Davido, baby mama fight dirty

Posted by News Express | 2 January 2016 | 4,780 times

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That another scandal would stir a few days before 2016 to beat the crack in P-Square’s music empire was nowhere near anyone’s thought.

What scandal would beat the technical separation of twin brothers born of the same parents, the same hour and christened the same day?

Their various solo enterprises after the first reported rancour are testaments to the fact that the centre no longer holds between the enigmatic duo.

Though they’ve managed to douse possible tension by releasing an album together and performed as a group a few times, the scars still prevent the body Momodufrom its pristine self.

So the Momodus and the Adelekes took an infamous tale online after they were unable to contain the cause of a family bickering.

Need we repeat the mess that already went viral on the social media. By and large, respite had come the way of Sophia Momodu after tales of woe orchestrated by (the Adelekes) Davido’s family.

The family was alleged to have forcefully taken her daughter away from her. Sophia was accused of consuming Cannabis after it was alleged that their daughter, Imade, had traces of stimulant in her system which medical check revealed to have been caused by the said drug.

Due to this development, the Adelekes had made plans to fly Imade out of the country until they were intercepted by the Nigerian Immigration who acted on a tip off by Dele Momodu, who had alerted them earlier.

This prompted Dele Momodu’s long article about his role in the saga with snap shots of the conversation Davido and Sophia had wherein he (Momodu) was insulted by the famous singer.

And since then, the social media have been awash with avalanche of opinions on the matter. Long story short, smiles have been restored on the face of Sophia as she has been given her baby back after five months.

According to Sophia, “I am so happy and grateful to the Nigerian authorities and my uncle for helping me get back my daughter after five months. No one no matter how powerful or influential has the right to separate a mother from her baby. I don’t smoke, I have never smoked weed let alone smoke while breastfeeding.

Cannabis was never found, it was a concocted lie just to steal away my baby. I don’t want your money, I don’t want your car, I do not want to be your wife, I just want to take my baby from your wicked sister. I told David that my family might not be rich as his, but we are not poor and we don’t tear down people.

David accused me of not being able to bathe my baby, that’s a wicked lie. He’s only trying to gain sympathy online as I’ve always.

“I can’t believe a father would be so foolish that he will abdicate his responsibilities and allow his wicked sis dictate his life. I want to state it clear, that David is the most useless man any woman out there can meet. I curse the day I met you kid. Has he bought the MacBook for that his follower after using him for publicity stunt? That’s who he is. Attention seeking and lies.”

Davido has since apologised to Momodu, though without genuine sound of remorse, the fire made by the matter is yet to douse. Jacquelyn Madu, a discerning online observer of the saga from when the news broke on December 30 highlighted these points:

•Dele Momodu was able to stop the wealthy/connected Adeleke’s i.e. Davido, his father Dr. Deji Adeleke and his sister Coco from travelling with his niece

•Dele Momodu was able to state his case and the immigration service seized the passports of Coco Adeleke, Davido’s half-sister and his daughter who is Dele Momodu’s niece

•Dele Momodu was able to render all Davido’s father’s contact and money a waste

•Davido has made it clear that he never respected the mother of his child which means he has no respect for women

•Davido was able to make it clear that he and his family only treat people in their ‘class’ with respect. Remember the average people buy your records the most and got you thus far

•Dele Momodu was able to establish that Davido emotionally and verbally abused the mother of his child and her family

•Davido says ‘she has very paltry education and equally diminished physical attributes’ but he phyuked that honeypot and posed for romantic pictures what does that make him? Cool What if the girl in question Sophie had no one to speak up for her?

•What if the girl in question was an average commenter?

•Remember Dele Momodu is Sophie’s father in this situation and he is fighting a just cause, if it were you what would you do?

“No one no matter how wealthy or powerful has the right to forcefully detach a baby from her mother. Nigeria is not that lawless!”

Keep in mind this is beyond Davido and his family, this is already going the way of a legal case. So fans, you all are still just commenters. 

•Text courtesy of New Telegraph. Photo shows Davido and Sophie when the going was good.

Source: News Express

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