Stop President Buhari Now!

Posted by Lovina Iburene | 22 October 2015 | 3,953 times

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Given President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign promise of change and fairness to every Nigerian, no one imagined that a mirage president, a dictator, a tribalist and a great religious discriminator will emerge. Therefore, there is need for us to stop President Buhari now, because he has lied to Nigerians right from the campaign period by giving promises of a positive change, which almost everyone bought because of the sorry state of the nation.

Despite the uproar, not only in the country but the world at large, Buhari is not moved. The unrepentant evil-agenda dictator is not perturbed. Must we allow him to continue this way? My answer is no. We should not allow him to destroy Nigeria. Nigeria does not belong to an individual or a group. Nigeria must be free from a ruler who pays deaf ears to the cries of the people. If not stopped, Buhari - the mirage president, the great oppressor - would be the worst thing that will happen to Nigeria. The global press has started writing already. The type of ministerial nominees he presented tells you about the type of change Buhari has in mind. Very corrupt ministers-to-be, just like President Buhari, the sepulchre ruler that has no integrity, if truly mirrored. The more you look, the less you see President: so are most of the ministers-to-be.

We are compelled to ask: Must he run the country as his personal property? Why will Nigerians continue to accommodate such an evil ruler?  Have we forgotten so soon that Buhari’s hands are filled with blood: he is a Boko Haram sponsor and is still killing his messengers. Is any man worse than this? Shekau has killed thousands and Buhari is killing millions of Nigerians at the same time, and he thinks God is sleeping? Is this how he wants to end his miserable life? Buhari is a man of million tongues and should not be trusted. How can a man who claims in his wildest dreams to serve God worship a God that he has no relationship with?

The reason we have so many challenges and evil leaders in our country today is because we have people who are religious, but have rejected the fatherhood of God. President Buhari is one of such men. If he is not ready for a positive change, then I suggest he should be kicked out of office. If a man is not related to God through Christ, then he is only practising religion. The satanic deception of justifying and excusing evil must stop.

 You cannot take by force what belongs to the Niger Deltans. You cannot frustrate and continue killing Biafrans! You cannot imagine that we would allow you to rub Peter to pay Paul. If you continue this way, better be prepared for a disastrous end, which I know is very near.

Be warned, and repent from your iniquities. Stop taking the living God for granted. Remember Herod, Pharaoh, Hammam, Nebuchadnezzer and others. No man toys with God and goes scot-free.

Lovina Amangala Iburene is a Lagos-based Internet ministry pastor. Photo shows President Buhari.

Source: News Express

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