Federal Government averse to constructive criticism, By Mike-Nifty A.A

Posted by News Express | 14 February 2022 | 685 times

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•Mike-Nifty A.A


In Nigeria, there is no right to Freedom of Speech. You can never just constructively criticize the federal government; you will be arrested like we are operating a Sharia law under a democratic system of government 

Freedom of speech is the most expensive item in Nigeria. The middle class and the lower class of the Nigerian society cannot afford it. And it is absurd and unimaginable.

Freedom of speech is a way of expressing oneself in the language one understands locally; but as a matter of fact, the reverse is the case in the context I’m trying to portray to you.

Freedom of speech by journalists too have been bought and a professional and highly qualified journalist can no longer report true life stories because of fear of getting imprisoned by the government and even most of the top governmental officials hand over brown envelopes to the said journalists to report what suites them and what they want the people to hear and not the real deal behind their reports.

Freedom of speech has been seized by the superpowers of the elite Nigerian society so as not to give room for the common of the society to express themselves and to criticize what they don’t want, mostly from or against the government demanding and expressing their civil rights to the people that has taken their rights away.

This is injustice at its highest peril and can no longer be taken. I speak authoritatively today because I am a voice of millions of Nigerians that are either scared from saying the real truth about anything and everything that is on their minds. That is where I stepped on the mantle to speak for millions of helpless Nigerians that the law prohibiting human rights should be revoked and let everyone have a voice to speak, using any medium to express their worries and concerns about what they want, even if it can’t be done unto them, at least, we will have honest critique amongst and around us for good.

If right to freedom can be bought for a penny I’m sure even the lowest class cannot afford it in the Nigeria settings since her existence but “e be things wey dey happen for we country, make God help us”.

I tend to give a lot of instances when I'm writing a new article and the level of my dissection can be verified with the practical examples I dole out there to back up my findings and ascertain my writings and just to tell my various audiences that my researches as a researcher are mostly based on true life events because I’m the most realistic person you can find on planet earth.

Freedom of speech is quintessential to our day-to-day living but the commoners don’t have a say in our society of today which makes every opinionated individual to keep shut and not speak about how they feel on everything happening around them.

Prophet Fela Anikulapo Kuti, as I rightly call him, was an advocate of drastic change to the Nigerian society but was haunted till he died by the hierarchies and superpowers in government just because he spoke his mind and expressed it musically without mincing of words and without fear. He was undiluted.

That is where we have found ourselves today. No one can come out anymore to speak the truth because of fear of being killed by those people in government that don’t want to hear the truth.

Omoyele Sowore, Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu, all want the revolution like most of the citizenry that can’t speak out. But they all got arrested and they did all they could to shut them up because of the truth. This has instigated fear in the heart of many that want to join this positive cause of demanding for their fundamental human rights by voicing out their anger and frustration; by demanding what they want the government to do in order to have a blessed nation.

One day, there shall be a major revolt which will be the ordinary commoner versus the elites of the Nigerian society which might trigger an internal war because the elites would presumably think they have the defense against the defenseless which will fail and the REVOLUTIONALIZED CHANGE demanded for will be granted and Nigeria as a nation can attract for tourists to visit her and there would be less poverty and terrorism and the like vices.

•Mike-Nifty A.A is a strategist, curator and public affairs analyst. You can reach him via nifty.mics@yahoo.com

Source: News Express

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