Governors’ Forum, Jonah Jang and the diversionary tactics by facistic stone-age democrats

Posted by Manzo Abubakar | 30 May 2013 | 5,494 times

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Rising from an extra-ordinary pan Nigerian meeting at its Abuja National Headquarters, on the 25th May, 2013, specially  convened to appraise the Nigerian Governors’ Forum elections, and its aftermath, the Politburo of the Amalgamated Rally of Northern Nationalist Forces, a pan-northern socio-cultural outfit, in consonance with its southern Nigerian affiliates, unanimously threw its weight behind the democratic election and emergence of Governor David Jonah Jang of Plateau State as the brand new chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), informed as it were by the fact that the election was absolutely and compositely predicated on and under-girded by the finest democratic traditions.

The politburo is miffed by the audacious unconscionable attempts by certain factors which include the employee director general of the NGF, a salary earner, and non-voting member of the NGF, and his un-scientific efforts to ride roughshod over the genuine democratic intentions of the governors, steal a match on them, and concomitantly sell to the Nigerian people, a governors forum election result, that defies all the laws of mathematics and logic.

Never did calumny seem so odious!

We are particularly pained by the mind poisoning and negative mobilization oiled and driven with obscene billions of naira and designed, orchestrated and constructed by certain profoundly dysfunctional insubordinate tendencies in the ruling PDP and their foul mouthed opposition soul mates who have thrown etiquette and decency to the dogs in their unpatriotic moves to invert the truth and insult the collective intelligence of all Nigerians.

It is a truism that Nineteen (19) Governors as advertised, democratically and in the finest intellectual and scientific traditions procedurally and dully elected his Excellency Governor David Jonah Jang of Plateau state as NGF chairman. Any other contrary announcements with respect to the NGF elections by stone age democrats, in order to stand truth on its head and confuse Nigerians from across the social strata of the society is a lie that cannot be hid and must be construed as part of the larger indefensible diabolical assaults against the high office of the President of the Republic, with an intent to tamper with his mystique and dramatically but negatively bombard the collective Nigerian psyche. But we dare the enemies of progress and democratic stability by stating with all violence of language that the corporate socio-political patrimony of the Nigerian people is not for sale, it is non-negotiable!

We remain one up for all the progressive governors who refused to abandon principles during the defining NGF elections. The Politburo of the Amalgamated Rally of Northern Nationalistic Forces is particularly beholden to Gov Godswill Akpabio for his  stabilizing and modulating role, for the quality leadership role of lodestar and defining light during the NGF polls. We are not surprised given benchmark achievements in compassionate governance and other unimpeachable legacies through which he simulated the technical conditions for an inclusive consciousness and situated his state as a pace setter in virtually every developmental endeavour. After giving Akwa Ibomites concrete durable hope for the future, he proceeded through deftness and unwavering commitment to one plural democratic Nigeria by giving our democracy her political force de frappe. And such qualities in the finest traditions of the philosopher king were deployed with concrete resourceful effects to the ultimate denouement of the NGF chairmanship polls. He essentially saved the day for Nigerian democracy and adroitly deflated the political wind bags who litter the political terrain. History and posterity will not and can never erase the progressive trail which he blazed in zealously insisting on fidelity to best democratic practices during the NGF election.

We hereby serve notice on the hate mongers and enemies of the Fourth Republic of our capacity to mobilize all occupations and social groups in Nigeria in defence of our emerging democracy. The May 25, 2013 advertorial carried by the Saturday Sun newspaper by the majoritarian tendency in the NGF firmly endorsing Gov. Jonah David Jang of Plateau State in the absence of any credible concrete alternative bespeaks volumes of the determination by the genuinely motivated and democratically elected governors of the Nigerian people to take the bull by the horn and devoid of emotionalism engage the enemies of the Nigerian state and adventurers who do not wish us well. Their well informed and principled stand will go a long way in clearing the dusty cobwebs put up by fascistic political has-beens and money bags who are trying albeit belatedly to mislead the Nigerian people via the print and electronic media in order to obscure the true happenings at the epochal NGF elections. Enough is enough!

•Being text of a communiqué signed by Comrade (Dr.) Manzo Abubakar, Chairman of the Politburo of the Amalgamated Rally of Northern Nationalistic Forces (TARNNF) and former National Secretary and Interim National Chairman Alliance for Democracy. • Photo shows Governor Jang.

Source: News Express

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