Why Buhari should release Kanu and Dasuki now, By Pastor Lovina Iburene

Posted by News Express | 14 January 2016 | 4,069 times

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Ever since President Muhammadu Buhari came on board, it has been one arrest or the other of the opposition; tribalism and religious segregation; no respect for the rule of law. No campaign promises met yet. This smacks of absence of wisdom, discipline, integrity and understanding. If he wants to live in a stone age, why tag Nigerians along?

This is a parochial ruler that, from genuine evidence, is a Boko Haram sponsor; a man that likes blood-shed and is power-thirsty: what are we expecting? Watch it! Soon, the blood-thirsty Buhari will produce those he used in the abduction of the Chibok girls, the real accomplices, and the negotiation will alarm not only Nigerians but the whole world. Buhari is a hell-bound manipulator. Imagine him justifying the military by saying that the Shiites have been running a parallel government. So they should die? A president with a heart like iron is not good news. His coming on board as a president is one of the worst things that happened to Nigeria. President Buhari has deceived Nigerians. He has lied greatly to the people and is busy manipulating destinies, and we are looking at him with folded arms. We better wake up from our slumber and take the steering from this unrepentant Boko Haram sponsor and a great grabber before we are drowned. The whole world is disappointed with him. The foreign media is all against him and we are cowardly saying all is well; when we know that with Buhari’s leadership, we are drowning as a nation and people.

Shekau killed thousands; and the president is equally killing at the same time. We cannot allow that for too long. Are Nigerians saying that the leaders they voted for should continue to manipulate their destinies? Are we so weak to allow leaders that are tyrannical and highly dubious to keep on molesting and enslaving us?

Have the youths forgotten that the anti-people policies made by Buhari and his group of godless creatures have imprisoned their destinies for life; and that they need to stand up now and take their destinies in their hands? I and well-meaning Nigerians will continue to write, shout and kick against evil. We will continue to fight injustice, until President Buhari and his co-tyrants repent.

Buhari should stop trampling on peoples’ rights. Why should Kanu suffer because of freedom of speech? What type of slavery is Buhari introducing? He should release and apologise to Nnamdi Kanu and restore all his equipments seized and also release Dasuki immediately. This witch-hunting by the president must stop. Dasuki’s rights are also tampered with: he surely deserves bail. Are the courts not useful anymore because an evil man became president?

 Remember, my dear President, that educationally, you were the least qualified amongst the presidential aspirants; health wise, you were the least qualified; age wise, you were the oldest and people felt you have out-grown your usefulness. Besides, from genuine sources, including the confession of Sani Haliru and others in various newspaper reports, you were accused of sponsoring Boko Haram. Though you denied it, but the point is that the insurgents became more daring after you warned in 2011 that if you did not win the elections, you will make the country ungovernable. And true to it, your boys went into action. The result is there for all to see. Sincerely, your image is greatly at stake. The reasons you are giving for detaining Kanu and Dasuki are meaningless. The reasons stink and are unacceptable.

 You benefited from PDP for years and now you are now biting the finger that fed you. If you have a neighbour that you know is an armed robber and he buys a TV set, rug, clothes for you and keeps bringing turkey, chicken, rice, etc, to you and you keep consuming them, even when you are aware he goes out most nights and comes home early in the morning and does not say where he works, yet you did not mind. And later, such a person was caught by the police and people identified him as a thief, they are justified. But if you also join them, for God’s sake, your punishment would be great. I feel very uncomfortable when those co-deceivers of yours that are enjoying the Niger Delta oil money are saying you have integrity, despite what the world is witnessing. I plead with you to go and meet a sincere man to check the dictionary meaning of integrity and let him in all sincerity tell you what it stands for. My dear President, you do not have it. You may have had it before, though it is questionable, but right now, it is not. When die and go to the hottest part of hell, where all the unbelieving goes, those liars saying you have integrity will sing a different song: they will confirm that you were the worst man they have ever met.

Today, you have showed not only to me and countless other Nigerians who believed in you, but also the whole world, that you were a desperate, unrepentant dictator, and grabber who came on board to destroy Nigeria. Within six months, you confirmed that you are a mirage president, a white sepulcher: beautiful outside but within are dead men’s bones. You are showing Nigerians that you are not only very unreliable but that you have the spirit of Satan himself. As each day goes by, you continue to surprise people by your negative decisions that are destroying lives; decisions that are contrary to the rule of law and a slap and rape to a democratic rule. What is your gain being a bully and how long will the people tolerate you?

What do you gain by continuing to be an unrepentant dictator? I know that accumulating wealth is what people like you do, but hear what the Lord is saying about wealth. Riches do not bring security. The more you have, the more you have to lose. The more you are grabbing, the more protective you become, and the greater concern that it could be swept away by events you cannot control. Actually, it is God that controls everything. God wants you to trust him, not material things. Why placing your trust on belongings? Read 1 Timothy 6:17, to 18: “Command those who are rich not to trust in riches but on God.”And Proverbs 16.18 says that pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. We are told not to be impressed with those who pile up fame and fortune. They can’t take it away; all are left behind when they die. Just when they think they arrived and people praise them, they then die.

Actually speaking, I thought you will seize this God-given opportunity to write your name in gold for eternity. Unfortunately, each day that passes, your decisions get worse; like a drowning man without anything to hold on to. Where did you keep the God that gave you the chance to rule? If you ignore him, have you forgotten that the same God you are reducing can and will remove you from office with a great humiliation; or is your case the type that attracts the adage that a fly meant to be destroyed follows the corpse to the grave? Sir, please think properly.

Did you come to better the lot of Nigerians or to promote a northern and Islamic agenda? Did you promise to lead only to be fighting the opposition?

In the past, you claimed you never had a million naira. Suddenly, you are now a multi-millionaire, going by your asset declaration. That alone makes you a great liar. And come to think it, you are fighting corruption. Does it not even make you are a great joker?

Repent, if you like, but what I am saying is that you should release Kanu and Dasuki immediately. A word is enough for the wise.

•Missionary Amangala-Iburene (shown in photo), is of The Truth Ministry of Christ Bringing The Truth That Frees, Lagos, Nigeria. 08066350994, 08135907006, 08177358063

Source: News Express

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