Otukwu berates Christian leaders for fraternising with ‘oppressive and corrupt political leaders and evil men’

Posted by Chima Nwafo, Lagos | 24 August 2016 | 2,912 times

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The General Supervisor/Minister (GS) of ThankGod Awaited Liberation Ministry, Ikeja, Lagos, Prophet Francis Onwudiwe Otukwu, has berated Christian religious leaders for fraternising with oppressive and corrupt political leaders and evil men of wealth and fame who occupy prominent positions in their churches, both Orthodox and Charismatic, in contravention of the Biblical injunction that friendship with the world is enmity with God.

He said the scenario replicates the Jewish system when high priests, Pharisees and elders conspired to betray and crucify the Lord of Zion, saying, "we have no king but Caesar," their Roman colonial master. “Today, there is so much suffering , social injustice, nepotism and impunity by the powers-that be, while leading clerics of Christendom are celebrating crowds, prosperity, gigantic auditoriums, and members’ positions and connections with the same self-serving leaders whose deeds have led to unprecedented hardship in the land and death of innocent Nigerians. Such hypocrisy cannot go unpunished, so far as they claim to be men of God, and are treated as such. Do not forget that God emphatically stated that judgment will start from the Pulpit.”

This formed part of Prophet Otukwu’s message at the 10th Anniversary/Birthday commemoration of the Son of Man, with the theme: ‘Coming of the Kingdom of God is for revenge’, taken from Christ’s parable of the wicked tenants who betrayed the owner of the vineyard, beat and stoned slaves sent to oversee the work and eventually killed the vineyard owner’s son, with a view to taking over the property. Christ then asked the audience: When the owner comes, what will he do? They shouted in unison: 'He will certainly kill those wicked tenants’ (Matthew 21:33 – 41).” God, as the vineyard owner, will soon come for revenge.“

He said the parable aptly illustrates the story of Christendom, from its roots in Ancient Rome, which persecuted and eliminated all the disciples of Jesus Christ. And on its ashes they founded their own brand of Christianity and translated the 27 Books of the New Testament to suit the doctrine.

“That explains why certain passages and Christian practices contradict the Scriptures. For example, the appearance of two men in white who first muted the idea of ‘seeing Christ physically,' whereas in response to his Apostles’ enquiry about his return, he specifically told them that ‘times and occasions are under his father’s authority’ (Acts 1:7-11) This error was amplified in Paul’s second letter to Thessalonians, from where they derived the non-biblical concept of ‘rapture’ and automatic ‘transformation to meet the lord in the sky.’ If they sincerely believe in the resurrected Jesus Christ as a Spirit, how and where will He stand or sit for ‘all eyes to see him? Yet, in the last book of the Bible, Christ himself revealed to Apostle John that he will come as a ‘thief at night’ (Rev. 16:15).”

He noted that the degree of tragedy, political and social unrests claiming thousands of lives and disasters befalling mankind world over are unmistakable end-time signs that the Messiah is on the throne, and that God is surely coming for revenge against modern-day managers of His vineyard.

•Photo shows Prophet Otukwu (right), daughter and son of the founder of the ministry, Miss Amaka and Master Chisom Chukwuma and Mrs Rita Otukwu cutting the 10th Anniversary cake.

Source: News Express

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