TA Orji, where lies your integrity? asks By Benjamin Apugo

Posted by News Express | 14 October 2016 | 3,682 times

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Most often I do wonder if Theodore Ahamefule Orji, the immediate past governor of Abia State, has any integrity left in him. It beats my imagination how a low life like Orji, who can go to any length to sell his conscience for the sake of money and power, should come out in the public to speak and even stand as a senator after running Abia down.

For a man to go as low as standing naked before occult shrines to swear to an oath because he wanted to be made a governor is what could be described as despicable desperation at its apex, and it takes only men without conscience and suffering from low esteem to enter into such unholy bond. Theodore has proved to be the worst mistake in Abia Government House; and his eight years as governor was only characterised by reckless spending, stealing of public funds and all manner of evil.

If Orji can truly search his conscience and tell his inner-self some vital truths, then he should know that he has never won an election even in his village. Ibeku people know that he is a man lacking in integrity and in possession of all kinds of sour manners and, at such, they have all the time rejected him even with their votes.

What can Orji say he used his position as governor to achieve in Ibeku land if not to fraudulently enrich self and snatch people's lands? Is it not true that he frustrated Prof Emejuoiwe out of office as Abia State Independent Electoral Commission (ABSIEC) Chairman and refused to pay his entitlements, because he refused to sell his house to him? How did Orji acquire the following properties if not through a fraudulent use of his office as governor of Abia State? The old Umuahia Main Market that he relocated without due compensation to the rightful owners and which he has now turned to a private estate owned by himself; the Nkata Ibeku, old Umuahia, Ministry of Lands property; old Umuahia Timber Shed, which he converted and on which he is now building a private housing estate; Ajata Ogwuru; the old Garki Umuahia where he is using the state apparatus to build a private shopping mall; the Isi-Court Gravel Market; Umuhute; Ihie; Umuoho; Umuana; Mbom; Emede; Urban; etc.

For Orji to turn back to discredit ex-governor Orji Kalu, a man who picked him up and made him his chief of staff and thereafter made him governor from the prison, shows how ungrateful he can be, even to God his creator. Orji spent eight years as a governor without any monumental achievement, except for personal enrichment from public funds and I am at a loss as to why a criminal like Orji, who should be spending time in jail now for his crimes against the people of Abia State, acquired the audacity to insult great sons of Ibeku like me, Chief B.B Apugo (Opara Ukwu Ibeku) and other prominent sons of Ibeku. It takes only one who is not a bona-fide son of Ibeku ancestral kingdom like Orji to insult the sacred institution such as that of a monarch in Ibeku land.

Now that Orji no longer enjoys immunity, what is delaying the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) from taking him back to prison where he came from to become governor in 2007? What happened to his case file when he was arrested, investigated and was facing criminal charges before he was elected governor and received a shade of immunity? Is it true, as he has always boasted, that he has used his criminally acquired funds to kill the charges against him by the EFCC?

Probity is a very rare acquisition that is not got through criminal acquisition of funds, but through one’s life-style, character and his standing with the community, friends and associates. Undoubtedly, Orji is a dwarf when it comes to issues bothering on integrity and character and cannot even in the next generation get close to me, Prince BB Apugo, an accomplished business man of high repute and impeccable integrity, no matter how much he tries to bring me down by framing up some trumped allegations against my person. My character stands out and it's well known and acknowledged by every Ibeku man, women and even children.

Orji has laboriously attempted to malign my name and integrity through a land transaction I had with one Mr Obioma Isiuwa, which has been cleared by the EFCC and other law enforcement agents, that he (TA Orji) had engineered to ensure that my name was brought to disrepute. I have nothing against Orji as he is my age mate and kinsman. The only ‘crime’ I know I committed against him was my insistence that he should work for the people and not steal from public funds. But my integrity and person stands out despite Orji’s fruitless attempts at getting back at me for advising him as my kinsman, against looting of state funds.

•Chief Apugo is an Abia indigene of Ibeku extraction, a business man, and member of APC Board of Trustees. Photo shows Senator TA Orji.

Source: News Express

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