Fear of exposure impedes MDAS remittance to Office of Auditor-General, By Mike-Nifty A.A

Posted by News Express | 12 March 2022 | 537 times

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•Mike-Nifty A.A


Corrupt practice is a new normal in Nigeria that many have embraced with open arms. And the term ‘corruption’ has eaten deep into every part of the Nigerian economy, most especially in the Government sectors. It transcends from the Federal Government level to the State Government level, down to the most minimal, the Local Government. We try all possible best to avert another high level of corruption from deterring that drastic development we all crave for as a Nigerian citizen but it is unfortunate we have more bad guys than good guys in the various government offices.

This I have spoken extensively about in my numerous published articles. I am doing all I can, empirically, to get my message across to top office holders. Maybe some or many of them can change and have a total repentance not to sin/steal again from the Government purse but it seems my article only struggle to reach a few individual that are less important in the Nigerian society at large; although everyone is highly important in the sight of the Almighty and living God.  These certain individuals don’t do much as per sharing an article that speaks solely on a specific matters that concern them and their household members and have no one to speak up for them.

Most don’t even deem it fit to click to read because of their basic assumptions that the link to my articles are SPAM but high Intelligence Quotient-minded people would be able to decipher a SPAM link rather than a legit website to click on.

Government Ministries, Departments and Government Agencies have all been personalized for the enrichment of many individuals elected officers to head key positions and all they mostly do is squander the funds in the treasury and leave it blank to fall back on the common man to continue suffering in their agony and pain and also their endless groans without any form of human sympathy and empathy. Nigeria everyday is tagged as a third world country (underdeveloped, less developed, poor and poverty-stricken nation respectively) – according to the annual or quarterly Global Index report checkmating the poverty rate of countries all around the world statistically with the appropriate index figure rate of each countries. Yet, with all of these analyses, some wicked people individually embezzle and stash Nigeria’s natural resources, including money to their overseas bank accounts; and yet they see all these figures and how bad the Global world is regularly painting us retrogressively at the rate of 99.9%.

Most of these Ministries, Departments and Agencies fail to remit to the office of the Auditor-General of the Federation because of the behind-the-scenes dirty games they play with Nigeria's allocated financial resources to carry out meaningful, strategic and key projects.

These Federal agencies are always being chased around like a nursery school teacher chasing a stubborn child that usually bunk home work/assignments and when the teacher wants to flog her in a bid to correct the child in order for the kid to sit well academically, she starts running around and disgracing her parent that has placed her in school to acquire common knowledge. Fela Anikulapo Kuti had emphasised greatly in one of his old biopic which he tagged some of these Government thieves as “JEGUDUJERA” which is a slang in Yoruba Language that means “someone that eats completely and squanders all that has been placed in his care without even keeping a clean record to even act smart and not make it obvious he has over stolen from what has been placed in such person’s care.”

We cannot continue like this and this act of “iberiberism” must stop today because what are we to leave for the generations to come to, rather than know that what their various past leaders have all done in the past was to steal all Nigeria’s financial resources and took it all to the whiteman’s land in the name of owning offshore account and they claim to be wise by selling all our major natural resources to the white man and still takes all the ill-gotten wealth back to the whiteman’s land; a meaningless and evil gesture. The white man is only laughing at their stupidity and their acts of greed.

The Auditor-General of the Federation should do his job of announcing the exact amounts these jegudujera MDAs that failed to remit over a period to the Auditor's office and let the whole world view where exactly the loopholes are and why everything is slowing down developmentally in the country. So, how do you expect a comrade not to prefer dying in a war-fazed Ukraine rather than being evacuated home when nothing is working out in Nigeria: no fuel, no light; majority are mentally unstable as a result of the situation that has reoccurred persistently over the past years. We pray it can only get better someday because there is still hope for Nigeria.

•Mike-Nifty A.A is an ambassador for Christ, a public affairs analyst and a curator. Reach him via nifty.mics@yahoo.com


Source: News Express

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