SUCCESS FACTOR: Overcoming challenges – Dealing with the dream robber and vision stopper

Posted by Kenneth Nkemnacho | 28 August 2013 | 6,563 times

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When I talk about vision, one of the first things I encourage people to do is to increase their speed in order to accomplish their dreams on time. In spite of this, every visionary should realise that every road has its speed limit. The reason for enforcing speed limits is for the purpose of safety. Driving beyond the speed limit may cause accidents; accidents cause havocs, and some of these havocs lead to death. Where a person over-speeds, the relevant authority, if aware, will penalise the person with a fine. Speed is good, but where it is abused leads to unexpected problems.

In continuing with ‘How to overcome challenges’, I will like to emphasise that one of the major challenges a start-up visionary encounters is Haste. When creative ideas rush into the mind of a visionary, they come with the temptation of haste. Everyone with the mentality of a finisher wants to execute a project and complete it instantly. The reason this happens is because in a flash, every good visionary can instantly see the beginning to the end of what he wants to accomplish. So, he immediately swings into action to make it happen, unknown to some that there is a difference between a mental picture and reality. What you mentally see in a single picture may take two or more years to fulfill. For those that don’t understand, they will like to carry out a two year assignment in two months. As a result, the task ends up being shoddy. Shoddiness takes away great value from a great dream. Shoddiness introduces childishness into something that would have attracted great admiration. Shoddiness is a dream killer.

I have met young and old visionaries that never understood the language of careful preparation and patience. Due to their haste, they impeded what should have changed their lives and the lives of those around them. The regrettable aspect of haste is that there are onlookers that are very smart and intelligent. They easily spot those with fantastic ideas; they follow them through until they make avoidable errors, and abandon their dreams. These ‘smarties’ as I call them, pick up the same ideas; work on them, and come up with creativities that were not originally theirs. There are countless inventions that don’t belong to those that they were credited to; only that someone somewhere was not ready to wait until the dream manifests; he chose to be hasty and then wasted the idea to impatience.

What is haste? Haste is unnecessary quick action; it is thoughtless, rash and undue speed. It is synonymous to hustle, impatience, and prematureness. Haste does not take anyone to the finish line of success. Any athlete that hastily steps into a competitor’s lane, where it is against the rule, in order to cross the finish line before every other person gets disqualified. So many people have disqualified themselves from reaching the place of vision because of the attitude of hustling; those that hustle don’t come up with durable products.

When you take a close look at many entrepreneurs, talented people, businessmen, and a whole lot of people with diverse pursuits in life, it is easily observable that many are called, but few are chosen. Those that were chosen weren’t special breeds; it was their quality character that separated them. We should realise that faith is not haste; although some people think it is. Haste is a purpose thief. Haste is a dream robber. Haste is vision stopper.

As you lay the foundation of that vision, avoid haste; lay it cautiously with careful planning. Realise that every stage in a page has a time frame assigned to it. Take the time to properly and orderly follow the design of the vision. If the design is right, and if it is skillfully adhered to, it will stand out in the marketplace. Don’t hasten it; if you do, you will waste it. Build with patience, and you will win.

Thanks for reading and please keep a date next fortnight – Wednesday, September 11, 2013, when we’ll discuss Practical steps in dealing with the challenge of haste. Till then. God bless you.

SUCCESS FACTOR appears fortnightly on Wednesdays. The Columnist, Kenneth Nkemnacho, is a popular London-based motivational writer and YAHOO Contributor. He can be reached via or

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