Woman who has two wombs, two cervixes and two vaginas opens up

Posted by News Express | 25 March 2022 | 5,639 times

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•Elizabeth Amoaa


For 2015, wen Elizabeth Amoaa visit de hospital for medical check up, de last tin she imagine be say doctors go tell am say de health troubles she dey face be sake of say she get double uterus - two womb.

But that be de reality of her story, as she say doctors after her MRI scan reveal give am say dem born am wit two wombs, two cervix, den two vaginas.

Sabi pipo dey call de condition uterus didelphys or double uterus.

According to her, "in female foetuses what dey happen be say de two small tubes dey form together to form de womb. In my case de two tubes fail to join together.

So e dey like nose wey get flesh in de middle. So I get left vagina den right vagina, dis no dey allow me to open up" Elizabeth Amoaa talk BBC Pidgin.

How she discover say she get double womb afta 32 years

For 32 years of her life, she go in den out of hospital, do over five major surgeries to resolve various conditions she struggle with, but none of de doctors discover say she get multiple reproductive organs until 2015.

De news shock am well-well but instead of allowing dis to break her, Ms Amoaa say she try understand what her condition be.

She eventually decide to come out to publicly speak about de condition so black women who go discover say dem dey battle de same tin go fit identify with her experience.

Now de 38-year-old UK based Ghanaian, Elizabeth Amoaa dey lead her charity organization to educate women on di rare condition - Uterine Didelphys.

She even write book which dey capture her journey through dis condition den how she dey manage live normal life wit am.

Dis earn her de titles 'special lady' with media circles.

'Doctors declare me infertile'

After dem diagnose am of dis condition, doctors declare am as infertile.

Despite dis, her body defy de odds as she successfully conceive wey she born.

But dis no happen without challenges, Elizabeth talk say she spend most of her life dealing wit reproductive health infections which dey very severe.

During her pregnancy, she battle multiple infections until she finally born her pikin.

"My right womb be healthy pass my left womb. So if I carry pregnancy for my left womb e no go survive" Mrs Amoaa reveal.

Sake of de two wombs, she go fit carry pregnancy for her right womb den still experience menstruation for her left womb.

Dis situation happen during her pregnancy, where despite say she dey carry baby she continue dey see her menses.

'Fighting de stigma'

Depsite de bold move to publicly announce her condition den create awareness about am, Ms Amoaa say some pipo dey try create stigma.

Something she describe as very unfortunate especially sake of how dis go fit affect plenty women wey dem no go know.

She explain say, some women wey get infertility issues fit dey suffer similar conditions but with education dem go fit overcome den live healthy lives.

What be Uterine Didelphys?

According to sabi pipo Mayo Clinic, uterus didelphys wey dem dey also call double uterus na congenital abnormality wey no dey common.

For inside female fetus, di uterus dey start out as two small tubes. As de fetus develop, de tubes dey normally join to create one bigger, organ — de uterus.

Sometimes, however, de tubes no dey join completely. Instead, each one go come develop into a separate structure.

De double uterus fit get one opening (cervix) into one vagina, or each of de uterine cavity fit get one cervix each.

In many cases, one small wall of tissue dey run down de length of de vagina, dividing dem into two separate openings.

Women wey get double uterus dey often get successful pregnancies.

But de condition fit increase de risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

What be de symptoms?

Double uterus most times no dey cause symptoms.

De condition fit be discovered during regular pelvic exam or during imaging tests to determine de cause of repeated miscarriages.

Women who get double vagina along with double uterus suppose first consult a doctor for irregular menstrual bleeding.

In these situations, blood fit still dey escape from de second uterus and vagina.

What be de cause?

Doctors no really know why some fetuses develop two wombs.

Genetic component fit be factor because de rare condition sometimes dey run in families.

But sabi pipo say many women with two wombs get normal sex lives, pregnancies and deliveries.

But sometimes two wombs and oda abnormalities of uterine development dey linked wit infertility, miscarriage, premature birth and kidney problems. (Courtesy BBC: Excludes headline)


Source: News Express

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