Why President Buhari should excuse himself, By Asoro Abubakri Olatunji

Posted by News Express | 4 August 2022 | 286 times

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•Asoro Abubakri Olatunji


If I have had the opportunity of having a picture with President Buhari, I would have torn it in front of camera to protest my displeasure, in solidarity with the victims of the security negligence of his government. I am more pained because I am guilty of contributory negligence for contributing actively to the emergence of this government, I pray that Nigerians will find a place in their heart to forgive me and many others.  I do not blame the President if nature is keeping him in check but the most honourable thing leaders have done is to excuse themselves when they are failing in their duty. David Cameron resigned as UK Prime Minister when he cannot negotiate UK out of Brexit, Theresa May followed the same path, Boris Johnson did what they could not do but also resigned for his own weakness.

Retreating does not mean cowardice, it means braveness in most cases, it means patriotism in its own way. We cannot lose all that we have as a country because we have a leader who will not excuse himself for sanity to prevail.

If the Senate impeachment means anything beyond threat, it's the best way to bring joy to thousands of home that tears of sadness has overflowed in the last few years. Nigeria is not safe, dire time needs dire measures to avoid dire consequences. The National Assembly, more than we have expected, has also aided and abated the President to slumber. I cannot understand the check and balance of the legislator when the leadership is from the same party with the President, although this is the standard practice where the ruling party maintain majority in assemblies, but the silence of this assembly may mean we should begin a review. The opposition in the Senate is beginning to wake up to its responsibility although coming almost late, but it’s not late until it's too late. We need to act fast, President Buhari need to act fast, Nigeria needs fast healing.

I am most disappointed in PDP; they failed Nigeria both as a ruling party and opposition. The beauty of democracy is the loud voice of an opposition that keeps the ruling party on its toes. What did PDP do after losing election, they went into their egg shell and seldom criticised the government. At some point, its flag bearer is even seen stand in as father to the first son. The opposition deserves crucifixion for being an accomplice to our current predicament. They have through their silence, turned our democracy into a tyrannical rule and have their hands indirectly stained with the blood of thousands of innocent people who have died out of the negligence of this government. It's obvious they won't do any better than the current government. If at all they would do anything different, those ideas should have been seen before now. Anything now is just a political romance and deceit.

It's more than obvious that the APC did not get it right in its formation in 2015. The party was only concerned about unseating the ruling party. It didn't lay the foundation of how to ensure that its candidates adhered to its progressive ideas. If at all they were created, it gave us a replica of what the system is known with – a party without ideology. When Adams Oshomole became the Chairman, he did not only try to return the party to its expected ideologies, he also tried to instill discipline which the party needed to standout and make party men stand by its progressive ideas. But our people believed in strong people than in strong institutions. President Buhari, it's evident, stood away from the party, run his government and obviously one cannot say there was a party ideology. If at all it existed, it’s not certain his administration stuck to one, at least, what we are witnessing is far from progress, not to talk of progressive idea.

Our Emilokan will suffer an heavy blow as a repercussion of helping this government to emerge from the Nigerian voters, it may not be certain that the blow will let him rule (loose) but certainly, he must fill the dizziness, he would work harder for his victory more than what prospect the success of an incumbent party should have been for his candidature. Definitely, there is no credible alternative. Even our netizens’ star boy was fingered in the Pandora papers, how Nigerians turn people into hero all of a sudden amazes me, that was the same dossier of PMB we received in 2015 and here we are trying to replicate history.

The resignation of the President and the miracle that lies in between, maybe the game changer for the ruling party. Not only does the ruling party need the healing of excusing President Buhari, age is no longer on his side, he himself need rest more than Nigerians do, nature cannot be cheated. The President has often times said he was looking forward to the end of his administration, it's evident that he is not a power-drunk person. It's to the benefit of some cabals that the President remains in power, they do not care whether the country sinks or not; it’s enough that they will be able to get their families out as soon as possible and enjoy harvest when things get out of hand.


Source: News Express

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