Top 5 Tips and Tricks For Playing Warzone Games Properly!

Posted by News Express | 28 July 2022 | 874 times

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No doubt, Warzone is a title commonly associated with shooting and loots. You must have some of the best weapons available or have the quickest reaction times. However, the game is more than just skills and weapons; you'll need to add some strategy and tactics to the list.

You probably have already developed unhealthy COD habits or perceptions that will affect you in the long run. Get ready to unlearn some old habits or learn to play Warzone the right way from the 5 tips below. Lastly, you’ll need to buy warzone hacks to help compensate for some flaws and have the edge over opponents.

5 tips for playing Call of Duty: Warzone the right way

1.    Get a personalized loadout first

You’ll need more than your carefully-planned strategies to survive for long in Warzone. One of the most important things you should look to put in place is your loadout. You'll see different guns as you run around Vardansk or whatever map you're playing on.

It’s possible to find some impressive weapons among your loot, but you’ll need weapons that suit your playstyle. Therefore, you must first prioritize gathering the required $10,000 cash for your loadout. You'll also find some impressive attachments and perks in loadout. These will prove quite valuable later in the match.

2.    Avoid the center of the circle at all cost.

Simple logic will make anyone want to stay at the farthest location from the gas circle – the map’s center. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you could be setting yourself up for disaster. This is because many other naïve players will likely run down here.

This will result in a very populated area, resulting in fierce gun battles. More deadly is that anyone can surface from any direction – front, sides, and behind. The best way to play the map is always having the gas behind you and using it to rotate. Mind you; you'll need some gas masks just in case the gas catches up with you.

3.    Don’t just focus on loot and kills – there are contracts

Making kills is the most exciting way to play this battle royale. But doesn’t it sound more exciting to receive additional bonuses for doing the things you'd actually do for free? Contracts are what help you do so. You've probably heard of them before.

While there are 5 contracts in total in the game, what contract you undertake depends on what you want. Like many other players, go for Scavenger contracts if you're after loot. In addition to cash and XP bonuses, you're tasked with recovering 3 loot boxes.

4.    Leaving doors open is not an ideal practice.

Doors in Warzone, just like many other battle royale games, are always shut on default. This makes open doors a logical indication that someone has already been through there or is still in the vicinity. While you can use this as a warning, you can also utilize it as a trap.

Foremost, make sure you close all doors behind you. Enemy players who come by the route will believe there hasn't been anyone there. This makes them become more at ease. If you were in a room, just stay still with your weapon on the ready and trained at the door. Some cheap kills could be by the corner.

5.    Play as a team if you belong to one

Don't play the hero in Warzone multiplayer. We won't blame you if you're a typical solo gamer trying your hands at something different. You may get away with running solo in some matches where most of your opponents are noobs. But you may not be so lucky among veterans. You could get caught in a shootout with no allies to provide cover fire. It's even worse if there's no nearby teammate to revive you when you get down. You can't predict your fate in the gulag, so you better avoid it.


Warzone could be some run experience if you have the right information at your fingertips. In a nutshell, stay alive until all your enemies are down. Foremost, make sure you secure a loadout containing guns that suits your playstyle best.

Also, playing with the gas behind you is a good way of limiting the directions of attacks. Also, complete contracts as soon as you can, with your teammates always nearby. Lastly, utilize the most out of closed doors.


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