political about Governor Peter Obi’s presence at last Friday night/Saturday morning’s Adoration programme in Uke.

Igbokwe in an article posted on his Facebook wall berated both Governor Obi and the Catholic hierarchy in Anambra. He compared the Uke tragedy with the Lagos deportation saga and lashed those who condemned the latter but are not doing so in the case of the Adoration tragedy. Below is the full article entitled “The Lagos ‘Deportation’ Saga and Uke 30 In Anambra State”:

Few months back some mentally challenged indigenes of Anambra were relocated from Lagos to Anambra after months of rehabilitation in Lagos Rehab Centers. The moment the press got wind of it hell was let loose. First Governor Peter Obi wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan that Governor Fashola has deported Ndigbo from Lagos. Governor Obi in the letter did not tell the president that there were correspondences between Lagos State government and Anambra state government on April 9 and April 29 2013 with no response from the government of Anambra state. Governor Obi did not stop there. He ran to Lagos where he made all his money, went straight to Ndigbo Lagos, Ohaneze Lagos and Aka Ikenga and told them that governor Fashola is planning to send Ndigbo packing in Lagos. He told them that Fashola is just trying to test the political waters by sending the mentally challenged people away and that the next port of call is to send every successful Igbo man out of Lagos. I was not at the Meeting but

I was told that our people were alarmed and furious. For standing beside Fashola because I know a lot is at stake in Lagos, I was called names. I was asked not to venture to come back to Igboland. Aka Ikenga, an intellectual organization Governor Fashola has soft spot for went to town to address a Press Conference, berating the Governor even before going to hear the Governor out.

Ohaneze, Ndigbo Lagos and every other Igbo went to town. The roof was brought down, a vast preponderance of Igbo at home and in diaspora went for governor Fashola’s head. It was war from all corners, in websites, in the social media, pages of newspapers, Radio, TV, in the markets, town meetings, in offices etc, Gov Fashola became the number one enemy of Ndigbo. Governor Fashola was almost physically taken to the slaughter house to be killed. The lynch mob increased by the day and almost put a knife on things that held Yoruba and Igbo together since the 50s. In the midst of all this, I, Ceedon Adinuba and a few others felt the need to stand by governor Fashola, knowing fully well that the lynch mob is constantly jeopardizing Igbo interest in Lagos. Time and space will not permit to discuss Igbo huge interest in Lagos, the magnanimity and friendly deposition of the Yoruba, the huge business empire of our people and the beauty of Lagos. It is a book project for another day.

Our people did not remember that the same Governor Peter Obi who came to Lagos to incite Ndigbo deported citizens to Akwa-Ibom and Ebonyi States in 2011. They did not remember that governor Orji of Abia State sacked 3000 indigenes of Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi and Enugu states from Abia, sending some of them to untimely deaths. It did not matter to Ndigbo, but Governor Fashola must be crushed for bringing destitute to their home state to re-unite with their people. These ethnic interlopers and warriors led by governor Obi did not stop there. Few weeks back some Charge and Bail lawyers in Onitsha said they have instituted a one billion Naira suite against Governor Fashola for deporting Ndigbo from Lagos.

The rest is now history but take notice that all these shenanigans were targeted on Senator Chris Ngige, the APC Governorship aspirant for November 16 Guber Elections in the State.

On Saturday 2nd November 2013 a tragedy occurred in Uke, Anambra State when Governor Peter Obi, APGA Governorship candidate Willie Obiano, APGA National Chairman Chief Victor Umeh and others took political campaigns to a night vigil at Adoration ground in Uke, Anambra state where Rev. Father Emmanuel Obimma (Ebube Muonso) holds forte. About 30 people died as a result of stampede. The world is yet to know the cause after five days. For the avoidance of doubt people go to night vigil to seek the face of God to solve their life threatening problems – barrenness, HIV/AIDS, cancer, poverty, family problems, unemployment, life partners, safe child delivery, long life, intervention for wives, husbands, children etc.

Night vigil is a place of worship attended by people who seek quiet moments with their Creator, denying themselves night sleep and other comforts. It is not a place for political jamboree. But the desperation of Governor Obi and APGA to get Anambra state by all means led them to Uke and 30 people died thereafter. As I speak their bodies are in the mortuary and the campaigns have been going on as usual as if nothing happened. The heavily compromised Catholic Archbishop Val Okeke has said that there was nothing political about Obi’s presence at the celebration in Uke on that fateful night. The Archbishop is saying that the tragedy would have happened even if governor Obi and others had not gone there with full APGA campaign regalia. This is unbelievable, unthinkable, and unimaginable, a story told by somebody who cannot get it, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Now, I have been waiting like a patient bird for the same lynch mob that took on Fashola to stand up against Governor Obi for causing the deaths of 30 people at a sacred ground in Ukeh, Anambra State. I expect that the charge and bail lawyers in Onitsha will file a two billion naira suit against Gov Obi for causing the death of 30 people in an idiotic and brainless political jamboree. In Uke, I expect Inter-society, Aka-Ikenga, Ohaneze, CLO, MASSOB, Ndigbo Lagos and others who wanted Governor Fashola’s head at all cost to issue a statement condemning the Uke invasion and deaths. I expect the mob bloggers in the internet who wanted Fashola’s head to rise to the occasion. Yes, the TV stations that are keeping quiet now should throw open their doors and let us discuss the tragic incident. Has Governor Peter Obi written to President Jonathan to report himself for taking political campaigns to Adoration ground in Uke and consequently caused the death of 30 poor Nigerians?

Gov Obi, Rev Father Emmanuel Obimma are still playing hide and seek game on what caused this incident. How much did Governor Obi pay Rev. Obimma to mobilize 100,000 men and women for APGA in Uke in a night vigil? If it was truly a night vigil for God, this incident would never have happened. APGA and Governor Obi polluted the sacred ground and hence the tragedy. Our so-called men of God have turned the Church of God into den of robbers and I know that God will fight for Himself in the fullness of time. Let the truth be told about Uke 30!

•Photo shows Joe Igbokwe.

Source: News Express

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