Beautiful Nubia's “prophecy” and the coming judgement for our leaders

Posted by Mayowa Okekale | 21 April 2013 | 7,362 times

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He won my heart when he preached to some elements in this nation, referring to them as ‘Masters of the earth’, in his ORIOJORI album. And it was crystal clear that he was not directing the message to everyone but to those who lie and decieve the masses and render them powerless and voiceless. I, however, got captivated by the words of Dr. Segun Akinlolu (better known as Beautiful Nubia), the popular folklorist, traditionalist, but whom I call welfarist and socialist as I never knew his prophetic professions could really touch some particular areas he expressed in the track he entitled ‘Masters of the Earth’.

The Yoruba word, ORIOJORI has a significant and ambiguous meaning. In the main, I noticed that Beautiful Nubia’s revelations in the track depict the voice of a man that stands at the vanguard of equality level for all. It depicts the voice of the one who seeks an egalitarian society; where some people will not be treated like the masters and others like slaves who work from dawn to dusk and earn meagre emoluments. The musical artistic concept reminds me, at all time, one of the popular books of George Orwell ‘Animal Farm’. This is a state where we have a lot of animals but segregation always plays out. Moreover, I will always remember the humorous but painful phrase “all animals are equal but some are more equal than the others.” It is no doubt a replica of the torment and hardship ubiquitous in Nigeria as a country with no iota of hope.

I have heard Beautiful Nubia speak for the umpteenth time and I discover that he sees superiority as stupidity. He sees dark people as the ones who lack good things of life. Listen! Must dark people continue to lack and bark? Of course, no! He believes justice should be dispensed when the need for it arises and not be evaded. Don’t we know those who evade justice and tell us lies? Even in our churches today, don’t we experience the same lugubrious happenings? Yes, we do! I could also hear him speak like one who believes that the masses should have their share of the dividend of democracy. Don’t you think so, too? But instead of gain it’s been, all the while, pain. Beautiful Nubia sounds like a prophet who was never ordained and will never own a private jet when many of his close allies are wallowing in poverty and diseases. I understand he detests such hideous acts and their practitioners.

Having thought of some of the sensational and sensitive words in the track, a pertinent question, from my mind, arose: “Who are really the masters of the earth?” The answer, to many people, might not be farfetched. They are the ones who think they would live on this earth forever. They are the ones who have forgotten that the rich cries too. They are the selfish leaders. They are the ones who fight for their pockets and soon forget their responsibilities to the people they lead. They all appear to us in different ways.

Beautiful Nubia has given the utterances based on his personal experience and it does not seem that those in the class would listen. He clamours for the only constant factor which when effected in our nation would make her return to her glorious state – ‘change’. Let me not sound humorous at this juncture; of course, things are changing but are not the ones we deserve and, at the moment, want.

Truth is, if the change we all crave for as a nation is not surfacing, the future of the nation is then at the precipice. Not only that, but we would also witness change in terms of retribution. Perhaps when law of karma starts operating we would be glad about it for, maybe, it would end the national conundrum. It is not a curse but, of course, reality as the scripture attests to that fact. It will happen! We have started witnessing it and many hope it continues.

Those who are scripture readers know the living God we serve is a ‘God of vengeance’, as the Holy Bible puts it. It could come through sickness, disease, mistakes and such like. There is always a takeover and replacement. They probably may have forgotten that God is everywhere. He sees our hearts and all we do for love and our selfish interests. He sees how humans maltreat humans on the planet earth. He is aware of how leaders don’t dispense their duties and even work not in their favour. These are things which God does not expect of our leaders. If some of them decide not to go on air, judgement awaits on the road too. Nobody will cheat and deprive his fellow man and go scot-free.

Like the Yoruba people would always say: Otito oro koro (truth is bitter). This could sound stupid but it is undeniably the truth. I like to continue by quoting his mien to the saboteurs who do not think that no condition is permanent:
“A time would come when the saviours of this country would not be able to save their men anymore. The godfathers would, at a point in time, be silenced whether they like it or not (Baba isale ko ni le gba omo mo). It is certain that, in no time, even the most powerful men of the world will fall on their knees and cry like a baby.” I believe in change and in his words for a turnaround. Even, no amount of prayers will turn back the heavy hand of change when its time is come as it is a natural phenomenon.

Of a truth, are the mighty ones not falling now? Let’s pray they have a change of heart! The words of the Yoruba go thus Ko si asegbe, asepamo lo wa perturbs my mind. Meaning: People’s actions and deeds, either good or evil, are being hoarded for some time only for them to reap them later. However, those with disadvantageous deeds will reap theirs and vice versa.

These are really cautionary messages to leaders and masters of the earth who are failing in their responsibilities and arrogating opportunities, riches and wealth of the country to themselves. I make bold to state that, come what may, more evil days shall still come as these were not my words but been written. Read your Bible and understand my conviction. Anyway, I do wish they listen to the voice of the man calling for the rebirth of Nigeria in 2013.

*Mayowa Okekale writes from Ibadan, Oyo State. •Photo shows Beautiful Nubia.

Source: News Express

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