Boko Haram’s plans to bomb Aso Rock, our highly dubious leaders and God’s warning

Posted by Lovina Amangala Iburene | 25 August 2016 | 2,929 times

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Why is it that we like to deceive ourselves for so long? Why is it that humanity love telling and believing lies? Why do we want to continue living dubious lives and yet expect blessings from  God that we know is Holy and his eyes are too Holy to behold sin? Why is it that we love to manipulate people and expect things to be well with us?

I want us to know that no matter how we run, we cannot hide from God. Every day we talk about peace, but we do not want to follow after the rules that will ensure peace.
Shekau recently threatened to bomb Aso Rock. The government became suddenly alert, and negotiations have kicked up. Before now, many Boko Haram members had been released, while Nnamdi Kanu and many innocent people are still kept behind detention walls. Why on earth cant we do things right as a nation?
Before giving you the solution to all our problems, by the special grace of God, that is, if we are ready to obey them, I will ask the following questions:
Who, among the detainees and prisoners, will be tolerant to continue in detention, when he or she is aware that others who committed worse crimes against the state are released?
 Is it that we want more kidnappings of female students in exchange for detainees?
There is no way a leader that is tribalistic, involved in religious discrimination, and encourage secret  lootings, etc, should expect a  militant, terrorist, Boko Haram released or detained to be obedient, when those running the affairs of the nation are messing up and giving all the choice positions to their kinsmen. Are we not seeing the anger of God manifesting, somehow?
If more Boko Haram members alone are released what, in the name of God, are we expecting those of Shittes, the militants, Kanu and the Biafra group to do? And, in God’s name, what are we expecting those serving many years for stealing a mere goat, or some few naira out of hunger, to do if they are refused the same mercy?
Solution to the problems of Nigeria
1. Return to God for the forgiveness of sins, because we have really taken God for granted
2. Let all states of the federation manage their resources and a new set of leaders appointed to handle issues, while Federal Government ensures accountability. (Media houses and the Internet has to have details of public funds and the usage published to all and sundry.)
3. Make public offices less attractive. Senior public officers should be paid 10 per cent of the salaries they are currently receiving. When the world is watching in amazement as less than 10 per cent Nigerians have hijacked the nation’s wealth, are we saying criminals should not emerge?
4. Release all detainees and prisoners. If other militants know that it is by threatening to bomb Aso Rock that their detained members would be released, then it is not going to work in our favour. So, for now, release and engage all of them. Nigeria is not broke for God’s sake.  We have the money to engage all of them.
Before releasing all prisoners (all those serving sentences, those awaiting trial, etc, must be released along with the Boko Haram inmates. Enough of partiality! Enough of the senseless show of power! Rehabilitate them immediately. Engage them in farming, shoe-making, hair dressing, making of clothes, etc. And let there be a transparent implementation of such measures.
5. Let all corrupt politicians return their loot.  No partial fight of corruption. No imprisonment too. If the fight against corruption won’t be total, then let all of them be left alone. Partial fight will only lead to anarchy. If it continues, we will continue to hear about the threat to bomb not only Aso Rock but more places and by then, it will be too late. No one can outsmart God. Today, the pit most of our corrupt leaders dug are being opened for them to enter. Don’t you think repentance should come now?
6. All those released must be able to sign to be of good behavior. And if caught again, they should go to prison and the Imam or the Pastor of the culprit should be made to share the sentence. We have to purge our spiritual houses.
7. The youths have to shun violence and crime and speak with one voice, taking up their destinies in their hands.
8. The Nigeria military should know that they are going to give account of their senseless killings. God is on the throne watching them.  If we lie to men, who can lie to God?
If we need prosperity and peace in Nigeria, we have to accept the truth. Follow these suggestions totally and cast away pretence and hypocrisy. Without equal rights and justice, without giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, without the fear of God there can never be peace.
If we truly want peace, let us shun corruption, abnormal power display, tribalism, religious discrimination, secret looting, as well as encouraging lies. Government has to be sincere and be made to understand that the constant use of force, rifles and jet-fighters destroy innocent lives must stop. Almost all the serving service chiefs are from the North. Many people are running away from the truth because they are benefiting from the anarchy. The judiciary has been hijacked by those in power. All over the federation, there are governors that are worse than armed robbers. The ruling party is frustrating the opposition, while Nigerians are suffering and our voice is not heard. Some members of the polity are untouchable, yet, unemployment and poverty are everywhere because thieves have taken over power. Where are we going to as a nation? Is it when the leaders’ throats are sliced by angry youths before there would be a change?
Does under-development of Niger Delta show that government is sincere?
Oloibiri, the first place oil was discovered, in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, is still a village till tomorrow. The federal and state governments have raped Oloibiri for too long, and I do not think those responsible will go scot-free: if not now, then in the future. If not here, then it would be eternally.
The truth is that, a man who refuses to fear God would be disgraced to fear man. Anything short of these suggestions means that we are playing with fire. A word is enough for the wise.
Missionary Iburene is of The Truth Ministry of Christ Bringing The Truth That Frees, Lagos. She can be reached via 08066350994, 08135907006, 08177358063; E-mail: Photo shows IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu.

Source: News Express

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